imageIt was a beautiful and lovely day as the sun shined brightly so Evans and friends went outside to play in the vicinity of their homes. They competed against each other and cheered in unison as the played together. They started to perform favourite TV bicycle stunts by Pacific Blues and LAPD stunts despite warnings not to copy them as they are trained professionals. They ventured further afield where nobody knew their names to tell them off if at risk. They took risks and did more dangerous stunts with the bicycles. Evans turned to perform same dangerous stunt cheered on by friends.

imageEvans also tried to copy friends to ride his bicycle on the handle – bar of the public steps but fell down instantly and injured himself seriously. Unfortunately for Evan the handle bar of his bicycle poked through his stomach wall, punctured his liver and damaged other organs. Evans collapsed on the floor bleeding heavily. Hardly anyone knew them in the area they veered off to play in because the location chosen must be suitable for stunts based on the structures wanted for each stunt.

imageSuddenly the fun ceased and everybody stood still some yelling in panic. Some started crying others screaming and shouting for help. Now they will forever remember warnings not to copy stunts seen on TV. It was before the days mobile became common for children to own. The miracle-working power of God brought a believer passing who phoned for an ambulance and alerted Evan’s family. Thank God Evan’s life was spared in Jesus Name as chosen child of destiny.


The accident was much bigger than thought so anticipation of a few days in hospital became 6 months stay. Meanwhile throughout the intensive care treatment Evans was anointed by pastors with faith healing, music tapes played for Evans. After numerous repeated surgeries and procedures Evans began responding to treatment slowly. At times regressing and bleeding heavily requiring repair surgeries. imageThe surgeries took 3 months in intensive care unit until Evans was transferred to the main ward. During the intensive care unit treatment Tracy who called ambulance visited Evans one day to see how he was doing. Suddenly things turned chaotic and different as the machines made noises, sounds not heard throughout Evans hospital stay. Evans looked calm, peaceful, surrounded in prayer for Evans and the medical team for God’s Hands to be upon them.imageEvans was in state of induced total comatose since accident for treatment when heart monitor and attached gadgets started bleeping rapidly moving in strange patterns. Tracy shouted for the doctors and nurses to come and check on Evans so they reset the equipment to stabilise Evans. Everyone around wondered why the equipment functioning perfectly well suddenly made irregular rapid movements. Evans woke from the coma and shared an amazing miracle testimony with us that day.image

Evans told us he was in a tunnel with a bright light and heard the voice of our Saviour and Lord Jesus Christ who asked Evans,”do you want to come to me now or return to your family on earth? The light radiated love and compassion and warmth. Evans said he turned to look around and saw his mother standing by the other side of the tunnel waiting for him. Though Evans loved God he felt not ready to stay in heaven.

imageEvans told Christ he wanted to return to his mother. Jesus kindly understood request so answered Evans by allowing him to return to earth from visit to heaven. Jesus’ presence was felt in this Christ encounter visit to Evans who suffered during accident compounded by general health issues. So from glorious entrance of heaven, Evans was allowed his desire. The power of a praying mother is strong indeed for Jehovah Nissi is our Banner in Christ. So continue to pray for loved ones to connect directly to God.image

Thank God for the victory in Jesus, Evans fully recovered from his injuries after the surgeries. He was as thin as a skeleton  as was fed intravenously. Keen to join friends again and go back to school, Evans started eating better. Physical healing of his body was slow but sure by God’s grace. Evans is living daily for God so family is grateful and thankful for God’s mercy. No matter what you are going through always believe there is Christ the Light of the world at the end of your tunnel.


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