God’s Firmament and Glory and Sovereignty, of Creation is revealed in mankind in many forms and shapes.. God’s Great Mighty Power and God’s Omnipotence manifested by God’s Omnipresence is in Home in heaven and God’s Omniscience is seen on earth. God’s full Glory, Magnificence, Beauty and Handiwork also reflects God’s Nature. God is Present in the world so connected directly to heaven. God’s Real True Self imparts from 3rd Heaven in real true self Image. So mankind’s true likeness originates from the Creator God in Genesis 1 from God’s Home in Heaven to earth kingdoms. The Holy Spirit helps understand God’s profound Biblical Glory. God’s manifold handiwork creation, self-evident around is in us. God Created people as Greatest Priceless Unique Miracle Achievement as Gift above all creatures in nature.

So Honour God as He mercifully extends Loving Arms to all His creation in Forgiveness to receive all. God’s Great Wonders seen in mankind deserves reverence and praise from His people with real true self of God. God’s Ultimate Desire is to reconnect with all so Longs for deep intimate fellowship with all His people. A person’s real true self emanates from God’s Greatest Absolute True Self Image. Each person is created in God’s Own image. Whether one believes in God or not true real self comes from God. God’s excellency, majestic nature as Creator is seen in all creation creatures great and small. 3heavensIn Genesis 1:14 God said, “Let there be light in the vault of the sky to separate day from night to serve as signs to mark sacred times, days and years.Genesis 1:6-8 as “God said, Let there be a firmament in midst of waters, let us divide waters from waters, so God made the firmaments. Psalm 19:1-3 declares the heavens as telling the glory of God, their expanse declares the work of His hands. 2. Day to day pours forth speech and night to night reveals knowledge of God’s Creation. The stars witness God day, night reveal knowledge of God.

Planet of solar systemNo speech nor language where God’s voice is not heard.” In Psalm 89:5 heavens praise God’s Wonderful Faithfulness in the assembly of the holy ones. In Psalm 97:6 heavens proclaim God’s Righteousness showing His Glory  in His Children. In Psalm 145:10 God’s Works Praise God so the faithful people extol God. In Psalm 150:1 Praise the LORD God in His Sanctuary Praise God in Mighty Heavens. In Jeremiah 31:35 LORD God appoints the sun to shine by day, and decrees the moon and stars to shine by night, who stirs up the sea so its waves roar, the LORD Almighty is his name.

unnamed (97)So individuality must not have conflict of interest because person is set in a certain way based on humanism man – made theories. In depth soul God’s original inbuilt creation. Christians cannot ignore God’s firmament as psychics hijack it and twist God’s Biblical Truth. God’s Godly true – self wholesomeness in authentic old – fashion Bible family values is part of the bigger picture. So a community must train a child to be holistic at all times so thinking in group terms. Like part of the solar system each is well coordinated in tune perfectly spinning with rest of inner and outer solar systems. unnamed (92)As Hubble telescope studies planets in solar system informations. God prepares people to reconnect with Him through Chist alone. Each planet rotation unit is completely whole as God intends yet functions in peace and unison. Each keeps to assigned path coordinating unity discipline. Each precise location is relevant to God’s Wisdom, Skill, Celebrate God’s Majesty. There is absolutely no power in any occult object attached to the planet made by God in the universe. God guides mankind to predict future plans and thoughts known to God. In Leviticus 20:6 God forbids putting trust in psychics and mediums because they are fake. God says do not meddle or dabble in the powers of darkness to mess up your life. God’s Spirit is already put into mankind to give life. Without God’s breath people will die so give thanks and Glory to God. God created a perfect heavenly environment with the right atmosphere and planet temperature to preserve life. 

So why seek an inanimate dead piece of lump hanging in space than then true Living God Almighty Who Created you Loves you! Oh wretched miserable mankind why allow yourself to be deceived by mumbo jumbo? There is Wonder Working Power Only in The Spirit of The Living God through The True Bright Morning Star Christ in Revelation 22:16. God’s act of positioning planet precisely gives light, warmth to regulate temperature of earth to sustain life. God’s Stunning Majestic Beauty Creation beyond earth expands into God’s Glorious Presence in solar system planets surrounding Sun, objects orbit’s group. All objects in orbit still spin on own axis synchronised with gravitational magnetic pull of whole system. A solar system refers to a star and objects travelling orbit around it. Solar system consists of sun, 8 planets, natural satellites moon, dwarf planets, asteroids, comets.

Solar system is located outward, spiral Milky Way galaxy. Orbiting spacecraft SOHO in recent years shows comets plunge toward Sun and vaporize. Scientists estimate 1,000,000,000 comets in gravitational grip of Sun. God’s True self is revealed in God’s firmament. God’s concise natural temperature setting regulates environment. God’s firmament system supply contributes to development of Nasa’s deep space human exploration to reveal the wonderful mysteries of God to the world. We know God made the earth and the Heavens so God wants us to know He Made the Firmament from the beginning from reading accounts in the Bible. The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament shows God’s Handiwork in Psalm 19:1. Day unto day utters speech and night unto night reveals knowledge of God. There is no speech or language on earth God’s Creative Power and Presence is unknown.

psa-19-1-ww-wallpaperA true Godly identity comes from God as essential part of God’s precious firmament on high.  God’s Amazing Greatness cannot be taken for granted to elevate people as right in God’s place. Gorilla business tactics self – miseducation massage ego to self destruct mankind.Often mankind uplifts self above God unless conscious effort trains people to value God. Society recreates people to redefine the concept of secular humanism selfishness as self identity. Individuals raised in society highlight individualism as self contained unit but emphasize to child to not to be self- centred misunderstood as self identity. The focus on aggrandizing individual self so much makes some people forget they belong to God forming part of a unit to function correctly. The secular world promotes self above God so tells mankind to believe in self to become self made man. Self is often mis-sold as true self discovery to be recovered from damage by significant others.

Secular view deliberately remove Christianity and the Bible from life values and labels them religion. The believers need to make children aware God is the Blue Print Patented Owner of the Universe and their eternal soul. Godly absolute truth requires society to shift to accurate true knowledge to Honour the Creator. A Godly identity in context means community functions as whole unit at all times. In towns surrounded by bears, lions, tigers, elephants one does not go off alone to fish or harvest. No emergency service, air ambulance is nearby to rescue to best sophisticated hospitals. As non-existent, so there human body is highly valued, treated with respect as priceless asset in community. Mankind cannot devalue God’s planets, termed exoplanets outside Solar System ranging in size from Saturn to Neptune 2x large as Jupiter.

solar system

People stick together for safety survival at all times. It means community with no cars, roads, planes in thick jungle responsible for producing organic food are not considered backward. No MacDonald or take- away exist so organic food is hunted as veal to cook together and shared. In such communities people come first, above money and material things not required as organically farmed food and eaten fresh. No cooked food frozen for months in deep freezers yet such community is ridiculed as primitive in jungle places. There is too much emphasis on self in concrete jungle. So it is important to reclaim God to let modern generation Honour God. So all for one and one for all in Christ City in Jesus Name.

unnamed (98)

unnamed (99)People must be in tune with God to give Glory and Thanks to God. Animism evolution theory cannot deny the evidence of God’s Magnificence. The Almighty God’s firmament design is easy to remember as planets are laid out by God in space. God is directly liked daily in our lives on earth as God is Caring Loving Father Yearning for prodigal children to return. The God Almighty who created heavens and earth and all things great and small is able to care 4u.


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