People talk of common sense experience guiding in making choices and decisions. Ben’s parents received many expert advise and consultant’s help with appropriate knowledge from conception to birth. What his mother must eat, drink, sleep, rest etc. Such advise continued as Ben grew up, begun his education and throughout life. With academic knowledge, facts, figures, data information in life Ben soon was grown up adult child feeling ready and also equipped to face the world. Ben’s parents consciously guided him in Bible based God Sense.unnamed (3)

Ben’s parents who endured to the end raising him were soon told prepare to cut apron strings. Ben’s father and mother expected empty nest syndrome to recover to catch up on lost years engrossed in child raising. Ben the adult child could not wait to leave home sooner. It seemed his ‘over – bearing’ parents made him ‘docile’ child. Soon busy online looking for best location 5 star quality property accommodations to move. Ben finally finds best location desired in next city in the most beautiful suburbia. So arrangement made by fabulously rich parents who bought property for Ben in the city. In the most affluent area without any questions.unnamed (4)

Eventually, Ben moved into his own place as far away from his parents as far as possible. To enjoy new-found freedom and liberty free at last, he can come and go as he pleases, with no one telling him what to eat, what to wear, when to sleep or to find work. Word soon got round of Ben’s freedom and the house-warming party was superb. Neighbours complained so got apology card, most expensive wine gift they had ever seen.commonsense-617x416

Soon this became the norm every weekend until to amazement of all it all went quiet. No more loud music or the nuisance constant stream of cars on resident parking spaces. The number of friends dwindled. Ben who assured his parents he was fully employed actually had no job. The bills piled up, threat letters sent warning Ben who could not afford to feed himself. He started bin- diving to scrounge for food. He tried odd jobs and still could not look after himself. He had to sell property to clear debts for recess living.unnamed (2)

Ben had so much was blessed and highly favoured but lacked Godly sense to value and appreciate the source of his blessing. He wrongly assumed and so thought his parents were in his way preventing him from ‘progress’ in life. Finally Ben discovered God Sense to stop sleeping rough endangering his life in freezing cold among unsavoury characters. He tried to stop by ‘friends’ squandered his money with but none would have him. Ben forgot about God so became unkempt, scruffy and a liability.Quotation-Jon-Krakauer-faith-religion-sense-god-Meetville-Quotes-267314

Soon heard of someone needing a farm hand so he got the job and had shelter in pig sty. By now he lived on scraps of food from left overs. That was not enough to feed him well. Ben came to His God Sense through the relentess prayers of his parents. Worried and not knowing of his whereabouts they searched familiar posh places assumed he usually went to. Friends did not cause parents pain and embarrassment so refused to tell of Ben’s reality.Godly Revolution

Some said he went on safari, others said they had not seen him. On a particularly cold and freezing morning, Ben fed the pigs as usual but something happened. During his break, Ben went into deep thought so reflected his life and losses. He realised he lived by common sense not by God Sense. Since coming back to God Sense he recognized the swine food was not an acceptably meant for him. Above all remembered refined home meals left behind.impact1

With all dainty foods, servants, buttlers waiting on him hand and foot, Ben never lifted a finger before yet assured his parents he could cope on his own. So Ben finally changed his mind and quit job. He humbled himself, decided to go back to his father ask for forgiveness as servant. Since he took all his share of inheritance he understood state of affairs. Due to God compassion and mercy Ben’s parents accepted him disappointed by his reckless actions.20130615-082820

Ben’s parent’s strong love for him covered his multitude of sins unconditionally. Welcomed back his home was available as family still has material goods more than needed. Ben’s parents saw him coming towards home so his father rushed to meet him from far away. Ben washed, scrubbed clean, looking immaculate in the father’s most expensive sharp smart suits given to him. The parents were ever thankful to God for the miracle of saving Ben.sense_top

The father put golden ring on Ben’s finger, gossip spread like wild-fire. Soon the mansion was full of well wishers rejoicing over missing long-lost Ben. Command was given to kill best animals saved for special occasions and events. Ben cried tears and pinched himself it was all so surreal. The party started in full swing and feasting continued for days with abundant food, music, dancing. So the parents were pleased Ben was back alive and well. Despite the great rejoicing and all the partying one face was missing and soon people noticed it.unnamed (5)

The loyal faithful bigger brother did not attend Ben’s party. When challenged he was upset that his spoilt brat young brother was more celebrated while he was ignored and never appreciated. He felt he deserved and merited parent’s recognition far more than Ben who squandered the family loom vintage great treasures so lost everything. The parents gently told him they valued both sons as priceless precious souls, so happy Ben was alive. Their missing son was worth more than all wealth, riches or material goods, bricks and mortar which the older brother owned. All that belonged to father was older brother’s forever so did not need to worry. Believers accept prodigals not up to standard expectation, bankrupt, haggard.8fcd6204abb8de53bfc94d64639d719d

Loyal privileged believers without issues like Ben often require awareness to give attention, welfare, support in church to such in the community. So already have inheritance provided all by father. The bigger brother forgot all the wealth belonged to the father to do as pleased. He lived consistently in luxury,,safety yet angry for compassion shown to his brother. Ben represents those who put trust and confidence in the common sense materialism more than God Sense. Ben was sure could  figure out life without God. So cheered on by peers he reckoned he could manage life on his own terms.9781597553018

Yet the blind peer leading another blind removes Ben from God’s protection safety net to be exposed to abuse by vultures ready to devour them. Taken advantage of by ruthless greedy ‘friend’ fat cows of Bashan who target younger naive ones promising them the moon. Encouraging debt, living beyond means often end up in squalor like Ben. So had to go back to the very parents abandoned in a worse condition in life. Misled by those who took undue advantage of them used and abused.1 (1)

They blame parents for Ben’s problems for not equipping him for life. Though they lured naive Ben who chose to leave by listening to ignorant friends to abandon parent’s before demise to claim inheritance. Ben left prematurely ill-equipped to survive on his own terms and conditions in life. So good came out of it as Ben realised there was no pot of gold at the end of rainbow as he fantasized. So regained God Sense and lived in obedience to parents so learnt his lessons once bitten twice shy.quote-a-sense-that-with-the-blessings-that-god-bestowed-upon-this-land-came-the-responsibility-to-make-marco-rubio-159489

Experienced adults foresee path of leaning on own understanding consequences. The world misleads often to use common sense not God Sense to make choices and the mistakes costing innocent children problems. God Sense obedience to parents saves so many lives from heartache. Resisting rebellion will be necessary to protect Ben from a lifelong vitriol. To use God Sense means following Godly Orders.we-obey-and-He-takes-responsibility (1)

God’s eternal word is constant, trustworthy and so reliable. Also, dependable but feelings, hormones change. God Sense is eternal faith in Christ so is complete opposition of what secular society says common sense should aspire to. God Sense is God’s wisdom from the Bible to help live in holiness and purity not worldly perfection in utopian idealism. A believer is not perfect but obedient to God Sense.


0bb96f19d6719d6618f16af9612879deGod’s Firmament, Glory, Sovereignty of Creation is revealed in all mankind in many forms and shapes. God’s Great Mighty Power and God’s Omnipotence manifested by God’s Omnipresence is in Home in heaven and God’s Omniscience is seen on earth. God’s Holy, full GLORY, Magnificence, Beauty and Handiwork reflects God’s Nature. God is Present in the world connect directly to heaven. God’s Real True Self imparts from 3rd Heaven in real true Image. Mankind’s true likeness originates from Creator God in Genesis 1 from God’s Home in Heaven to earth kingdoms. Holy Spirit helps understand God’s profound love and His Biblical Glory. God’s manifold handiwork creation evident around is in us. God Created people as Greatest Priceless Unique Miracle Achievement as Gift above all creatures in nature.

So Honour God as He mercifully extends Loving Arms to all His creation in Forgiveness to receive all. God’s Great Wonders seen in mankind deserves reverence and praise from His people with real true self of God. God’s Ultimate Desire is to reconnect with all so Longs for deep intimate fellowship with all His people. A person’s real true self emanates from God’s Greatest Absolute True Self Image. Each person is created in God’s Own image. Whether one believes in God or not true real self comes from God. God’s excellency, majestic nature as Creator is seen in all creation creatures great and small. 3heavensIn Genesis 1:14 God said, “Let there be light in the vault of the sky to separate day from night to serve as signs to mark sacred times, days and years.Genesis 1:6-8 as “God said, Let there be a firmament in midst of waters, let us divide waters from waters, so God made the firmaments. Psalm 19:1-3 declares the heavens as telling the glory of God, their expanse declares the work of His hands. 2. Day to day pours forth speech and night to night reveals knowledge of God’s Creation. The stars witness God day, night reveal knowledge of God.

Planet of solar systemThere is no speech or a language God’s voice is not heard. And Psalm 89:5 says the all heavens and earth praise God’s Wonderful Faithfulness in the assembly of the holy ones. In Psalm 97:6 heavens proclaim God’s Righteousness showing His Glory in His Children. Psalm 145:10 God’s Works Praise God so the faithful people extol God. In Psalm 150:1 Praise the LORD God in His Sanctuary Praise God in Mighty Heavens. In Jeremiah 31:35 LORD God appoints the sun to shine by day, and decrees the moon and stars to shine by night, who stirs up the sea so its waves roar, the LORD Almighty is his name.

unnamed (97)So individuality must not have conflict of interest because person is set in a certain way based on humanism man – made theories. In depth soul God’s original inbuilt creation. Christians cannot ignore God’s firmament as psychics hijack it and twist God’s Biblical Truth. God’s Godly true – self wholesomeness in authentic old – fashion Bible family values is part of the bigger picture. Communities must train children to be holistic at all times so to be thinking in group terms. Like a solar system each is well coordinated in tune perfectly spinning with the rest of inner and outer solar systems to function. unnamed (92)As Hubble telescope studies planets in solar system informations. God prepares people to reconnect with Him through Chist alone. Each planet rotation unit is completely whole as God intends yet functions in peace and unison. Each keeps to assigned path coordinating unity discipline. Each precise location is relevant to God’s Wisdom, Skill, Celebrate God’s Majesty. There is absolutely no power in any occult object attached to the planet made by God in the universe. God guides mankind to predict future plans and thoughts known to God. In Leviticus 20:6 God forbids putting trust in psychics and mediums because they are fake. God says do not meddle or dabble in the powers of darkness to mess up your life. God’s Spirit is already put into mankind to give life. Without God’s breath people will die so give thanks and Glory to God. God created a perfect heavenly environment with the right atmosphere and planet temperature to preserve life. 

So why seek an inanimate dead piece of lump hanging in space than then true Living God Almighty Who Created you Loves you! Oh wretched miserable mankind why allow yourself to be deceived by mumbo jumbo? There is Wonder Working Power Only in The Spirit of The Living God through The True Bright Morning Star Christ in Revelation 22:16. God’s act of positioning planet precisely gives light, warmth to regulate temperature of earth to sustain life. God’s Stunning Majestic Beauty Creation beyond earth expands into God’s Glorious Presence in solar system planets surrounding Sun, objects orbit’s group. All objects in orbit still spin on own axis synchronised with gravitational magnetic pull of whole system. A solar system refers to a star and objects travelling orbit around it. Solar system consists of sun, 8 planets, natural satellites moon, dwarf planets, asteroids, comets.

Solar system is located outward, spiral Milky Way galaxy. Orbiting spacecraft SOHO in recent years shows comets plunge toward Sun  vaporize. Scientists estimate 1,000,000,000 comets in gravitational grip of Sun. God’s True self is revealed in God’s firmament. God’s concise natural temperature setting regulates environment. God’s firmament system supply contributes to development of Nasa’s deep space human exploration to reveal the wonderful mysteries of God to the world. We know God made the earth and the Heavens so God wants us to know He Made the Firmament from the beginning from reading accounts in the Bible. The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament shows God’s Handiwork in Psalm 19:1. Day unto day utters speech and night unto night reveals knowledge of God. There is no speech or language on earth God’s Creative Power and Presence is unknown.

psa-19-1-ww-wallpaperA true Godly identity comes from God as essential part of God’s precious firmament on high.  God’s Amazing Greatness cannot be taken for granted to elevate people as right in God’s place. Gorilla business tactics self – miseducation massage ego to self destruct mankind.Often mankind uplifts self above God unless conscious effort trains people to value God. Society recreates people to redefine the concept of secular humanism selfishness as self identity. Individuals raised in society highlight individualism as self contained unit but emphasize to child to not to be self- centred misunderstood as self identity. The focus on aggrandizing individual self so much makes some people forget they belong to God forming part of a unit to function correctly. The secular world promotes self above God so tells mankind to believe in self to become self made man. Self is often mis-sold as true self discovery to be recovered from damage by significant others. Secular view deliberately remove Christianity and the Bible from life values and labels them religion. The believers need to make children aware God is the Blue Print Patented Owner of the Universe and their eternal soul. Godly absolute truth requires society to accurate true knowledge to Honour the Creator. solar system Godly identity in context means community functions as whole unit at all times. In towns surrounded by bears, lions, tigers, elephants one does not go off alone to fish or harvest. No emergency service, air ambulance is nearby to rescue to best sophisticated hospitals. As non-existent, so there human body is highly valued, treated with respect as priceless asset in community. Mankind cannot devalue God’s planets, termed exoplanets outside Solar System ranging in size from Saturn to Neptune 2x large as Jupiter. People stick together for safety survival at all times. It means those communities without gadgets or cars, roads, planes in thick jungle responsible for producing organic food are not considered backward. No MacDonald or take- away exist so organic food is hunted as veal to cook together and shared. In such communities people come first, above money and material things not required as organically farmed food and eaten fresh. No cooked food frozen for months in deep freezers yet such community is ridiculed as primitive in jungle places. There is too much emphasis on self in concrete jungle. It is important to reclaim God to let modern generation Honour God so all for one and one for all in Christ in Jesus Name.

unnamed (98)

unnamed (99)

People must be in tune with God to give Glory and Thanks to God. Animism evolution theory cannot deny the evidence of God’s Magnificence. The Almighty God’s firmament design is easy to remember as planets are laid out by God in space. God is directly liked daily in our lives on earth as God is Caring Loving Father Yearning for prodigal children to return. The God Almighty who created heavens and earth and all things great and small is able to care 4u.



Christian believers are a Holy people chosen to live a sanctified life, Holy unto  God.Holiness exalts a Nation so believers are washed by the word of God and cleansed by Jesus blood to be Holy. Although the world may glamorize sin, the believer is the beacon of light and hope so cannot partake of it any more. Those  who trust God keep their minds and their thoughts on God’s word for perfect Peace by dwelling on the word of God.


No matter the situation or the circumstances believers are to remember God always daily on behalf of themselves, their family, colleagues and the nation. The faithful loyal ones to God are going to find themselves not invited to certain events any more if they chose to live Holy. God does not approve one leg in heaven and other in hell lifestyle to serve 2 masters. It can be lonely if one becomes dedicated and devoted in loyalty to God.


God clothes the believer with garments of righteousness to live through the Holy Spirit. Righteousness does not mean perfection. It means one is humble enough to admit to God mistakes and repent and ask for mercy of God to carry on living.  God gives the strength day by day hour by hour to endure all situations in With Jesus on board, God on the throne and Holy Spirit at work ii the believer’s life all is well.


The name of Jesus is a powerful weapon to defeat every enemy of the believer. Some victories may not seem so but God is able to work things together for good for the Christian believer in Jesus Name. Life is more complicated sophisticated time- consuming with stress but keep eyes on God and focus on Christ Jesus and stay strong.


Remember the Name of Jesus above all Names so whatever life throws at you, hold onto Christ Jesus. Physical looks may change, ability to perform may dwindle in certain areas. Yet in God’s eyes you are created in God’s Perfect Image so highly beloved. The world may pre -occupy with chores, bills, all sorts, materialiism but remember Creator God.


Though assured of personal salvation continue to intercede for family, loved ones, enemies in Jesus Name. God may use you to save many people more than you realise. You are not a waste of space so do not listen to negative people around you. Start listening to Godly music, pray more as a believer has too much to do in Christ to feel bored. Even in the darkest moments of life worship God!


By the grace of God all is well and you will stand strong to the end to make it to the Glory of God in Jesus Name. So having done all you know to do therefore  stand strong in the Lord in the power of HIS MIGHT. If God be for us who can be against us in Jesus Name. The world news gets more negative yet salvation is near in Christ Jesus Name.




unnamed (83)

In Genesis 11:1-9, all people in the world came together to construct the Tower of Babel to attempt to reach God in the 3rd Heaven. After sin caused God to retreat from regular visits to earth. Since Adam and Eve’s rejection abandonment of God, the Almighty God withdrew to make His permanent home in the  3rd heaven. Ziggurats were built in most of Mesopotamian dynastic cities. Since this land was the original homeland of Abraham and Sarah, the great ziggurat of Babylon was located there. After God moved Up above the world in the highest heaven, far away from the people for His Peace of Mind from the people who took God for granted since they ignored or replaced God. God allowed people to do them to do their own thing to destruction of the spirit of unity among them. God did not approve of their actions or behaviour but as a Loving Father put up with permissive will. The Babel Tower is the best known ziggurat in the bible, in the Book of Genesis. As final author of that book was writing or editing his account, Babylon, or Babel, had been conquered by Alexander the Great.Pieter_Bruegel_the_Elder_-_The_Tower_of_Babel_(Vienna)_-_Google_Art_Project-x1-y0In Genesis 11:1–9, says 1. the whole world had one language and a common speech. 2 As people moved eastward, they found a plain in Shinar and settled there. 3 They said to each other, “Come, let’s make bricks and bake them thoroughly.” They used brick instead of stone, and tar for mortar. 4 Then they said, “Come, let us build ourselves a city, with a tower that reaches to the heavens, so that we may make a name for ourselves; otherwise we will be scattered over the face of the whole earth.”5 But the Lord came down to see the city and the tower the people were building. 6 The Lord said, “If as one people speaking the same language they have begun to do this, then nothing they plan to do will be impossible for them. 7 Come, let us go down and confuse their language so they will not understand each other.”8 So the LORD scattered them from there over all the earth they stopped building the city. 9 That is why it was called Babe because the LORD confused language of whole world. From there the LORD scattered them over the face of the whole earth. unnamed (88)Great buildings were were some signs of development, achievement and great beauty. So people wanted to outrageously design an accomplishment never done before. Building of Tower of Babel was feat sets up interesting event in Biblical ancient Jewish history. Nimrod the leader was a mighty hunter and a master builder with taste for grand designs of ziggurats. God watched and hoped they will soon come to their senses to realize their folly to change their mind though God ‘tolerated them.’ Eventually the people realized they need God back in their lives.  Instead of calling on God to answer them in prayer took matters into their own hands to do things their own way. So thought they could build Babel Tower to reach God in 3rd heaven all the way from earth. The site of ancient Babylon in Iraq with its legendary hanging gardens. Babel-Brueghel-detailDetails show Bruegel’s ‘Tower of Babel’ with ancient medieval military building techniques. They used enormous pulley systems for lifting large blocks of stone in the upper center. God forced them to move to scatter to faraway places of earth before they thought they could accomplish their goal. Their project was scrambled by God and so languages confused not to communicate directly without learning each other’s languages translating them. This is why languages have roots of similar words. Tower of Babel is true living history in the Bible to remind world of God’s Sovereignty. This story is significant ancient attempt to explain different languages spoken around world. Tower of Babel building is famous symbol of unfinished human attempts to defy God in rebellion. TowerOfBabeL_1000-800x542.jpgThey had a sound track record of previous great buildings so proceeded to build Babel Tower. God had to step in to take action so confused their common language. To make them unable any more to communicate with each other. So instead of repenting and inviting God back humbly for His mercy, forgiveness, they ganged up to try to impress, confront, challenge God. Noah’s descendants in Genesis 11:4 decided to build a Babel Tower to reach God in the 3rd heaven. To create such a city to make a name for themselves God watched, laughing at them knowing it was impossible to achieve such as a feat. In addition, resources, time, money was wasted on aesthetic constructions which led nowhere.
unnamed (87)God redeems mankind through Christ inviting people to repent to return to God. Some unite against God, rebellious than before yet mankind needs God to survive. They used a wrong approach of invented man-made ideas, concepts but do not retain God in their mind, made things worse for themselves. Completely unaware of how far God moved away from them. They built the babel tower but God changed their plans. God knew they could not reach the highest heaven with their Babel Tower. God took back control to prove HE is GREAT FORCE to reckoned with. Wrongly assumed they do not need God to succeed in shaping their own destiny, so thought could gang up against God. It is childish of mankind to think they can survive without input of God. Yet happy to use God’s natural resources without acknowledging God as their source. It is the biggest mistake humans make to proudly exclude God in projects and not give thanks to God for sustaining mankind. To value and to use HIS resources wisely ensures future generations benefit too, not waste it on egoistic project to off their prowess. Did not impress God but provoked to anger.But they channelled their immense efforts into something that was essentially futile. Ultimately God controlled their destiny, not them. The Bible story of the confusion of their language was God’s way of letting them know this. God demolished tower and scattered them. Today man-kind speaks many languages but uses one voice to team up against God in various ways. The pangea earth tectonic plates were closer so people lived closely to each other. They travelled easily across continents on foot, by boat, rode animals to trade so did not live far apart as tectonic plates did not drift widely apart like today.

unnamed (86)Archaeologists are hoping to save these ruins of Biblical era Tower of Babel, located in Iraq. Tower of Babel reaching to the sky have been found and broadcast in BBC and other world news. Often using idealistic monumental, gigantic building projects and landmarks they may not sometimes be suitable, relevant, adequate to the place or context so wastes time, money resources, which do not bring no Glory or Honour to God. The motives are mostly to boost ego, pride, vanity, to build to displace God’s Sovereign Position to stamp rival landmarks for status or expansion. The Tower of Babel seems to be another statement of people’s desire to be independent of God. So said let us build a city and a tower with its top touching the heavens to make a big name for ourselves. Though the Tower of Babel was not completed as intended originally, ancient ruins and excavations reveal what the ziggurat structure and the foundation looked like. It may have been a ziggurat like that at Ur or a tall round tower like that depicted above. Interestingly enough the foundation of the Tower of Babel can still be recognized in Babylon today.

They chose to do own thing with the talents and abilities God put in them by trying to accomplish this feat by own power. God told them to procreate to fill the earth and multiply but they chose not to spread out to fill earth. the people were so pompous so thought they could stand up to God’s Creative Ability and Power over all the earth. They want to stay in one place to show they do as they please. They were saying they did not need God so can achieve goals separate from God.

Babylon lies 90 Kilometers south of Baghdad, and 10 Kilometers north of Hilla the road to Babylon branches of the main Baghdad-Hilla highway. The peoples who lived in the lands between the rivers Tigris and Euphrates from 6,000 years ago were many, Sumerians, Akkadians, Babylonians; Assyrians among others. So Babel Tower is the symbol of man’s ongoing attempt to perfect himself in their own eyes to reject God. It was pride and arrogance that caused them to try to attack God. City of Babylon, Iraq.The Tower of Babel was people’s attempt to become equal to the Sovereign Living God. They tried to compete against God’s architectural prowess by designing an impossible structure to build. It was not feasible or safe to attempt such a project. Yet they chose to build in vain the Babel Tower God did not sanction. So because their maker God did not lay or approve of their foundation it could not stand.

unnamed (1)They built own temple city to try to outwit God.  Recently a team of scholars discovered the oldest representation of Tower of Babel records in a newly published book. Carved on a black stone dubbed the Tower of Babel stele inscription dates to 604-562 BCE. It was found in the collection of Martin Schøyen, a businessman from Norway who owns the largest private manuscript assemblage formed in the 20th century. God in His Own time has set an agenda to return to earth to live among people again on His Own Terms.

6a00d8341bf67c53ef015439081e64970c-800wiMany similar building projects still take place today to aggrandize wealth to display greedy status to show off. God provides resources for fair distribution so requires motive or purpose to please and Honour Him above all else. Despite numerous attempts, God the greatest architect has already designed new heavenly city to live in on earth. God had compassion on mankind so sent His Begotten Son Christ to save and deliver all who accept Him. After rapture Christ will return again to earth with new Jerusalem City of God descending from Heaven to earth forever.


b1c3bcdf41826a9e5824bf7d7192e2ec_8851 Corinthians 1:31 says: “Let those who boast boast in the LORD. To boast in the LORD means focus on God’s goodness is daily in humility and thanksgiving. Ego boosts morale to help stir up a positive emotion short-term to build a person to get going for a seasonal quick solution. Ego solves problems by pride, bullying or inadequacy projects fear on others. The word ego is not a Biblical term but about 138 years ago Freud used a word ego to distinguish between id, ego and super-ego actions to explain childhood behaviour pattern. Children crying for develop quick response from adults to cry more attention seeking behaviour.ego-vs-god1Child soon realizes their egoistic way of crying gets rapid response with tears so the child cries to get more attention. The crying strategy controls adults so meets emotional needs by blackmail. The child associated crying responswith comfort, warmth. Freud called this repeated process pattern of behaviour id so sees needs met by crying. If in pain, too hot, cold, attention, child lacks frontal cortex brain to understand reality.images (1)Soon child has no consideration for the others involved in providing their care. Babies have no idea of concept of time so demand instant attention at all times and inconveniences others. If child not trained from 2 years to share time well with others a child grows up and does not care about real needs of others but only selfish ego satisfaction. Innocent looking beloved adorable little children must be tamed to prevent unruly rude ego terrible twos terrifying some adults. Unrestrained id develops to ego, super-ego brat behaviour. Stop baby ego when weaning milk to solid food to train child to express real calm peace in Christ.ego-god (2)Physical growth goes hand in hand with spiritual growth of children. God says to train the child so when they grow will not depart from truth. Bible instructs all believers to grow out of natural childish behaviour like toddlers, to learn to grow to express real self better using Biblical language through Holy Spirit. Parents know frustration of trying to decode the priority needs of crying infants. While cooking, cleaning, doing dishes, laundry, ironing, telephone ringing etc. juggling at same time! Teach children to relax.1006230_404452852997518_612091812_nThose who watch super-nanny TV know the battle of the wills to tame the spoilt  manipulative child’s ego from them. The parents reluctance to upset child resists super-nanny who takes lead to motivate and persuade grown up adults to be in charge. Determined stubborn rebellious child eventually is persuaded so cajoled, and talked into changing habit. A firmly dedicated adult reaps rewards training of training children. A child confronted gives in, knowing no way out submits to authority! Adults are to love and to train children corrected in the Love of God.1555415_726297884060576_603161647_nA child allowed strong – will resents any future change since ruled roost so long becomes driver of family. This becomes a teenage tantrum if not nibbed earlier in the bud early in the childhood. An adult taking power back is fought by the child but stand firmly to see changes through. The Bible says God Corrects all those HE LOVES getting rid of ego means getting rid of arrogance against God’s will. The child lets go of milk bottle or breastmilk weaned to solid foods. A parent persists in the interest of child to grow, eat solid food so also Christian maturity growth.The child benefits from the corrections to become better person. If child learns to talk right child sits among kings and queens. Possessive negative attention of tantrum is not necessary as Holy Spirit in Christ helps to overcome a super-ego. Godly Ego is confidence in God to boast in Christ and lifts up Jesus Name. So put down ego against God’s Glory to grow as responsible accountable adults to God a in Christ for salvation. Then selfishness pass away ego is crucified with Christ.ego_0During salvation, Spirit of God fills the spirit of a person. The flesh sin-nature lives on earth in sinful society. So sin – nature must be always crucified daily moment by moment so reprogrammed consciously by renewing, transforming mind kills ego. Ego temporary childish development needs new solution before language capabilities fully forms. From 2 years on for child’s own good, support child routinely to speak, read, express themselves lovingly with good empathy.20060507170421_fragile_egoEach child is different but basic human needs, affection, food, warmth, change diapers, nappies, feeling sleepy, etc. is understood by those significant adult in child’s life. Real- self of child expressed early helps develop good character and morals. Teach child to value self, take care of body as precious gift from God. A disciplined child feels ego bruised yet good to firmly teach child to selfrespect, self-love in God’s Love tank naturally flowing from Christ to value life is asset.egoIt is important to help child to express feelings and needs appropriately. Or grows into tears tantrums, frustration, anger, inability to express themselves. This must be stopped by teaching good manners, etiquette, respect for parents, siblings, family, teachers, members of society as a whole for the child’s own good.  No matter how strong a natural feeling of parental love for the child boundaries of respect for adult child relationship is essential.images (2)So prepare the child for survival in the real world. An over spoilt pampered brat is self-destructive tyrant living in bubble who blames everyone but themselves. Bust bubble to train child to grow out of childish selfish ways to live responsibly. Train child to help at an age approriate level. To handle life well in future to stand on sound foundation built from home. To cope with life’s real challenges needs the true self to survive to make it in Jesus Name.


unnamed (65)True believers hold God dear in the heart above all yearn for God, Christ to return to dwell on earth. God is forever in a Christian believer’s thoughts.unnamed (64)God is faithful so be in the world but not of the world. Do not build ‘tower of Babel humanism’ to displace LORD God Creator Owner by take-over bid to put man on God’s Throne.

unnamed (67)The Creator God’s Love is Deeper than the sea of human love. God wants HIS Place back in people’s hearts above all for the Creator God’s Glory.  unnamed (66)God feels abandoned by mankind yet deeply loves and cares for all humanity. God is fully capable of handling all your problems on earth so Trust God.


wp-1580499421456.jpgGod created marriage to enjoy love and so the whole process is God’s idea. Love Godly marriage is Biblically sound marriage according to God’s purpose. Yet God’s marriage plan is different from some Christian believers expectation in real life. Secular views influence Christian marriage so sells marriage as accomplishment putting ring on it league of privileged few. God said 2 are better than 1 so people feel complete if another person joins them. God’s definition is 1×1= 1. A clue to secular concept of marriage focus on flesh aspect without spiritual God as Originator of marriage. Focus on wedding day, party, loans, debts to celebrate to heart’s content not caring about consequence. Soon the dust settles and arguments start over payment of debts, loans, bills, who does what in the marital home. Me, mine, myself, I, only generation does not factor in practical reality to real check life skills. Fantasy image of celebrity role models, cartoon love, mills and boon romance paints image of relationships far from normal real life marriage demands.unnamed (61)Ideals lack communication so marriage is in trouble before it begun. Coupled with instant disposable mentality anything not making happy get rid of. After several replacements still search for invisible non – existent person to perfectly fit dream spouse. Do not value real human being around to humble, learn, adapt compromise as team. Strong stubborn perfect in own eyes, nobody is ever good enough for them. After hurting many people, feel they are the victims never taking responsibility for their actions. Mundane daily chores of life, cooking, cleaning, laundry, shopping, baby sitting, money, mortgage, business, children’s education, elderly parents, in-laws not taken seriously as part of the unavoidable realities of relationships in life. Being 1 flesh is central focus of intimacy of marriage. Looking closely at Godly marriage perspective means 1 flesh love bond companion procreate, replenish earth not 2 selfish people entangled in their private space for life.unnamed (51)Those who burn bridges by quoting they are to ‘leave father and mother to cleave’ soon go running back for family help or support. People think intense exclusive attachment of addictive 2 years of relationship remains fixed for life. Rush to marry to seal deal to keep things forever that way. Domestic training for both genders is essential as children on board change relationship dynamics. The truth is hormone change after child-birth, plus constant care demand of looking after infant means 2 adults involved must renegotiate new roles. Both are 100% responsible to directly care support each other. Change means not demanding spouse complete one. God shifts gears to change parent infant totally dependent on both for care. This involves sleepless nights, laundry done, not expecting home to look pristine like estate agent’s show room, meals perfectly cooked on time. Demands to be perfect partner as if still single without a baby to care for is abuse. unnamed (55)Then expect on top of it to be gratified by spouse at night while baby cries is unrealistic expectation. Adjustment is essential to different family values, toilet lid up or down, toothpaste squeeze perfectly etc. Little things that did not bother before become arguments and fights. Marriage is not just about flesh becoming 1 but being made whole in Christ spiritually, and also materially. Most people focus on 20% of marriage on only the emotional physical flesh becoming 1. Yet the other 80% equals 20% spiritual intimacy, 20% finance, 20% family, 20% elderly parents, 20% in – laws. Unless island both have relatives to honour, respect, provide, care for as God ordained. Remember you too you go grow old one day so how you train children in regard to elderly adults is what you will reap.The Blood of Jesus Protects Loyalty of Godly Biblical Christian marriage eternal partnership. A realistic planning for life-time change adjustments is life long – haul. unnamedunnamed (58)Marriage education must be taken more seriously to bring awareness for lifetime commitment of marriage on family responsibilities. Taking care of priceless human life cannot be relegated to back burner for Godly Christian values to be diminished. Those who last in blessed marriages beyond 70+ years tell us they hardly own abundant material wealth. Marriage is now tagged to prenuptial wealth than training life skill nitty-gritty reality marriageGodly Christian marriages cannot be evaluated by secular values of the world as yardstick to measure it. As the flesh becomes more highlighted focus to engross on flesh as secular marriage centres around. God Corrects those He Loves so encourage family approved leaving cleaving inclusive to overcome schemes of deception to usurp 20% marriage success rate in life. Do not manipulate, abuse family for adultery, fornication, seduction, unapproved by God. Permissive will sin to cleave against Godly Value accounts to God sooner than expected. Marriage transition changes requires family support to overcome the Christian reputation of highest divorce rate. Godly marriage is fun and everlasting love despite challenges  into old age.unnamed (50)This is because liberal secular views of becoming one flesh message preferred by those with listening ears. Jezebels in church target the vulnerable people for seductive dirty work against Living God by arrogance. So God will step in to give justice as judgement begins in the house of God. 20% marriages in twilight zone is permissive will based on a rebellious  secular liberal views. Lack a 100% full will of God’s Spirit of inspired principles Holistic family values is Godly instituted marriage. For becoming one flesh seems all marriage built on. The Loving Sovereign God must be Placed at the Heart of marriages not just 2 selfish flesh lust centred individuals displacing God seduced by the Jezebel traitors in church. Godly marriages believe in the true genuine Biblical successful marriages which do exist. But the majority must understand Godly Biblical Christian in God’s Marriage Perspective. Christ became flesh so dwelt among us but never focussed on Flesh. He was human, ate, cooked, worked, loved, but never took advantage of flesh.

unnamed (63)Message to Christian believers is stop allowing the dehumanizing of priceless Godly marriages to the substandard secular liberal views of the flesh to preoccupy the mind. So breeds some who think marriage is equated with only sex and nothing more.Godly marriage is much deeper so needs to teach children early on God’s Dignified Higher Standard. The Grace of God enables loyalty to Obey God than men in Jesus Name. Christ is God’s Example overcoming flesh for Marriage of Lamb Holiness, Righteousness. The church washed in the blood of Christ has their feet on earth but their heart in heaven. Those who brag and boast of marriage remember Godly exercise for earthly procreation, companionship and gratification. So there is no marriage in heaven. Ensure your name is written in the book of life and you are married to Christ the Bridegroom of the church in eternal life. Marriage lasts into eternity as family of God’s Kingdom.


Hearts and minds in safe union with Christ gives Perfect Peace in Philippians 4:7 in Jesus Name. Jesus said hearts and minds in confidence and strength have Godly success. Jesus in our hearts is best precious asset given to us by Father God is protected to ensure heart is free from cluttered thinking, mind, junk ideas. The troubles and problems of this world will not affect our hearts, minds with sleepless nights tossing or turning feeling no way out as our life is Christ.God says check hearts, minds to ensure safe union with Christ. Keep your heart and mind safe in union in Christ Jesus as Philippians 4:6-7 says. Union in Christ outstrip other things keeps hearts, minds, souls, spirits that look to Christ. It is important to take God’s Command to guard hearts seriously. The mind and  heart in submission to God is filled by the Holy Spirit so Protected and Guarded by God. Mind of Christ helps encapsulate a Christian believer’s mind fixed on God. Christ controls heart He enters so is Key to open door of life.wp-1579020865378.jpgGive all your decisions to Christ who gives God’s peace far beyond the human understanding. A heart and mind safely entrusted in union with Christ is peace. Christ Prince of Peace gives us the peace surpassing understanding. In Proverbs 4:22-23 believers must guard our hearts, for it is the wellspring of life.” Ask Jesus to heals you by receiving God’s Grace to stop the heart thinking negative wicked bitter thought of anger, hatred, envy, slander, pride, foolishness which defile a person to harden heart.

God regulates the heart by His remote control dial buttons to keep emotions under blood of Christ. The believer’s heart is hidden in Christ in God. The Bible message keeps the heart under control so guards the heart. Christ heals and mends all those broken – hearted in God’s sight. Christ has Spirit of God, so anointed to heal all those broken hearted in Jesus Name. Healing broken heart is not done alone. Where the mind goes the heart follows so impacts the body and lifestyle. God helps believers to guard their heart above all else. A strong body sustains life steeled Godly Mind keeps heart safe in union with Christ. Protect heart so be careful about what the heart keeps in storage. Christ heals to deal with pain, grief aftermath of broken hearts.                           wp-1578939761750.jpg                     Keep your hear safe under lock and key in Jesus Christ our key to good success in life. No matter the storm raging or the circumstances of life keep your eyes on Jesus in God to secure your faith in Christ. The world goes through so many challenges faced daily but our strength comes from the LORD our God in Jesus Name. Know God is our refuge and our present help in trouble so call upon God in times of trouble and trust God to help in Jesus Name. Thanks and Glory to God the MIGHTY ONE in battle Jehovah Nissi our Victory WHO causes us to Triumph always in Jesus Name. All GLORY to God and thank you Jesus our hope of Glory.

For God so loved the world that HE sent Christ to save you and all others in the family including loved ones. So keep heart safe from outside ideas which do not agree with God’s plans, purposes for your life. Protect heart from careless talk, avoid time – wasting by what eyes see, ears hear, feels, touches by hand. The heart and mind in complete union gels in unison so works in harmony in line with God’s Authority. There is so much offence but reject them and keep your heart pure to endure to the end.

The help overcome options exposed to which may be permissive and legally acceptable but contrary to God. Streams of confusion is overcome by choosing God’s Safe Way.  Jesus heals hearts and minds under His Authority and Control. So remember external life begins from inward thoughts. God expects believers to start from  inside heart first to work outwards to love self and others.God Love, accurate knowledge by faith, defeats superstitions fear suspicion. God is above partiality is no respecter of any people’s compromise. Believer who fix mind on God’s word, rest in His mercy and grace. Greatest gift we have is to be hiding our heart in Christ in God. Holy Spirit guide to spend time, money, our lives. Jesus takes us into His Heart to help deal with the heart of all matters. Hide heart in Christ in God, Colossians 3:3 says our life is hiddden in Christ in God. No matter the issues Godly Mental toughness is essential to live by faith in God. Avoid out of control actions which accumulate negative thoughts, damage, hurt,  culminates painful consequences. Godly Mental strength by the Holy Spirit gives toughness essential to live for God. Many streams of confusion is overcome in God so chose God’s safe way to go. A Godly Wisdom reveals ultimate source solution for heart to store up in mind. Christians keep heart, mind safe in union with Christ Mind heart for God’s Peace.  Grace to overcome adversity of any condition and heart matters. Jesus speaks on importance of protecting our heart.triple heartOut of the heart flows thoughts of life from within. Inside a person’s heart comes sin nature evil thoughts of sexual immorality, theft, greed, murder, adultery, wickedness. And the heart is also deceitful above all things with eagerness for lustful pleasure.  God sees all afflictions, tears so God heals the heart. Contradictory worldly liberal secular information highway challenges believer’s faith in God. A believer values and serves God in Spirit and Truth. The Holy Spirit keeps minds in perfect peace passing all understanding. Renew and transform minds and entrust heart to Christ to become closer to God.

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unnamed (47)Gideon worked hard each year, planted crops and kept sheep, cattle ensured abundant harvest and adequate supply of food. Each year enemies attack take bumper harvest leave Gideon with nothing. As Gideon wept and pondered over the situation. Hungry and starving Gideon hides in granary but he dragged himself to the field to plant new crops. Come harvest time enemies watching in secret, lazy didn’t plant their own fields. In harvest season arrives to take away everything without leaving any for him.unnamed (39)Gideon put up with enemy attacks each year with nothing to show for his great harvest. Toiled in vain in all conditions of weather without any crumbs of food left Gideon felt humiliated. Gideon was desperate, hungry and angry he was sad thinking about his miserable life. God saw Gideon’s plight and misery, enough was enough as Gideon deserved better. God sent his angel to tell Gideon he is a brave man so will defeat enemy stealing his harvest. Gideon was surprised God called him mighty man of valour able to defeat enemies guarded by God’s army.unnamed (41)God took notice of Gideon needs so sent an angel to give him instruction on how to fight enemies in victory. Angel called Gideon a ‘Mighty Man of Valour.’ Gideon turned round to see who angel is talking to. Gideon realized God calls him brave yet felt weak unable to control situation. Gideon told to sacrificed bull on a new altar built for God. God told Gideon to choose elite army to fight enemies. God gave a fleece sign of victory to Gideon to use alert army to defeat enemy. Miracle was to choose few best army for victory.unnamed (45)God saw Gideon’s attack is direct result of idol evil spirits working against him through the enemies. Got back to God’s Divine protection for good harvest and stopped worshipping idols. He gave full devotion to God and Gideon obeyed God and listened. He did not argue or blame God or make any excuses changed mind to believe and to worship Jehovah God. Gideon took 10 servants at night and he destroyed baal idol shrine. The family wanted to kill Gideon for idol destroyed. Gideon said if the baal gods are real will defend itself. Since nothing happened to Gideon all believed in Almighty living LORD God as their new Master. Whole family joined Gideon to worship God to prepare to fight enemy led by Gideon’s army under God’s power of authority.God saw Gideon’s attacks a direct result of idol evil spirits working against him by enemies. God’s Divine protection for new harvest had to stop enemies from stealing their food. Evil idols of father’s house used the enemy to steal to destroy but now give full devotion to God Alone. Under God’s New management family and community is saved by God’s direct intervention. Gideon’s total trust or full Confidence in God’s Providence helped as God had his best interest at Heart. It is Gid who gives power to get wealth and to eat is a gift of God. Give God the credit for your harvests, land, food and wealth, talents skills or abilities all gift of God to promote you in life. The devil comes to steal, kill and destroy but God comes to give you life more abundantly in Jesus Name with thanks to Jehovah.  unnamed (34)If your business is failing or the enemy devouring your harvest, Haggai says its God poking holes in pockets not to have money or harvests to last long. Using an idol business principle not in line with God’s word, not tithing cheating staff by poor wages for love of money root of all evil God will not bless business. If puts a profit before people it makes God angry. Idols made their enemy deprive Gideon, had no conscience, so did not care about their needs to enjoy fruits of their toils. God saw to it to intervene so the enemy was wiped out in the battle for Gideon’s tribe to live in peace and to enjoy their lives. The enemies you see today will be no more in Jesus Name. If you obey God  you will eat the fat of the land in Jesus Name. God will supply all your needs according to all His riches in heaven in Glory. You will not lack any good thing in Jesus Name. Get rid of idols spirits in your life and home so God to becomes your great provider Jehovah Jireh.


Stockholm syndrome is a psychological phenomenon in which hostages express empathy and have positive feelings towards their captors sometimes to the point of defending themStockholm Syndrome survivor likes the abuser emotionally so bonded, attached in unhealthy way. Innocent naive child lacks frontal cortex brain doesn’t know, meaning of age of consent boundaries of intimacy. Abuser takes full advantage of child knowing fully well child lacks a full awareness of action of involvement. Narcissist pervert love bombs, pretends to care, loves giving attention and gifts to child who thinks its normal because too young to understand abuse is going on. The child gets the negative attention but thinks pervert is the kindest person, nice and affectionate in the wrong way. Child thinks well of pervert until grows up to understand consequences of hurt.stockholm-syndrome-logo1-1024x699-820x300A pervert’s compulsive sex addiction is projected on the child’s innocent, pure, genuine agape family love interaction so violated. This goes on for years so the child is groomed by a charming pervert who shouldn’t be involved. Perverts are selfish, don’t care hurting and damaging the child for life by molesting them. So hide their evil actions through playing games with the child, isolating the child to secret places to be alone to abuse the child. Some are simultaneous abusers of siblings, own children and family. Other disgusting perverts rape child right in front of family. So if not stopped earlier by social services who removes the child from pervert, the child grows to discover what took place was not ‘normal.’ So is angry and hurt. So gets angry, feels let down by family which treats with disdain for tainting family reputation. So isolated and hated cling to abuser as seen as a trouble maker. Some children abused again in care homes placed in for safety and abusers kidnap children for control.Fast-Easy-Accounting-206-361-3950-Helps-Contractors-Overcome-Stockholm-Syndrome-For-Change-Order-ManagementEnsure as parents you keep eagle eyes on children and watch them like a hawk dives from sky to snatch a fish in sea. Be alert, sensitive to changes in behaviour as babies let you know if abused. Check girl’s hymen intact forced entry breaks causes bleeding and pain protect child. Take care of your child and remember day care centres, schools have perverts. Educate the child as early as 2 years on appropriate touch. Teach them personal hygiene to wash without anyone taking advantage of them. Don’t leave the child with abuser because you are too busy so materialistic to leave priceless precious souls to others to care for. Financially to gain but not train or home school, work from home, go back to work if child old enough to communicate. Abuse damage last for a life time deal with abuse with Biblical therapy. Don’t compromise the abuse for material gain from abuser as God demands justice from accomplices or those who delight in wickedness of violating others. The damage of abuser lasts for a life-time but perverts do not care so consider consequences, effects on adult survivors from pain or abuse.stockholm-syndrome-1-728The good news is God forgives all sin, guilt and weight of sin so cleanses all sin with blood of Jesus and restores joy of the Lord. Give your mind and heart to Jesus. He will heal you because Great Peace have those whose mind is stayed on God. Forgive yourself and overcome in live the fulfill happy life despite past adversities in Jesus Name. Your life and work faces moods, triggers, pain so get help in therapy to deal with feelings. Do pamper yourself so value your body as God’s Holy temple. You are created in God’s image valued by Christ, priceless soul belongs to God. Deal with an abuse past baggage, anger, don’t carry abuser soul tie in future relationship, marriage, depression. Root causes of self-harm is triggers of past molestation abuse. Stop victimising yourself by changed mind. bob-marleyOvercomers are the victorious survivor more than conquerors. So emancipate YOURSELF from the mental slavery by God’s Grace Grace and celebrate life. As a new creation in Christ old things pass away behold all things become new in Jesus Name. Eat healthy food choosing well because abuse affects eating. Some anorexia and bulimia are caused by sex abuse which affects brain side of eating and serotonin. So recover and heal in Jesus Name for Christ makes all things new as the old pass away in Jesus Name. Do not reward the abuser by holding on to past pain. Leave it at the feet of Jesus’ Cross for healing of your mind in Christ. Refuse to define your life by abuse and rise above negative pain by filling your mind with the God’s words. The word of God is alive so sharper than two-edged sword cuts through bones, marrow and discerns thoughts of men. So keep your mind in union with Christ Jesus for the perfect peace of God which passes all human understanding. Replaying pain of abuse repeatedly does not heal your heart but keeps you in bondage of fear and missing out on forgiveness of God.