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Self-control is a fruit of the Holy Spirit in the Bible in Galatians 5:23 in Bible used for enhancing character and behaviour of a Christian believer. Self-control is like a muscle to be exercised daily to build up strength. Self -control is a conscious effort decision to be in control of emotions to grow and mature. It is crucial to teach self-control early in life to help make a person wiser. Self-control is essential, important, necessary method to train daily in decision-making process of life taken seriously.


Making good choices ensures the right decision is made. Life choices depends on self-control abilities exercised.God has inbuilt mechanism and switches to press to make sure our responses and reaction appropriated ones for each moment of the day. The believer is empowered by God to seek wisdom from Him through Christ.Through the day little post it notes and words of encouragement or sooth and calm mind. So music helps the clear mind to think clearly.

self-control (3) Silence-is-not-always-a-sign-of-weakness-it’s-also-a-sign-of-strong-self-control.Environment, surrounding sounds and noise affect self-control. The impact of noise pollution in a concrete jungle is tremendous so causes lack of proper sleep. Deep thinking requires atmosphere and the space to be in control of yourself first and foremost good example to others. The eye is entrance to the soul, beware what you allow or let into your spirit. Memory stores images like video recorder replay later in life so self-control helps mind behaviour, emotions and desires.









So blurred lines are avoided as no one is an island. Each action has domino knock on effect on family, friends, colleagues, community or the whole nation. It is important to know, understand the impact ripple effect self-control on others.Self-control means holding the tongue if necessary to keep silent to carefully first analyse things.Many endure the public so highly skilled in the art and discipline of self-control. To remain alert to do job properly and efficiently.










Self-control protects life and health by choices.Self-control helps to do the right thing. Every one has strong self – control in terms of certain things than others. So focus on strong points and get help if you need to. It is a hard bitter pill to swallow like taking some medicines to have self-control. Self- control also requires painful choices to abstain an resist evil. So may mean doing without at times to please and obey God rather than men or peer pressure.



It can mean ostracised and isolated for doing right thing. We develop great character by self-control. God empowers us to have self- control always for self discipline and develop great character. The right attitude helps avoid anger so has the right frame of mind to control self. A person is described by God as a city. So a self-controlled person protects their life like a safely secured walled gated city. So reinforce to protect from intruders and enemies ransacking the city without walls.People involved deliberate, review, approve, endorse or dis/agree before action take place.


Holy Spirit to lean on God through Christ to determine the right buttons to press at the right time for right result. The above self-control chart explains how to deal with various aspects involved to achieve  daily. A choice to have daily dose of self-control builds up healthy mind and healthy body. Yet be aware that self-control can be impaired by gluttony, substance abuse or greed. Resources to indulge recklessness sets in addiction take over of life.


One has the capacity and ability with full potential to reason logically, thoroughly through a decision or choice. Like major decisions made by counting cost before embarking on building a home. Life decisions depend on habits of self – control. Actual life event take place in reality after one makes note of vision written down, discussed by relevant people.








Exercise self-control brings joy and blessing from God to overcome difficulties in life. Even when things go wrong  exercise self-control and courage to continue in life. Pray and intercede for family, loved ones and the nation to exercise self control to do the right thing always in Jesus Name.











Similarly choices are made based on the favourite taste, flavour, favour, colours preferred or costs of the item to buy or receive. In real life self-control is actively exercised for fairness and consideration of others. Self-control consequences affects others. Though focus is on self decisions influence people.


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2 thoughts on “SELF -CONTROL

    • Self-control is self-discipline that guides to make better decisions. It gets easier as one learns from experience and choices. Self-control is ongoing as life is dynamic. Self-control continues forever until Jesus returns for rapture. Believers are over-comers in Jesus Name.

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