GodInspiredFashion In Matthew 6:25-34, God clothes us by providing:- material clothing to cover physical body, spiritual garment of righteouness, battle armour garments for protection. 1st clothing essential indispensable to God to clothe self- awareness sin of Adam, Eve. 2nd Spiritual garment covers to enter God’s Holy of Holies Presence boldly through blood of Jesus.exodus28_29The High Priest garment design instructed by God is worn to remember 12 tribes in prayer. So God is reminding us to be mindful of how we dress, what to wear, to conduct ourselves in His Holy Temple. 3rd item of clothing is battle armour garment to equip, protect during spiritual battles. So God says not to worry about clothes as He provides them.Matthew-6-28-v71r3y (1) Salvation, through Christ is the greatest miracle so must be jealously guarded by 3 protective clothes. God supplies all clothing to us more beautifully than birds or flowers that do not toil, spin, weave. God gives emotional garment is inner-beauty for ashes. God tells us not to worry about what to wear or be in competition with others to outdo them by clothing. God clothes us more beautifully to Honour us His Children as a Good Loving Father provides for all members of the family.worry-200x300God makes cotton, silk, leather, fibre, barks, grass, used in a variety of fabrics and textures in Fashion Industry. God meticulously pays attention to exact details, measurements and specifications. So all the clothes, garments, fabrics we wear are given by God the Creator, Source and Origin of all things. God designed, chose, decided appropriate garment textures used by His people and how to combine it.m3header Colours, shapes, length, must match to God’s exact specification as God designed them for His various uses or ocassions. So much emphasis is placed on outward garment, physical appearance by society. People are clothed physically but God does require spiritual protective garment inwardly; outwardly to reinforce the outward body seen by others. In God’s Eyes some are clothed physically but totally uncovered in His Sight so need Jesus Blood cover.amish-peopleGod tells us to be adequately clothed in 3 aspects of life. It is important to remember God looks on the inward inner- parts, intents and purposes of the heart more than the value of the price tag of clothing label and brand. This is because although one looks glamourous, over the top, outlandship to capture frontpages of the most expensive glamour model newspapers and the headline news, to God it is insignificant as God appreciates Godly Beauty.fashion-theology-why-did-god-clothe-us If one is true to yourself great dressing boosts ego and gives confidence but soon forgotten for new season’s clothing line. Old pictures are testimony of man-made elevation. We laugh at our fashion faux pax or hide past embarrassing photos we all thought were peak of our fashion sense and taste at the time. Almighty God is telling us to focus and invest in spiritual protective clothing. To reflect if physical material clothings really adds value to the quality of life to enhance image God created in us?Malachi-Bible-HatFashion makes us look good on the outside but God says it does not enhance human life from within God’s point of view. Though vanity cycle continues from generation to generation. It causes stress, pressure, to select, choose or decide finally which garment is most fitting, after going through tons, heaps of several clothings. The bedroom is so full of scattered piles of clothing worn, discarded or shredded. Much pride is tagged to buying new clothes. Some not worn or not expected to be worn more than once in the garment’s life-time. GOD-MADE-VTG-RED-FC God requires moderation and modesty in clothing styles to fully cover the body as God’s Holy temple and a dwelling place of the Holy Spirit. Christians are to be in the world but not of the world. Psalm 1 says not to walk in the counsel of the ungodly. Some deliberately design clothing with the wrong motives highlight certain parts of body to gratify sensuality to take undue advantage of people.bathing-suitGod’s human body is to treated with honour and dignity at al times. The puritans often encouraged moderation at the sea side and in the swimming pool. The above old photo shows how people were fully covered in clothes playing tennis, swimming in general.rejoice3 There seems to be a sense of decorum and dignity for not revealing the sacred body just recklessly. New trends today are less clothing and exposing flesh at all times in all weather. Though in the past there used to be dressing with layers, upon layers to cover dignity properly with respect. PROVERBS3125Virteous women have inner- beauty, integrity and dignity. The blood of Jesus cleans us from all sin to function efficiently as the Child of God. To be able to run home, family and business competently so not afraid of cold weather. So all have appropriate garments suitable for each season so we can laugh with confidence that God has fully prepared us. masthead_bible Biblical costumes are mostly based on the specific design and texture required by God or due to the linen material available in a locality. Garments and clothing relate to cultural context and dyes found in an area. Style, shape of clothing depends on temperature conditions and uses of costumes.

fashion-meets-godFashion can be God conscious to acknowledge His Sovereignty and Honour His Glory to express our love and gratitude. We are eventually one going to exchange our birthday suits for garments of God’s Righteousness in heaven. Worldly clothing has no value in heaven so follow God’s design pattern.

11043873-jewish-clothingYour body is God’s temple so God cares about how you treat well with clothing to present Him Good. So the next time you go shopping think about how God expects you to dress to impress Him. God Loves His Children to look good and smart, well dressed to Glorify Him. As the owner of all silver and gold and cattle on a 1000 hill, God gives best gifts to all His Children but expects gratitude.

f1b957e8409727c980245e05fcae8f3bThe colours and fabrics are chosen by people to suit each occasion. Each person’s fashion sense varies and depends on the office held or the job done. Most people wear uniforms or are free to choose how to dress. However, God demands each believer dresses physically, spiritually emotionally equipped, fully covered, ever ready for victory.




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