10978057-the-word-opportunity-arises-in-3d-from-a-burst-of-colorful-stars-representing-an-exciting-chance-for (1) This morning as I prepaid to write this message I got a telephone call that seem to interrupt my focus and attention. My concentration on topic at hand meant I had to stop and answer the call. It turned out to be emergency and great opportunity in disguise. I was called upon to be of service to someone who seems to need me during crises. When aĺl is well in their lives I do not see them often.

stock-photo-job-opportunity-concept-present-by-green-opportunity-arrow-on-the-blue-globe-isolated-on-white-114561133 I dropped everything so got instructions given to make a visit to help the dear friend unwell suddenly though nothing too serious. The doctor gave prescriptions for treatment to collect plus pick up a few other food items recommended by the doctor. I did as required and so went to see the person. Some opportunity may involve taking chance into unknown.conversions-opportunity On arrival, Dr Charles Stanley on TV was teaching on opportunity. He taught Jesus’ message on the Good Samaritan who postponed his business trip to care for enemy found abandoned on the highway, beaten and left for dead by thugs. He bandaged wounds, took him to an inn, paid and offered to pay extra expenses if incurred. Meanwhile the religious priest and Levite who taught loving God and loving neighbour passed by fellow Jew on way home to rest from work. So to practice what is preached is important to God.

opportunityOpportunity message is practical living to become God’s fellow worker to help His Children. We chatted, prayed together and joined later in communion to claim total healing in Jesus Name. So God gave me opportunity to serve instead of thinking my schedule was messed up for the day. God gives us opportunity to be there for those in time of utmost need. It may be a risk as good Samaritan took on the highway as he could be attacked too but stopped anyway to help. So Dr. Stanley’s message blessed me greatly as we spent quality time together for the rest of the day.iStock_000018315832XSmallSoon my dear friend testified of feeling better. So got up and pulled the curtains apart letting in sunshine. We felt symbolic beginning process of healing by Christ and fellowshipped in God’s Presence. Loving God with all mind, soul, body means, God’s Love is flowing through us to extend God’s agenda to step up to serve His Children, neighbours, friends, family. God uses even enemies as lifelines to save souls Some Godsent opportunity seem stumbling block but Christ uses stepping stones to reach God’s Goals.

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God has Higher Plans or Purposes so obedience brings blessings. After caring for and making my dear friend comfortable enough, we prayed together. Reading Bible encouraged inner – peace, healing. My friend renewed faith in Christ, decided to spend more quality time in God’s Presence in future as too busy to do so in the past. If not sure what is required, accept opportunity, tick yes box, learn, gain experience.


We enjoyed the rest of the day together, was more blessed than expected. We took time to smell the flowers, enjoy spiritual uplifting sunshine moment in God’s Presence today. God’s opportunity seems at times a surprise but turns out a perfect Godsent opportunity to Uplift Jesus to Honour God’s Glory. The next day I got phone call of testimony to God’s Glory. In the Jesus’ Mighty Name spirit of infirmity departed immediately yesterday. Praise God my friend is risen out of bed of affliction in Jesus Name. Actively again praising, worshipping God through the blood of Christ.


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