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God’s mark is upon His Possessions the believers, through the Holy Spirit guaranteed by Christ. In addition God marks foreheads of chosen faithful 144000 believers loyal to God. God’s mark is an invisible indelible seal giving proof to identify and preserve those who belong to God. As citizens of heaven resident on earth God gives believers His special title patent mark signifying priceless value. God uses seals to mark people, territory seen by God to represent His Kingdom on earth.

sealofgodtextGod uses seal of approval to authenticate His Own as symbol to Protect them eternally. Mark of God is essential for documents or God’s property to be identified as usually done to confirm the genuine ownership. In John 6:27 Father God seals saints of Christ for eternal provisions against mark of beast. In 2 Corinthians 1:22 God seals by earnest Spirit in believer’s hearts to reassure to trust God. The seal marks a believer as God’s Own property.


In Genesis 4:15 God marked Cain’s forehead to protect his life despite his offence against God. In Ezekiel 9:4-5 intercessors, watchmen, outstanding class of believers receive seal of God. Stars crying, grieving over lost souls, peace makers receive a special treatment of honour seal to preserve their life to save lost during destruction by death angel.images (40)

So repent, lament over own spiritual state and also mourn over sins of others so sealed by God. And so the Lord said unto angel, go through the midst of the city of Jerusalem and set mark on foreheads of men who sigh and cry for abominations done in midst thereof. The seal specifically marked 144,000 who received mark of angel exclusively limited to Jerusalem. Faithful saints pray, sigh, cry, globally.

539120_3525929245002_478168846_nThose sealed are preserved to save others. Those without seal in city, angels are to smite to let not eyes spare, neither have pity: slay utterly old and young, both maids, and little children, and women: but come not near any man upon whom is mark; and begin at my sanctuary. So God begins with those in house of God in Ezekiel 9:4-6. The saints with seal of God will reign with Christ on earth forever. After battle of Armagggedon filters out God’s enemies in Revelation 5:10 and Rev. 20:4.


In Revelation 7:1-8, the 144,000 without sin, guile, pure, undefiled are sealed from 12 tribes of Israel as servants of the living God in the foreheads of His people. It is a mark seen by the angels but not human eyes so the destroying angel sees mark of redemption. The angel with the writer’s inkhorn places a mark on foreheads to separate saints from sinners to destroy as God instruction is followed.

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The Word of God and the Spirit of Prophecy made it clear we must have the mark or seal in order to escape the slaying that takes place among those who do not have the seal. We have a choice of life and death in our tongues to choose own course of action to determine if we receive seal of the living God or to be cut down by the destroying weapons. Ezekiel’s information on seal is important subject. The seal is God’s recognition of the chosen faithful.


Judgment starts in the house of God. So in the era of danger the church is expected at the forefront, as the greatest fan of God, leading unbelievers to God. God’s saints must be standing boldly in the light  sighing and crying for the abominations in the land. Interceding through prayers on behalf of church for salvation of all members. It is necessary to sigh, groan, cry to lament to save or souls.tattoo-god

It is time to sigh and cry for all the abominations of the whole world for judgment is not exclusive to Jerusalem but all left behind. So those who do not grieve over their own spiritual moral decay, nor mourn over the sins of others, will account to God. We must focus attention to sigh and cry for souls to be saved in the church. This great and glorious work is for all the saints to receive gift of God for eternal life of others depends on it.gods-seal

For believers the Holy Spirit makes way for the church to lead others to Christ to save souls so the blood of unbelievers will not be upon their hands. Before tribulation woes start as shining examples will receive the seal of God. Believers must daily advance the Kingdom of God empowered by God with manifestation of the Holy Spirit in the latter rain in hearts ready for Christ. So those who sigh and cry are known to God and sealed by mark.


After salvation through Christ, a church must love purity to honuor and glorify God. Those perishing must be rescued so whether saved or not one must pray for self, family, loved ones, colleagues, nation, enemy by sighing and crying for repentance and the mercy of God upon the whole world.images (41)

In Ezekiel 3:33 & 33:3, believers alert watchmen praying for the all the nations. In Isaiah 58:1 all saints must cry out and sound loud like trumpets. God does see and record in Book of life the names of those engraved with the seal mark of God. So when the right time comes God will reveal it to the angels to use to accomplish the mission on earth.

clip_image0032The seal of God is a top secret known so seen only by God although the Bible clearly mentions reason for the protective seal of God. Many believer have an understanding of the purpose of the seal mark of God. Generally God seals all believers through the Holy Spirit. However, the meaning of exactly what God asked angel to write on forehead is only known to God but revealed to angels on need to know basis for their assigments during the 7 seals.


Various people have own interpretation symbols representing God’s sealed mark forehead. These are so many varied speculations of symbols or exact meaning by those attempting to reveal God’s mind. So this blog on God’s seal is to guide those wanting to know what is the seal of God is about. Only God has the final say on His seal on forehead. The seal mark of God is God’s Almighty’s top secret kept on need to know basis of meaning.


It is good to learn Bible message from God to get a better understanding to grow and mature in faith. At the same time God Almighty has exclusive right best known to God at times for classified secret He may choose to reveal to His prophets or angels. It is good to know God has His Own Seal of approval and endorsement of all His priceless souls marked on forehead. This encourages those sighing, crying God sees, stores all prayers and tears. Above all, God seals special 144,000 chosen commissioned for His Work during tribulation woes to save souls.


4 thoughts on “GOD’S SEAL OF APPROVAL

  1. I would like to say thank you for these teaching it help me alot. May God almighty bless you and help us come closer to Him as his day is nearer to us day by day.

    • All the thanks and Glory go to God in Jesus Name for blessing us with God’s Words to come closer to God. God Bless you also for accepting His Grace, Mercy and Love. Thank God the Word of God is helping you a lot. Praise God.

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