Stockholm Syndrome means survivor manipulated by abuser so emotionally bonded attached in unhealthy way. An innocent naive child lacks the frontal cortex brain, so does not know, understand meaning of age of consent and boundaries for intimacy. The abuser takes full advantage of child knowing fully well the child lacks full awareness of actions of involvement.Stockholm syndrome is a psychological phenomenon in which hostages express empathy and have positive feelings towards their captors sometimes to the point of defending themThe pervert is caring, loving, giving gifts to the child so the child thinks this is ‘normal’ as too young to fully understand what is going on. So child gets negative attention and thinks this is the kindest person nice and affectionate in the wrong way. Child thinks well of pervert until grows to understand consequences.


A pervert is a compulsive sex addict misinterpreting children’s innocent, pure, genuine family love as a signal for violation. This goes on for years so the child is groomed by a charming pervert who should not be involved that way. Perverts are very selfish so do not care about hurting or damaging the child for life.obomney-stockholm-syndrome

So hide their actions through playing games with the child, isolating the child to secret places to be alone to abuse the child. Some are simultaneous abusers of siblings, own children and family. Other disgusting perverts rape child right in front of family. So if not stopped earlier by social services who removes the child from pervert, the child grows to discover what took place was not ‘normal.’ So is angry and hurt.Fast-Easy-Accounting-206-361-3950-Helps-Contractors-Overcome-Stockholm-Syndrome-For-Change-Order-Management

So gets angry, feels let down by family which treats with disdain for tainting family reputation. So isolated and hated cling to abuser as seen as a trouble maker. Some children abused again in care homes placed in for safety and abusers kidnap children for control.247124

So ensure as parents you keep eagle eyes on children and watch them like a hawk dives from sky to snatch fish in sea. Be alert, sensitive to changes in behaviour babies let you know if abused. Examine girls hymen if intact forced entry break cause bleeding protect care of your own child and remember day care centres, schools have perverts. Educate the child as early as 2 years on appropriate touch. Teach them personal hygiene so they can wash without anyone taking advantage of them. Do not leave child alone with abuser too busy, materialistic, to leave priceless precious souls to others to care for. It cost financially to personally train, home school work from home, go back to work if child is old enough to express speech clearly to communicate feelings. Abuse damage last lifetime so deal with abuse with Biblical therapy.


Never compromise abuse for material benefit from an abuser as God demands justice from accomplices or those who delight in wickedness of violating others. The damage of abuse lasts a life-time while perverts do not care, consider consequence effect, remember survivors pain from abuse.b003f-9788080

The good news is God forgives all sin, guilt and weight of sin so cleanses all sin with blood of Jesus and restores joy of the Lord. Give your mind and heart to Jesus. He will heal you completely because Great Peace have those whose mind is stayed on God. Also forgive yourself and determine to overcome to live a fulfilled happy life despite adversity in Jesus Name.

stockholm-syndrome-1-728Enjoy your life and continue to work through moods, triggers, pain, go to therapy to deal with feelings. Do pamper yourself and value your body as God’s Holy temple. You are created in God’s image so of Value to Christ as a priceless soul belonging to God. Deal with abuse baggage, anger, do not carry abuser soul tie into future relationship, marriage, depression. Root causes of some self-harm is molestation abuse.bob-marley

As overcomer  you are victorious survivor, more than a conqueror. So emancipate YOURSELF from mental slavery by God’s Grace Grace and celebrate life. As new creation in Christ old things pass away behold all things have become new in Jesus Name. Eat well by choosing healthy foods because abuse affects eating. Some anorexia and bulimia are caused by sex abuse which affects brain side of eating and serotonin. So recover and heal in Jesus Name for Christ makes all things new as the old pass away in Jesus Name.


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