Godatwork-250pxDeuteronomy 32:3-4 says God is at work busier than ever before for all his works are perfect always on our behalf to ensure all is well. God works through the hands and feet of His people to guide, protect, provide or comfort through the Holy Spirit. No matter the news, events, circumstance man-made tragedy always remember God is still in control and on the throne also at work in our lives. So draw closer to God and trust God to work all things together for good in Jesus Name. In all areas of our lives God does HIS SUPERNATURAL POSSIBLE things unknown to us on our behalf. Natural situations seem contrary to GOOD WORK of Our God. REST ASSURES GOD WORKS behind scenes on our behalf to save us.natural-disasters1It is well with our soul when storms rage or we go through the fire and water God carries us through. God helps us walk through the red seas of life like crossing from Egypt to Canaan land flowing with milk and honey. God leads us through dark tunnel by directing us to Light of the world Christ at end of tunnels of life. God protects us through fires of life like Daniel with Christ unsinged from strong fires intensified try to burn. God Guides to Overcome Conquer  tough mountains life adversity in VICTORY in Jesus Name. Secular world measures success by the acquisition of material external things evidence of attainment, hard work good success. Spend lifetime creating things, making things, building, buying, selling making profit passed on to next generation. Prosperity message values life by size of home, church buildings, assets bank balance needs souls won worldwide. Personal lifestyle, class, achievements, status, happiness and accomplished  outward manifestations.

While it is time to live in panelled houses God’s house lies in ruins. Some neglect building God’s house, so at times natural disasters, acts of God damage or destroy hard earned earnings, assets or property of personal pride and ego of life to reassess priority in life. It is repaired, rebuilt better and grander so turns unfortunate event into profit making venture despite pain and loss involved. Worst of all churches are turned into deluxe grand homes God is thrown out. God is of no significance to some people tocelebrate God above all creation as He is not considered relevant  any more.

In Haggai 1:3-14, God warns,why are you living in luxurious houses while my temple remains in ruins, thanks to each of you favouring lavished grand house! God’s house lies in ruins because evangelists, prophets, pastors are cancelling assembling together to win souls because of lack of sponsors. They neglect the building of God’s house so they might have more time  money to indulge in self holidays while pastors cannot pay electric, heat, maintenance of God’s house. Because of my house, which remains a ruin, while each of you is busy with his own house10 Therefore, because of you the heavens withhold the dew without open heaven to pour out blessings one cannot have room to store. God is too big to be contained by one denomination so does not dwell in temples made with hands in Acts 17:24, rather He wants to be corner stone of tithed land in every city to acknowledge His Power and Glorify presence. The Lord of Heaven’s Armies are despatched at times by waves, flash floods, natural disasters  to shake up and wakeup the whole remnant of God’s people to begin to obey God’s message.

God is the creator of the bricks and mortar, cement, concrete, steel rods, and maker of  building materials so wants to be given due honour and respect first above all human beings. Yet people run to build grand houses to celebrate themselves with no thought of God. Some put idols like Buddha in houses as decorations rather than the presence of God. Believers are not to neglect meeting together so as in Haggai’s day, the Lord’s house in ruins means distraction from soul winning. The physical structures of some churches may still be intact but souls winning not priority.Christ our Living Water has rooted and planted believers as living trees to bear good fruit. The Holy Spirit flows through our belly like living water to flourish and nurture souls. Every extreme and unfortunate situation is God’s opportunity to recreate and restore. So the material grand deluxe things of these world are for a season. They do not define anyone in God’s standard measurement of good success. God counts soul winning star status highest above all commendations. So Christian believers must reset priority right to work with God according to His Higher thoughts, plans and purpose.

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