Massaged ego boosts morale to help stir positive emotion short-term to build a person to get them going for a season. For quick solution to justify an easy process to solve a problem. The word is not a Biblical terminology but about 138 years ago Freud used ego to distinguish between id, ego and super-ego actions to explain childhood behavioural pattern. Child crying for help associates immediate rapid response attention from adults with crying. images (1)

Soon realizes get their way by crying equate rapid response with tears. So the child cries to get more attention by crying as a strategy to control adults to meet needs. The child crying action is associated with comfort, warmth. Freud called this repeated process pattern of behaviour id so sees needs met by crying. If in pain, too hot, cold, attention, child lacks frontal cortex brain to understand reality.

b1c3bcdf41826a9e5824bf7d7192e2ec_885So child has no consideration for others involved in situation providing care. Babies have no idea of concept of time so demand instant attention at all times to inconvenience others. If child not trained from 2 years to share time well with others, child grows up and does not care about real needs of others but selfish satisfaction. Innocent looking beloved adorable little saint Jonny musy be tamed to prevent unruly terrible twos terrifying adults. Unrestrained id develops into ego, super-ego brat behaviour. Stop baby ego when weaning milk to solid food. Train child to express real- self calmly.

ego-god (2)Physical growth goes hand in hand with spiritual growth of a child. God says train the child so when they grow will not depart from it. Bible instructs believers to grow out of childish behaviour like toddlers, to learn to express real self better using Biblical Language through the Holy Spirit. Parents know frustration of trying to decode priority needs of crying infant. While cooking, cleaning, doing dishes, laundry, ironing, telephone ringing etc. juggling all at the same time!

1006230_404452852997518_612091812_nThose who watch super-nanny know battle of the wills to tame spoilt child to take manipulative ego power away from them. Parents reluctant to upset child resist super-nanny who takes lead to motivate and persuade adults in charge. A determined stubborn rebellious child is eventually persuaded, cajoled, talked into changing habit. A firmly dedicated adult reaps rewards as training pays off. Child confronted gives in knowing no way out submits to authority! Adults love and, train all children in the Love of God.1555415_726297884060576_603161647_n

A child allowed strong – will resents change since ruled roost so long it becomes drivers. It becomes teenage tantrums if not nibbed in bud early in childhood. The adult taking power back is fought by child until adult firmly continues to see change through. The Bible says God Corrects those He Loves so getting rid of ego means getting rid of comforts against God’s will. A child refuses to let go of bottles and breastmilk when weaned yet parents persist because it is in the interest of child to grow, eat solid food so is Christian maturity.

A child benefits from correction to become better person. If child learns to talk right such child sits among kings and queens. So possessive negative attention tantrum is not important as Holy Spirit in Christ helps overcome super-ego. Godly Ego is confidence in God, to boast Christ to lift up Jesus Name, to put down ego against God’s Glory. To grow as responsible accountable adults to God.A person comes to Christ for salvation selfishness, passes away so ego is crucified with Christ.ego_0

During salvation, Spirit of God fills the spirit of a person. The flesh sin-nature lives on earth in sinful society. So sin – nature must be always crucified daily moment by moment so reprogrammed consciously by renewing and transforming mind to kill ego. Ego is temporary childhood developmental needs solution before language capabilities fully forms. From 2 years onward for child’s own good support child routinely to speak, read, express themselves lovingly.20060507170421_fragile_ego

Each child is different but basic human needs, affection, food, warmth, changing diapers, nappies, feeling sleepy, etc. is understood by the significant adult in child’s life. So real- self of child expressed early helps develop good character and morals. Teach child to value self, take care of body as precious gift from God. A disciplined child feels ego bruised yet good to firmly teach child to self-respect, self- love within God’s Love tank naturally flowing from Christ to value life is asset.

egoIt is important to help child to express feelings and needs appropriately. Or grows into tears tantrums, frustration, anger, inability to express themselves. This must be stopped by teaching good manners, etiquette, respect for parents, siblings, family, teachers, members of society as a whole for the child’s own good.  No matter how strong a natural feeling of parental love for the child boundaries of respect for adult child relationship is essential.images (2)So prepare the child for survival in the real world. An over spoilt pampered brat is self-destructive tyrant living in bubble who blames all but themselves. So bust bubble to train child to grow out of childish selfish ways to live responsibly. Train to help at age approriate level. To handle life well as adults in future, standing on sound foundation built from home. Life is full of real challenges so train to be true real self to survive and make it in Jesus Name.


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