In Philippians 4:7, the heart and mind are safe in union with Christ Jesus. For perfect peace. Peace of mind, balances heart and mind as most precious asset given by God. Protect heart from cluttered thinking, mind, junk ideas. Troubles, problems in the world affect heart, mind, causing the sleepless night to toss and turn, feeling no way out.

God says check heart, mind to ensure safe in union with Christ. Keep your heart and mind safe in union with Christ Jesus as Philippians 4:6-7 says. Union with Christ in all things vastly outstrips other things to keep heart, mind, soul and spirit looking to Christ.

In all decisions Christ gives God’s peace far beyond the human understanding. A heart and mind safely entrusted in union with Christ desires peace. Christ, Prince of Peace gives peace that surpasses all people’s understanding. In Proverbs 4:22-23 believers must guard our hearts, for it is the wellspring of life.” Ask Jesus to heals you by receiving God’s Grace. From the heart springs negative wicked bitter thoughts of anger, hatred, envy, slander, pride, foolishness which defiles.

It is important to take God’s Command to guard hearts seriously. The mind and  heart in submission to God is filled by the Holy Spirit so Protected and Guarded by God. Mind of Christ helps encapsulate a Christian believer’s mind fixed on God. Christ controls heart He enters so is Key to open door of life.

triple heart

God regulates the heart by His remote control dial buttons to keep emotions under blood of Christ. The believer’s heart is hidden in Christ in God. The Bible message keeps the heart under control so guards the heart. Christ heals and mends all those broken – hearted in God’s sight. Christ has Spirit of God, so anointed to heal broken – hearted. Healing broken heart is not done alone.





Where the mind goes the heart follows so impacts the body and lifestyle. God helps believers to guard their heart above all else. A strong body sustains life steeled Godly Mind keeps heart safe in union with Christ. Protect heart so be careful about what the heart keeps in storage. Christ heals and deals with aftermath of broken hearts.

For God so loved the world He sent Christ to save you and all others in the family including loved ones. So keep heart safe from outside ideas which do not agree with God’s plans, purposes for your life. Protect heart from careless talk, avoid time – wasting by what eyes see, ears hear, feels, touches by hand. The heart and mind in complete union gels in unison so works in harmony in line with God’s Authority. There is so much offence but reject them and keep your heart pure to endure to the end.






The helps overcome different options exposed to which may be permissive and legally acceptable but contrary to God. Streams of confusion is overcome by choosing God’s Safe Way.  Jesus heals all hearts and minds under His Authority and Control. So remember external life begins from inward thoughts.

God expects all believers to start from  inside heart first to work outwards. Godly Love, Accurate Knowledge faith, defeats superstition. God is above all partiality so respecter of any people’s political correctness, compromise. Believer who fix mind on God’s word, rest in His mercy and grace.

Bible Verses Love John 3:16 Heart In Sky HD WallpaperThe greatest gift we have is hiding our heart in Christ in God. The Holy Spirit helps guide us on how to spend time, money, our lives. Jesus takes us into His Heart to help deal with the heart of all matters. No matter issue, Godly Mental toughness is essential to live for God.

Avoid out of control actions which accumulate storing negative thoughts, damage, hurt,  culminates pain into life consequences. Godly Mental strength by the Holy Spirit gives toughness essential to live for God. Many streams of confusion, hard to overcome by self God so chose God’s safe way to go.

Godly Wisdom reveals ultimate source solution for heart to store up in the mind. Christians keep heart, mind safe in union with Christ Mind heart for God’s Peace.  Grace to overcome adversity of any condition and heart matters. Jesus speaks on importance of protecting the heart.

Out of the heart flows thoughts of life  from within. Inside a person’s heart comes sin nature evil thoughts of sexual immorality, theft, greed, murder, adultery, wickedness. The heart is deceitful above all things with eagerness for lustful pleasure.  God sees all afflictions, tears so God heals the heart.

Contradictory worldly liberal secular information highway challenges believer’s faith in God. So the believer values and serves God in Spirit and Truth. The Holy Spirit keeps mind in perfect peace passing all understanding. Renew and transform minds and entrust heart to Christ to become closer to God.

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