God creates a perfectly whole life in God’s Image and likeness so all belongs to the Lord to glory in Christ Jesus to put confidence in God Philippians 3:3. It God who manifests His Beauty, Glory of God’s creation of Whole Life Image. God is Spirit so related in Spirit and in Truth. God creates a whole Life in spectacularly unique ways among many billions of people life. DNA of genetic retina, pupils, finger prints are one of a kind. Wholeness means a person is complete being as God intends to Glorify Himself. God creates in many forms as He pleases so ordinary people are grateful and thankful. With desire for perfect designer baby genetic selection means people choose gender, type of person to accept IVF from, kind of background preferred. Scientific modification ensures human package desired is provided for so test tubes rejected are destroyed after selection. Recently published parents rejected a twin not perfect in their eyes. Others sue hospital for scans misleading to have children not perfect as expected.

Millions alive function as much as possible within capability a whole life. God’s Whole Life is a Spirit in mankind so perfectly whole. The physical body is a carrier of God’s Whole Life so does not depend on a shape of the outer earthly container body which returns to dust as whole life spirit goes back to God. So are perfectly whole lives, accomplishing even greater things than perhaps an average person. No matter outward self-image real God Image is Spiritually Perfectly whole life.

photo-3One size life shape may perhaps not fit all so God but does create life perfectly. Hitler created Eugenicist abuse of millions of people yet was not fit for purpose. He caused deaths of millions who had no choice or control over how God chooses to create them. Yet punished so many and some still many suffer. Those whining and moaning daily must have a reality check to understand how other people live and what they are going through to remember billions are not as privileged. The Bible says as a man thinks so is he projected his own insecurities onto others that he wanted to create perfect society. Hitler destroyed families while others saved by Schindler’s list hid disabled people from Hitler narcissistic hatred or bias, prejudice, discrimination. Perfection obsession in from the past is due to Hitler threat meant some disabled or ill people were hidden from public life. Technology improves stability of all kinds of whole lives so able acquire job promotion, insurance, people not discriminated against.

images (41)Image fetish is outrageous vanity preferred to real life Godly inner- beauty of Real Whole Life which comes in all shapes and sizes. So constantly bombard people not completely totally perfect, banged up a little to  want to get rid of whole life. In God’s Eyes everybody is beautiful so it is a poor judgement to insist people measure up to Hollywood air brushed perfection treatment or less human. Such stress causes undue pressure on people to perform to a false unrealistic self-image which is not real self.

unnamed (14)Human adulation Hollywood idols copied as role models size zeros influence world view of perfect body. Confidence depends on inner-strength high self-esteem real true – self in Christ not self-image. Hollywood must acknowledge Godly Whole Life’s talents and skills gifts from God. Remember to value, celebrate, restore precious whole life God gives freely all things to all. Eugenistic perfection is ethnic cleansing racism disguised protectionism. God created all people so Loves all.

cast-cares-on-himHitler descendant’s abuse capitalist performance expectations affect so many imperfect whole lives stretched beyond real- self capability. Consider real needs to support whole lives maimed then abandoned in time of need. True Real Life Whole Image comes from God not opinion of others. Man sees outward parts but God looks at all inner- heart perfectly whole lives in His Sight. Christians must stand up boldly to refute the idolatry of body self-image worship glamorised. Christian believers have duty of care to set up various centres to rescue lives abandoned by the perfectionists who prefer a certain shape, type, height, look, image, background. The Living God Almighty is watching and noting loves all whole lives treated as not good enough. Eugenicist vanity effect still affect society as too much emphasis is placed outward looks. The world needs to focus on giving al special needs priority support. God is able to Glorify Himself in all people.


God’s whole life Spirit inside us lives on in eternal glory in new spiritual garments given by God. The flesh passes away as dust so of no use whatsoever. Those who glory in the flesh to abandon or reject others must remember all flesh is outward garment. The Spirit of God is a Whole Life within the flesh to give life so God is able to keep all perfect in Jesus Name. All things are made very good by God and still remain good through repentance and forgiveness of Christ Jesus.images-2So the inward whole life is more precious and priceless than flesh and blood. It is important to know God is Spirit eternally so connects with us by Spirit to spirit. Most importantly, it is certain that dwelling on ourselves, our problems, our hurts, and especially our pasts will never produce true spiritual joy. Joy is not found in materialism, it is not found in psychotherapy and certainly not found in obsession with ourselves. We do not fully understand God but God is God and always will be God.

Nick Vujicic is a miracle of God’s amazing wonders and testimony. To know and love Christ is a true sense of joy is true spiritual insight. So making it impossible to glory in ourselves, our wisdom, strength, riches, goodness but in Christ’s wisdom, strength, His riches, goodness, His person only. If we remain in Him, immerse ourselves in His Word, seek to know Him  intimately, our “joy will be full” John 15:1-11. Joy of the Lord does not depend on mood, feeling but confident assurance in Christ. slide18

Hollywood fame takes on unrealistic eugenic self- image concept but must not totally abandon God. The world needs to know God made prototype patented people so each very beautiful as God chooses. The inner – man is eternal so the body is shed as soul’s outer clothing replaced God’s righteousness garment in heaven.

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Guinness World Records Day




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