Eph 1-4 Before He made Earth with black

See yourself as God SEES HIS OWN IMAGE in you. Each person resembles God in a unique way, God marked, distinguished with Godly Qualities and characteristics. God’s beauty, creative power is manifested by His Wondrous works of Excellency. God create labels to suit each person, name, personality, role in life and family identity. Humans are uniquely, fearfully and wonderfully made to correspond to God’s Own Image Brand Label merit in you. Do not depend on man – made labels for you, not in agreement with Labels God Chose for you since creating you in the world. God KNOWS you so well including the number of hairs on your head plus other details. God notices your life daily so see you as God SEES you.ephesians1_6

God’s model type for your life matches exactly HIS intention for you because a unique label means variety. God does not want billions of clones with an identical look. So God ensures an appropriate tag identifies all people accurately with the unique DNA, finger markers, eyes etc. As businesses label products to ensure each item, correctly has codes or descriptions to give information to buyer, God Labels for you match various you perfectly.ephesians1_14

God signed, sealed and delivered your life accordingly. Almighty God Creator, is the Only One Ever Able to create our human lives with His Own Authentic Original Ingredients. So God’s Priceless Value of life cannot be devalued or be replaced by material things as more valuable. Bible says a man’s life does not consist of possessions. So it is a myth to one put on expensive designer gears sold at outrageous prices thinking it enhance quality of life. Price tags boost an ego but inner whole life is enhanced by Godly value. It is true outward look is improved but quality prototype God inbuilt life is within God’s framework for your life.


It is important to give a right attention, love, affection, food, appropriate self care required throughout life in general. This is why it is helpful during treatment in a hospital the specific right diagnosis, of prescriptions, blood groups or dosage medication, scans, are ensured for correct treatment. As many people are involved in a communication teams, so label helps to ensure accurate information is not lost in translation. So God’s children remain steadfast in spite of different circumstance labels in life to endure in Christ as overcomers.

unnamed (12)

Each person is so unique some with their allergies one must avoid mix up of foods, to stop reactions. Accidentally giving the wrong food or medication may have fatal consequences. The labels not from God is placed by enemies return 7 fold to all senders in Jesus Name. Godly believer’s life belongs to God so is lived according to God’s Will Labels through Christ. One endures difficulties of changes through maintaining the real- true self to God.image

According to the Bible, Balaam was hired to curse or destroy God’s Children, God turned all the curses to blessings. God’s labels are real, genuine, authentic, so no matter what people call you let it glide off you like water falls off a duck’s body. Never waste time of your precious life or moment dwelling on wrong labels given out of hatred, envy, malice or jealousy. God’s Eyes Sees you as PERFECT! God’s Protective Seal is a Mighty Armour of God’s Defence System Label.Coke pic cropped

Each day count your Godly blessings and celebrate God as He Will surprise you by what God has Done. Do not let insecure people try to overwhelm you by the label that is not yours if they refuse to stand in Christ full of joy. Do not implode but quickly reject and cancel anger in Jesus Name. Apply Jesus’  Blood so it does not stick on you. It is said if a lie is told long enough so people turn to believe it, give dog a name it turns out as labelled.unnamed (21)

Ephesians 1:3 says God chose you out of all the billions of people before the foundation of the earth. During the selected final million’s racing moment you are ultimate winner and champion that won. This is why you are on earth to fulfil your destiny. The adversary tried in vain to stop you but through Christ Jesus Name and blood you are holy without blame before God v.4.


God’s Truths from Ephesians 1 tells us God predestines life in Jesus Christ to His Good pleasure and will so we are accepted and beloved of God. Granted redemption through Jesus BLOOD and forgiven according God’s Riches of HIS Greater Grace Grace, abounding in you endless in all wisdom and prudence. So God’s Mystery, WILL, GOOD Pleasure to see you Blessed extends generation to generation to one thousand years.


Guaranteed obtained inheritance gives confidence to trust God as He works all things according to the counsel of His will v. 11. Sealed with the Holy Spirit of God’s promise v.12 so trust the gospel of salvation v.13. As Holy Spirit guarantees inheritance for Jesus who redeemed us as His purchased possession v.14. See you as God SEES you to agree with God’s views thoughts about you rather that the negative overwhelming suggestions the devil puts into your thought process to cause, stress, pressure, fear and even sleepless nights worrying over nothing. imageGod’s Mercy is Bigger than any of your mistakes so believe, agree with God and accept God’s Truth about you. The cycle gets worse if you do not stop negative seeds planted in mind. Refuse to allow such negative thoughts and reject them. Read good positive affirmations books and Psalm 91 daily, keep Desiderata in view. And Read Norman Vincent Peale’s book POWER OF POSITIVE THINKING. Also cancel negative thoughts, replace it with hope, joy, strength, CONFIDENCE in God in Christ. No matter what goes on the world the joy of the LORD God is your strength in Jesus Name. Thanks and Glory to God, Amen.


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