iStock_000013725220XSmall Bridget is a dedicated church member devoted to God and her family. She loves her parents and did well throughout her education school. She lived in a typical suburbia as a girl of her time. She hoped to become a missionary doctor one day. She did fairly well in school so passed with flying colours. She kept herself pure and vowed to God by waiting until marriage for intimacy so took the silver ring vow. While home alone one night resting after her College exams, an intruder broke so violated her. It shocked all as she is from a reputable family.relationship_between_mother_and_child She faced dilemma of settling down, giving up further education and future career. After much deliberation, prayer the family chose to preserve the child conceived. They stood on God’s Word in Jeremiah 33:3, soon word got round so eventually the baby was born perfect and healthy. Instead of bitterness or anger, Bridget walked in love and forgiveness like Jesus. She dedicated her daughter to Christ so named her Christies after Christ. Bridget focussed  on her daughter by teaching her word of God faithfully while homeschooling her.stock-photo-34817724-happy-mother-and-baby-eating-ice-cream What the devil meant for evil God turned to good. Christies never met her father and family chose not to tell her until appropriate time. Meanwhile God honoured Bridget so people noticed change and closeness to God. Soon she earned name Jesus lady as she continues to serve God more than ever before. Christies has become a lawyer and married a doctor. Bridget and Christies have wonderful a relationship so serve in leadership of church. Bridget married George adopted, named, and accepted Christie as his own. A journal written for Christies in case of future questions.jesus-school-21-234x300 The family forgave intruder so Bridget established support to help women or single mothers globally. Bridget supports women by counselling them and also helping them overcome adversity. She trains single, young women to develop confidence to raise Godly children. Like mother like daughter Christies helps provide and care for Christ Support globally. God faithfully keeps provides for Bridget and Christies all these years in Jesus Name. God promised so continues eternally. Christ took personal interest in Christie’s life, so loves her dearly. Christies belongs to God Who sees Christie through blood of Jesus and her testimony. Under Christ’s management all is well because Jesus lives Christies can face tommorow.


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