In Ephesians 4:15 Christian believers are to grow up in all things. Godly growth through the blood of Jesus ensures healthy progressive development. So often parents are given growth charts monitor for a child’s growth, growth spurt or a stunted growth. Regular check up made ensure a chronological age corresponds appropriately with child’s age, height or maturity level expected for each stage of life.growth

Often natural growth takes place unless something happens genetically to interefere or stop the process. Various medical interventions take place with growth hormones or surgeries to correct defect. Reearch continues to find out the root causes of the phenomenom.Child_growth

Often putting up with many surgeries a person may be given the all clear to lead normal life. Life is precious, whatever necessary means it takes to preserve improve life is done no matter the cost. So believers support the Kingdom of God to reach out to lost souls and provide for priceless souls.

Godly growing requires team work and the groups support of each other fairly and equally as Christ did to restore us to God. Godly growth is at sturdy rate so it is slow but sure not overnight boom bust success story. So believe God has best interest at heart to ensure faithdful believers turn out right.


Similarly, in Christianity God ensures believers go through the Glorious Light in Christ for a spiritual growth in stages. To stir up faith in God, to restore faith in God, to preserve faith in God and increase faith in God to sustain believers. In the Bible great men and women of God endured and overcame so many adversities to attain good growth success.


It is not easy to go through traumatic situations in life. It cost much pain and heartache to hold on to God by faith. So Godly growth requires remaining attached to the True Vine Christ Jesus. So pruning some unecessary leaves removes the sucker parts of plants. It leaves buds to produce better harvest as not deprived of good fruit bearing taken away so nutrients reach plants to flourish and blossom.

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Similarly, God deals with believers by taking away any parts that intrude and inhibit Godly Growth. God’s Plans and thoughts are Higher than human thoughts so not possible to logically reason or figure God out using human measuring standards.


God the Authentic Master Patented Creator Knows Exactly what He is Doing even if it does not make sense at times. Godly growth means a believer is fully resting assured in God in Christ all is well even if circumstances may look different. God is at work daily in our lives to make us grow, mature in faith to be the best He created us to be.


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