Talents from God relate to abilities skills according Jesus in the Parable of Talents to illustrate levels of responsibility, duty of care, to treasure, develop use talents. Talents are God Given abilities, skills for His Honour and Glory. Talents are based on self discipline, networking, team spirit experience. Talents develop like muscles or exercised as brain to function at prestigious distinction level possible.my-talents_his-gifts

God gives talents for a reason so it is all about the talent giver. To thank and appreciate God and be grateful for being chosen by God to manifest His Holy Name through you. To celebrate God given talents yet remember to give God all the Glory. So talents bring attention but those who do not fully understand how to support talent development. So Jesus explained value of talents to use them well.


God rejoices when talents discovered are used well and appropriately. It brings joy, laughter, hope or encouragement and boosts confidence of others to say if they can do this so can I. It gives strength to whole nations and the world to join to celebrate in the handwork reward of a talented person. It is a lot of years of hard work, tireless toiling and input before debut to see results of some talents.talent

It is important to support and invest in talents to build up the gifted person’s talents. Like all other things Jesus taught that a hidden or buried talent yields no rewards or interest. So effort and input of hard work must be used to develop talent. The beggining good character before talent debut must be maintained at all cost not to be overwhelmed to become a victim of own success.


Anyone can improve talents at any age provided they have the capacity and potential within them. So it is wise to explore various talents especially if multi-talented. It is necessary to focus on the best talent. To zoom in and focus on the main talent. So ensure to seek expert advise on legal contracts and small prints of royalty and patent rights. Surround yourself with those who have your best interest at heart to see you succeed but not self – destruct.

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Avoid becoming jack of all trades, master of none but do not put all eggs in one basket. Have 3main talent ability and skill to match interest. Check out passion, motivation, practical reality oppprtunity for commitment to a talent. Be sure it is the best one suitable, age appropriate, desired. For talents require intense concentration or physical activity. Keep clear professional boundaries so never ever compromise fame and fortune for integrity.

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Talent comes with personality package, different learning styles and individual differences. So it is essential to develop talent within the personality. Extroverts or introverts, ambiverts, have different ways of learning or training properly to perform well. Also academic work interest must last long as needed to help build career. Ensure school work is done at all times with rest in- between career or talent. Do not gain the whole world and lose your soul.

1320418852welikeEach gifted person is to remain small in own eyes and stay humble despite fame, adulation, blessing. The child must be trained to express gratitude to God for talent and encourage sponsors to do so. Be realistic and do over- estimate your talent or skill. Talent success must not change who you are, take clear stand in advance on moral stance. If you do not stand for something you fall for everything. Be firm in decision not to be drawn in or suck up to a person without good motive trying to damage you.

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Celebrate talents but remember to enjoy other’s too. Do not crave to be always centre of attention. God is big enough to give all talent to equal ability. So be grateful for your own and develop it well. Be accountable to those who speak into your life and let them be real with you to tell you the truth for your own. Do not be own press, judge, jury. Allow genuine leaders to keep eye on you and trainers.


Some talents are unknown to the gifted person so listen to significant adults who see talent in you. It may not be what you like but is God’s Higher Plan given talent for your destiny. Respect and develop discovered talent gift within unaware of. Many are in business today as result of scouting or helping a talented person then discovered. Spend time and effort by faith in God to learn skills, practice talent and share talents with others in humility.

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Remember talents come with great responsibility so be committed and disciplined. Audiences will latch onto idols and stars to project their joy and happiness onto talented person. Fans act as if they own person because they buy talent, so be aware. Improve talents and never stop learning no matter how big or successful one becomes. Factor in rest, healthy eating and sound sleep for the body to be at optimum level of performance. Be alert for time wasters and distractors to focus on talents.

Talent Cycle

The greatest talent is to fulfill passion to continue to enjoy and perform even no one pays you for it. To know your true calling talent gift bring smiles and happiness to others. To still remain small in own eyes and give all the Glory to God. Too many have allowed influences not good for building up talent to control their lives. They were under peer pressure to remain static than be dynamic to grow and change. Be kind, beautiful and generous to all you can within budget but remember you came to this world alone and will account to God for talent.

skillsBuild others up on your journey of good success and never forget God or become too busy to serve and worship God. Set up projects to help develop skills, talents especially in your own community. Design training for talent during peak year to help others gain from your talent. Ambition is good but do not allow over- ambitious selfish unrealistic resolve determination not productive in your favour destroy your life in the process. Gracefully redirect own talent to build younger generation desperate for a sponsor to impact others.


Talents, if properly utilised complement others in unison harmony to celebrate life accomplishment. Talents are shared for God’s Glory and Honour for the privileged gift to be a blessing to enrich talent. Have responsible Godly fun to Glorify God, rooted grounded in strong faith and decision- making. Do not be fickle minded subject to opinions of all sorts of people. Stay focussed in God’s word as source of power, authority do not be afraid to talk to God.



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