Christian believers are a Holy people chosen to live a sanctified life, Holy unto  God.Holiness exalts a Nation so believers are washed by the word of God and cleansed by Jesus blood to be Holy. Although the world may glamorize sin, the believer is the beacon of light and hope so cannot partake of it any more. Those  who trust God keep their minds and their thoughts on God’s word for perfect Peace by dwelling on the word of God.


No matter the situation or the circumstances believers are to remember God always daily on behalf of themselves, their family, colleagues and the nation. The faithful loyal ones to God are going to find themselves not invited to certain events any more if they chose to live Holy. God does not approve one leg in heaven and other in hell lifestyle to serve 2 masters. It can be lonely if one becomes dedicated and devoted in loyalty to God.


God clothes the believer with garments of righteousness to live through the Holy Spirit. Righteousness does not mean perfection. It means one is humble enough to admit to God mistakes and repent and ask for mercy of God to carry on living.  God gives the strength day by day hour by hour to endure all situations in With Jesus on board, God on the throne and Holy Spirit at work ii the believer’s life all is well.


The name of Jesus is a powerful weapon to defeat every enemy of the believer. Some victories may not seem so but God is able to work things together for good for the Christian believer in Jesus Name. Life is more complicated sophisticated time- consuming with stress but keep eyes on God and focus on Christ Jesus and stay strong.


Remember the Name of Jesus above all Names so whatever life throws at you, hold onto Christ Jesus. Physical looks may change, ability to perform may dwindle in certain areas. Yet in God’s eyes you are created in God’s Perfect Image so highly beloved. The world may pre -occupy with chores, bills, all sorts, materialiism but remember Creator God.


Though assured of personal salvation continue to intercede for family, loved ones, enemies in Jesus Name. God may use you to save many people more than you realise. You are not a waste of space so do not listen to negative people around you. Start listening to Godly music, pray more as a believer has too much to do in Christ to feel bored. Even in the darkest moments of life worship God!


By the grace of God all is well and you will stand strong to the end to make it to the Glory of God in Jesus Name. So having done all you know to do therefore  stand strong in the Lord in the power of HIS MIGHT. If God be for us who can be against us in Jesus Name. The world news gets more negative yet salvation is near in Christ Jesus Name.




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