God ‘s hands are upon believers actively working on His behalf to express God’s True Character to all. The Bible testifies of God’s Perfect Nature and God’s Love expressed to Christian believers. We are reassured of God’s Presence daily in our lives. In addition we have Jesus our Saviour privileged to know God to understand God better.nustar-xray-telescope-captures-hand-of-god (1)

God shows up to manifest, display compassion touch lives hungry for Him. Often people see God in many forms and places unexpectedly to surprise the world. Ocassionally, Nasa shows pictures of God’s hands in the sky seen for so many years now. The point of God showing up, is to remind us He is still on the throne soHand_of_God we can trust in Him through faith in Christ Cross. God is real and close to us on earth so God longs to be the heard and listened to. God likes to be recognized and acknowledged daily as Lord of lords. It is a privilege to know God the Master of the universe. The Bible is real to those who know God so it is not fiction but true living history.bible_non_fiction

It is important to remember God is Perfect so created a perfect world in the beggining. God looked at all His creation and said it was very good. Mankind and all of God’s creation was perfectly good until sin separated and caused God to depart from close proximity. Out Loving Father God is still looking upon His Children with compassion hoping so trusting to do right thing.

christian-kids-t-shirt-trust-in-god-bible-verse-1846We trust in God as we feel safe in God’s Hands. God is interested in our lives daily so lets us know of His Presence to confirm He has not abandoned us but Loves us deeply no matter what is going on in Jesus Name God helps us through by His Mighty Hands. Continue to trust God so do not give up or give in Jesus Name.


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