People talk of common sense experience guiding in making choices and decisions. Ben’s parents received many expert advise and consultant’s help with appropriate knowledge from conception to birth. What his mother must eat, drink, sleep, rest etc. Such advise continued as Ben grew up, begun his education and throughout life. With academic knowledge, facts, figures, data information in life Ben soon was grown up adult child feeling ready and also equipped to face the world. Ben’s parents consciously guided him in Bible based God Sense.unnamed (3)

Ben’s parents who endured to the end raising him were soon told prepare to cut apron strings. Ben’s father and mother expected empty nest syndrome to recover to catch up on lost years engrossed in child raising. Ben the adult child could not wait to leave home sooner. It seemed his ‘over – bearing’ parents made him ‘docile’ child. Soon busy online looking for best location 5 star quality property accommodations to move. Ben finally finds best location desired in next city in the most beautiful suburbia. So arrangement made by fabulously rich parents who bought property for Ben in the city. In the most affluent area without any questions.unnamed (4)

Eventually, Ben moved into his own place as far away from his parents as far as possible. To enjoy new-found freedom and liberty free at last, he can come and go as he pleases, with no one telling him what to eat, what to wear, when to sleep or to find work. Word soon got round of Ben’s freedom and the house-warming party was superb. Neighbours complained so got apology card, most expensive wine gift they had ever seen.commonsense-617x416

Soon this became the norm every weekend until to amazement of all it all went quiet. No more loud music or the nuisance constant stream of cars on resident parking spaces. The number of friends dwindled. Ben who assured his parents he was fully employed actually had no job. The bills piled up, threat letters sent warning Ben who could not afford to feed himself. He started bin- diving to scrounge for food. He tried odd jobs and still could not look after himself. He had to sell property to clear debts for recess living.unnamed (2)

Ben had so much was blessed and highly favoured but lacked Godly sense to value and appreciate the source of his blessing. He wrongly assumed and so thought his parents were in his way preventing him from ‘progress’ in life. Finally Ben discovered God Sense to stop sleeping rough endangering his life in freezing cold among unsavoury characters. He tried to stop by ‘friends’ squandered his money with but none would have him. Ben forgot about God so became unkempt, scruffy and a liability.Quotation-Jon-Krakauer-faith-religion-sense-god-Meetville-Quotes-267314

Soon heard of someone needing a farm hand so he got the job and had shelter in pig sty. By now he lived on scraps of food from left overs. That was not enough to feed him well. Ben came to His God Sense through the relentess prayers of his parents. Worried and not knowing of his whereabouts they searched familiar posh places assumed he usually went to. Friends did not cause parents pain and embarrassment so refused to tell of Ben’s reality.Godly Revolution

Some said he went on safari, others said they had not seen him. On a particularly cold and freezing morning, Ben fed the pigs as usual but something happened. During his break, Ben went into deep thought so reflected his life and losses. He realised he lived by common sense not by God Sense. Since coming back to God Sense he recognized the swine food was not an acceptably meant for him. Above all remembered refined home meals left behind.impact1

With all dainty foods, servants, buttlers waiting on him hand and foot, Ben never lifted a finger before yet assured his parents he could cope on his own. So Ben finally changed his mind and quit job. He humbled himself, decided to go back to his father ask for forgiveness as servant. Since he took all his share of inheritance he understood state of affairs. Due to God compassion and mercy Ben’s parents accepted him disappointed by his reckless actions.20130615-082820

Ben’s parent’s strong love for him covered his multitude of sins unconditionally. Welcomed back his home was available as family still has material goods more than needed. Ben’s parents saw him coming towards home so his father rushed to meet him from far away. Ben washed, scrubbed clean, looking immaculate in the father’s most expensive sharp smart suits given to him. The parents were ever thankful to God for the miracle of saving Ben.sense_top

The father put golden ring on Ben’s finger, gossip spread like wild-fire. Soon the mansion was full of well wishers rejoicing over missing long-lost Ben. Command was given to kill best animals saved for special occasions and events. Ben cried tears and pinched himself it was all so surreal. The party started in full swing and feasting continued for days with abundant food, music, dancing. So the parents were pleased Ben was back alive and well. Despite the great rejoicing and all the partying one face was missing and soon people noticed it.unnamed (5)

The loyal faithful bigger brother did not attend Ben’s party. When challenged he was upset that his spoilt brat young brother was more celebrated while he was ignored and never appreciated. He felt he deserved and merited parent’s recognition far more than Ben who squandered the family loom vintage great treasures so lost everything. The parents gently told him they valued both sons as priceless precious souls, so happy Ben was alive. Their missing son was worth more than all wealth, riches or material goods, bricks and mortar which the older brother owned. All that belonged to father was older brother’s forever so did not need to worry. Believers accept prodigals not up to standard expectation, bankrupt, haggard.8fcd6204abb8de53bfc94d64639d719d

Loyal privileged believers without issues like Ben often require awareness to give attention, welfare, support in church to such in the community. So already have inheritance provided all by father. The bigger brother forgot all the wealth belonged to the father to do as pleased. He lived consistently in luxury,,safety yet angry for compassion shown to his brother. Ben represents those who put trust and confidence in the common sense materialism more than God Sense. Ben was sure could  figure out life without God. So cheered on by peers he reckoned he could manage life on his own terms.9781597553018

Yet the blind peer leading another blind removes Ben from God’s protection safety net to be exposed to abuse by vultures ready to devour them. Taken advantage of by ruthless greedy ‘friend’ fat cows of Bashan who target younger naive ones promising them the moon. Encouraging debt, living beyond means often end up in squalor like Ben. So had to go back to the very parents abandoned in a worse condition in life. Misled by those who took undue advantage of them used and abused.1 (1)

They blame parents for Ben’s problems for not equipping him for life. Though they lured naive Ben who chose to leave by listening to ignorant friends to abandon parent’s before demise to claim inheritance. Ben left prematurely ill-equipped to survive on his own terms and conditions in life. So good came out of it as Ben realised there was no pot of gold at the end of rainbow as he fantasized. So regained God Sense and lived in obedience to parents so learnt his lessons once bitten twice shy.quote-a-sense-that-with-the-blessings-that-god-bestowed-upon-this-land-came-the-responsibility-to-make-marco-rubio-159489

Experienced adults foresee path of leaning on own understanding consequences. The world misleads often to use common sense not God Sense to make choices and the mistakes costing innocent children problems. God Sense obedience to parents saves so many lives from heartache. Resisting rebellion will be necessary to protect Ben from a lifelong vitriol. To use God Sense means following Godly Orders.we-obey-and-He-takes-responsibility (1)

God’s eternal word is constant, trustworthy and so reliable. Also, dependable but feelings, hormones change. God Sense is eternal faith in Christ so is complete opposition of what secular society says common sense should aspire to. God Sense is God’s wisdom from the Bible to help live in holiness and purity not worldly perfection in utopian idealism. A believer is not perfect but obedient to God Sense.


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