Achieve dreams by using strategy to make dreams come true. Often delayed, deferred dream fizzle out due to lack of daily action toward attanment. Some dreams require intense preparation and als hard work. Other dreams are too big for dreamers alone to accomplish so need divine helpers. Trust and believe God to bring others on board to help a dream come to fruition in Jesus Name.images (27)

A person’s dream can be a major personal interest to achieve an own set life goal and desires. It can be a motivating factor to bless others to meet need. Having designed plan is necessary to move dream and vision out from the head and heart into reality believed for a life solid manifestation.unnamed (18)

The first most important step of achieving a dream is seek God’s face possibly through fasting, prayer and writing the vision down. After presenting it to the Lord God Almighty, ensure it is within the will of God, plans and purpose for your life. Seek God for genuine wisdom and direction.dreams_come_true-1680x1050

A dream can come unexpectedly from God for you to accomplish. God has higher plans and thoughts for your life so sometimes will choose you to do His will and bidding. It is important to stay small in own eyes to give all the Glory to God.

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Other dreams are what you long to do to improve your life and help those around you. Dreams often influence other people by association. So impacts others close to you or in your range and vicinity. So if it a personal dream for self- improvement or personal development the onus is on you to focus in detail and step by step action daily.unnamed (11)

Develop bite size specific target strategy to achieve dream. Set simple goals to align with plan, passion to accomplish mission. Have daily chart, check list to measure progress of goals. Tick as each is done. Maintain consistent annual wall calendar to see the bigger picture. This helps monitor other roles and schedules to check availability and suitability.Bible-Quotes-Passages-Scriptures-and-Verses-about-Love-and-Gods-plans-for-us

Set routine time best for research, writing, talking, to take the relevant necessary action to attain set goals. One may change old habit of eating patterns if done at ungodly hours.  Leisure or pleasure time may change to accomodate dream short-term. May need to sleep and rest better for deeper thinking. kyle-courtney-harmon-dreams-come-true-redSpecific actions mean announcing to friends and family to support you. Be accountable to a mentor to guide and encourage you. Ensure environment is peaceful and quiet to concentrate. Sometimes all distractions, TV, phone, noise might be controlled or shut down in extreme cases to meet deadlines.


Relax in between and remember to add a reward point inbuilt for each stage to enjoy the process. A day out to rest sensibly and for a break to pamper yourself for success no matter if small celebrate your progress. Do not always wait for that special ultimate final day of fulfill dream to lift up spirit.unnamed (9)If any aspect of a dream is beyond personal input be willing to get help from experts. Do pass on the baton to the next generation like King David was asked by God to prepare the building material but Solomon was chosen to see to actual construction.


Keep accurate detailed records, notes, scrap paper any little item relevant in clearly labelled folders. Warn all not to dispose of anything seemingly out of sync. in the room, office, data, information for back up etc. Do not overwhelm frustrate yourself.

Collection of hundreds of Free Bible Verse from all over the world.

Do regular reviews against original dream and see how things evolve or change. Be flexible as some dreams may not match realistic expectation as you may soon find out. At least ticks box to know what works so guides to adapt transition to next phase.


There are good days when things run smoothly and one feels like walking on air. There are other days when one does not feel like getting out of bed to do anything. Whatever the case know your life value is priceless above all dreams. So do the best you can and let God help you achieve all dreams.

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