Believers are bought and paid for by Christ so we belong to God and not our own. As God’s property owned through Christ we are a peculiar chosen people. The priceless price paid  by Christ which cost His Life cannot be taken lightly. Despite problems of pain Christ remains the centre of focus. A believer is sold out to God so during intense moments one draws closer to God for comfort for he understands grief and sorrow.


imageIn times of grief and sorrow it feels like the end without the loved one has come yet the assurance of salvation means your back is fully covered even when you feel much too overwhelmed to be in control. That is when Christ takes charge of your life to watch over you. Although you may not feel any different, you can be sure God cares enough to protect you and not the enemy or yourself to be snatched out of God’s Mighty Hands.  image

Once you give your life to God you have confidence in God through Christ you are not for sale. You are covered by the blood of Christ Jesus who will never let you down or betray you. God is not bankrupt to sell you off for a few bucks. God loves you too much to trade you in or privatise you. God cares about your well – being so provides for you.


So  believers are expected to be different to stand boldly in the world. The happenings of the world cannot destroy our happiness and joy in The Lord. The internal inner-dealing of life usually comes from external things impacting life. In 1 Peter 1:19 and Romans 3:25  the spotless precious blood of Christ, a lamb without  blemish bought us.

paid in full

Christ paid full price so life is a gift belonging to God no matter which family we belong to. So the name of Jesus is above all names and important to live as stewards of God doing His Good Pleasure. In Corinthians 6:20 we are bought by the blood of Christ so have eternal life beyond this life in heaven into infinity. In Acts 17:11 in Bible the Blood of Jesus is seen as covering in Revelation 5:9  so with Christ blood bought men for God.

images (32)

In 1 Corinthians 7: 23 we are bought at a price paid for by Christ, so belong to him. So we glorify God in our body. The gospel of Jesus Christ is that all who believe in him are bought in Galatians 3:13-15 so Christ blood and made us free from the Law.  The Law cannot punish us because we live under grace grace as Christ did this by carrying the load and weight of sin from us to nail it to the cross so we have gift of eternal life.


Jesus must be celebrated everyday not just once a week on Sundays in church or during in midweek prayer meetings. The host of heaven encamp all around so we are never alone. Father God and Christ are with us plus all the angels surrounding us. One often hear people say ‘leave me alone its my life I do what I want so I don’t care what people think. We are constantly reminded of sacrifice Christ made sets us free by His GIFT of eternal life so keep Jesus sacred blood sacrifice precious to honour Christ.


Whether alone or in a crowd remember your life belongs first and foremost to God. Material things help live life but do not consist of physical things. So live for God and love neighbours. And continue to thank and appreciate God daily for gift of Christ Jesus redeemed us from curse of law being made curse for us.

gods-propertyThe world prides itself on property ownership of land, assets so values stocks, shares but God, Christ Value human life as the greatest priceless treasure. God counts all His Children above material riches. You are the most precious asset of God’s gift of life so no matter circumstances stay loyal faithful to God despite mockers and doubters.

images (34)God does not transfer ownership selling or by take over bids. God is legal owner forever so takes care of priceless people. Natural situations may look at times as if God does not care life’s eternal reality is different from God’s point of view.


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