God ordained marriage institution so the whole process marital love is God’s Love. Godly marriage is Biblically sound marriage according to God’s purpose. Yet God’s marriage plan is different from some Christian believers expectation in real life. Secular views influence Christian marriage so sells marriage as accomplishment putting ring on it league of privileged few. God said 2 are better than 1 so people feel complete if another person joins them. God’s definition is 1×1= 1. A clue to secular concept of marriage focus on flesh aspect without spiritual God as Originator of marriage. Focus on wedding day, party, loans, debts to celebrate to heart’s content not caring about consequence. Soon the dust settles and arguments start over payment of debts, loans, bills, who does what in the marital home. Me, mine, myself, I, only generation does not factor in practical reality to real check life skills. Fantasy image of celebrity role models, cartoon love, mills and boon romance paints image of relationships far from normal real life marriage demands.unnamed (61)

Ideals lack communication so marriage is in trouble before it begun. Coupled with instant disposable mentality anything not making happy get rid of. After several replacements still search for invisible non – existent person to perfectly fit dream spouse. Do not value real human being around to humble, learn, adapt compromise as team. Strong stubborn perfect in own eyes, nobody is ever good enough for them. After hurting many people, feel they are the victims never taking responsibility for their actions. Mundane daily chores of life, cooking, cleaning, laundry, shopping, baby sitting, money, mortgage, business, children’s education, elderly parents, in-laws not taken seriously as part of the unavoidable realities of relationships in life. Being 1 flesh is central focus of intimacy of marriage. Looking closely at Godly marriage perspective means 1 flesh love bond companion procreate, replenish earth not 2 selfish people entangled in their private space for life.unnamed (51)Those who burn bridges by quoting they are to ‘leave father and mother to cleave’ soon go running back for family help or support. People think intense exclusive attachment of addictive 2 years of relationship remains fixed for life. Rush to marry to seal deal to keep things forever that way. Domestic training for both genders is essential as children on board change relationship dynamics. The truth is hormone change after child-birth, plus constant care demand of looking after infant means 2 adults involved must renegotiate new roles. Both are 100% responsible to directly care support each other. Change means not demanding spouse complete one. God shifts gears to change parent infant totally dependent on both for care. This involves sleepless nights, laundry done, not expecting home to look pristine like estate agent’s show room, meals perfectly cooked on time. Demands to be perfect partner as if still single without a baby to care for is abuse. unnamed (55)Then expect on top of it to be gratified by spouse at night while baby cries is unrealistic expectation. Adjustment is essential to different family values, toilet lid up or down, toothpaste squeeze perfectly etc. Little things that did not bother before become arguments and fights. Marriage is not just about flesh becoming 1 but being made whole in Christ spiritually, and also materially. Most people focus on 20% of marriage on only the emotional physical flesh becoming 1. Yet the other 80% equals 20% spiritual intimacy, 20% finance, 20% family, 20% elderly parents, 20% in – laws. Unless island both have relatives to honour, respect, provide, care for as God ordained. Remember you too you go grow old one day so how you train children in regard to elderly adults is what you will reap.The Blood of Jesus Protects Loyalty of Godly Biblical Christian marriage eternal partnership. A realistic planning for life-time change adjustments is life long – haul. unnamedunnamed (58)

Marriage education must be taken more seriously to bring awareness for lifetime commitment of marriage on family responsibilities. Taking care of priceless human life cannot be relegated to back burner for Godly Christian values to be diminished. Those who last in blessed marriages beyond 70+ years tell us they hardly own abundant material wealth. Marriage is now tagged to prenuptial wealth than training life skill nitty-gritty reality marriageGodly Christian marriages cannot be evaluated by secular values of the world as yardstick to measure it. As the flesh becomes more highlighted focus to engross on flesh as secular marriage centres around. God Corrects those He Loves so encourage family approved leaving cleaving inclusive to overcome schemes of deception to usurp 20% marriage success rate in life. Do not manipulate, abuse family for adultery, fornication, seduction, unapproved by God. Permissive will sin to cleave against Godly Value accounts to God sooner than expected. Marriage transition changes requires family support to overcome the Christian reputation of highest divorce rate. Godly marriage is fun and everlasting love despite challenges  into old age.unnamed (50)

This is because liberal secular views of flesh becoming one is message preferred by those with itching ears. Jezebels in church floor easy vulnerable targets for dirty work against the Living God arrogantly. So God steps in to give justice as judgement begins in the house of God. 20% marriage twilight zone permissive will based rebellious secular liberal view lacks 100% full will of God’s Spiritual, Inspired Principles, Holistic family values is Godly instituted marriage. For becoming one flesh seems all marriage built on. The Loving Sovereign God must be Placed at the Heart of marriages not just 2 selfish flesh lust centred individuals displacing God seduced by the Jezebel traitors in church. Godly marriages believe in the true genuine Biblical successful marriages which do exist. But the majority must understand Godly Biblical Christian in God’s Marriage Perspective. Christ became flesh so dwelt among us but never focussed on Flesh. He was human, ate, cooked, worked, loved, but never took advantage of flesh.

unnamed (63)Message to Christian believers is stop allowing the dehumanizing of priceless Godly marriages to the substandard secular liberal views of the flesh to preoccupy the mind. So breeds some who think marriage is equated with only sex and nothing more.Godly marriage is much deeper so needs to teach children early on God’s Dignified Higher Standard. The Grace of God enables loyalty to Obey God than men in Jesus Name. Christ is God’s Example overcoming flesh for Marriage of Lamb Holiness, Righteousness. The church washed in the blood of Christ has their feet on earth but their heart in heaven. Those who brag and boast of marriage remember Godly exercise for earthly procreation, companionship and gratification. So there is no marriage in heaven. Ensure your name is written in the book of life and you are married to Christ the Bridegroom of the church in eternal life. Marriage lasts into eternity as family of God’s Kingdom.


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