unnamed (47)

Gideon worked hard each year, planted crops and kept sheep, cattle ensured abundant harvest and adequate supply of food. Each year enemies attack take bumper harvest leave Gideon with nothing. As Gideon wept and pondered over the situation.

unnamed (36)

Hungry and starving Gideon hides in granary yet reluctantly dragged himself and family to the field once again to replant new crops. Come harvest time again, the enemies watching steadfastly in secret, lazying about do not plant their own fields. Immediately harvest season arrives the devourers harvest everything without consideration for him.

unnamed (39)

Year in year out Gideon put up with such enemy attacks. Working extremely hard every year with nothing to show for it. Enemies had great harvest flourished in community on other people’s back. Physically hardworking people toil in the extreme working conditions in all weather with crumbs of food under table. So Gideon endured humiliation.

unnamed (37)

Gideon desperate as a hungry man is an angry man. One memorable day, sad, thinking about such miserable condition, something happened. As God saw Gideon’s plight and misery of God felt Enough was Enough as Gideon deserves better.

unnamed (41)God took notice of Gideon despatched and angel to give him instructions and fight enemies in victory. The angel called Gideon a ‘Mighty Man of Valor.’ Gideon turned round to see whom angel was talking to. Gideon realized God called though felt weak without control over situation.

unnamed (46)

Gideon sacrificed the bull on new altar built for God. So God asked Gideon to choose elite alert army to fight enemies. God gave a fleece sign for victory so Gideon, God’s heavenly army mightily defeated enemies by dream miracle victory.

unnamed (45)

God saw Gideon’s attacks were direct results of idol evil spirits working against him through enemies. So must get back under God’s Divine Protection harvest. To stop worshipping idols to give full devotion to God. Gideon obeyed God, listened, argued, blamed God made excuses but changed his mind to believe God.

unnamed (34)So Gideon took 10 servants and destroyed baal idol shrine at night. The family wanted to kill Gideon when idols were destroyed. Gideon said if baal gods are real will defend itself. Since nothing happened to Gideon so all believed in Almighty God as Lord and Master. 

God saw Gideon’s attacks as direct result of his idol evil spirits working against him through his enemies. So had to get back under God’s Divine Protection for harvest. He had to stop worshiping idols of father to give full devotion to God Alone.

unnamed (35)  Under God’s New management his community was saved by God’s direct intervention. So Gideon has total trust, and full Confidence in God’s Providence for he knows for sure God has his best interest at Heart.


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