In Acts 19:19 Paul burnt all magic and spell books, charms, amulets etc for God forbids consulting mediums for advise and help. God Almighty is the source of all Wisdom and Knowledge so wants His Children to totally depend on Him Alone. No other powers are to be contacted for help by Christians. Tarot2_wJesus Christ is the name above all names. Christ is greater than all principalities and powers. So God warns against association with mediums. So stop immediately from such practices. All tokens and ouija boards, crystal balls, reading stars must stop and objects burnt completely to cut off links with evil spirits and demons.  After receiving Christ Christians burn spell, magic books, idols, witchraft tokens, serve God Almighty in spirit and in truth. God is consuming fire and a jealous God over your priceless soul. 9607143_origGod ants complete loyalty plus full attention from you His Beloved. Burn it Isaiah 8:19 And when they shall say to you, seek those that have familiar spirits, wizards that peep, and mutter: refuse to rebel or defiant seek for living to the dead?   Acts 19:19 Many of them which used curious arts brought books together, and burned them before all men: and they counted the price it was 50,000 pieces of silver.  Leviticus 19:31 Regard not those with familiar spirits, neither seek wizards to be defiled I am your God.DSC4276Acts 8:9 Simon, in the same city used sorcery, and bewitched people of Samaria, giving out he was some great one but Paul cast the evil spirit in Jesus Name. In the Bible,  superstitious ceremonies of magicians, sorcerers, enchanters, necromancers, spiritualists, exorcists, astrologers, soothsayers, interpreters of dreams, fortune-tellers, casters of nativities, etc., are all forbidden by the law of God, whether practiced to hurt or to benefit mankind. It was forbidden to consult magicians on pain of death, Le 19:31 20:6.  

book-burningIn Acts 19:19 Paul taught believers that any objects and religious things, magic books possessed by believers was brought to paul and burnt them. The spell books linked the believers to evil spirits. Objects include rings, charms, potions, lot

burning witchcraftions, crystals, necklaces ritual good luck charms, herbs, protection beads and strings tied around the neck, wrist, waist, candles and magic wands. Anything used as a point of contact was removed from homes, premises to stop direct connection to the evil spirit world. Tarrot cards, read to people so make life decisions based on them. The spirit behind occult, astrology is studying movement of stars, galaxies ‘attached’ to birthday complicated man-made charts, star signs read. Such things give credit to man -made interpretation of life created by God makes God irrelevant. So deduction, numerology, ouija boards consulted, invite spirit take over of peoples mind. This in-road leads to demons.tumblr_lp0hc9LRBt1qghl4ko1_500Some claim to talk to dead relatives to get comfort from pain, grief, bereavement. The Christian believer is not allowed to do any of the these things.  Such actions make the Living God look weak, helpless, not able to take care of his children. God is Sad His Children go behind his back to consult enemy powers from evil sources. As a Loving Father God cares deeply for His Children so wants them to talk directly to Him. The Living God is always readily available to talk to all his children about their problems directly. In Jeremiah 33.3 God gives His Number to call Him directly because He Hears and Answer prayers.


It hurts God deeply His Children don’t trust Him enough as Best Friend with their best interest at heart. Instead they go to the devil to seek advice and destroy themselves. This hurts God deeply and makes God sad his children do not trust him. The danger in continuing to ignore God’s warning is God gets angry so cuts them off completely from His Kingdom forever. If they continue rebelling against God, He destroys permanently for stuborness and rebellion so means will end up in the hell fire forever.ESP Tag-2  On the other hand believers who humble themselves, repent and listen to Gods words are saved forever in heaven. Paul did with believers in Bible in Acts 19:19 destroy everything of evil spirits owned like magic books, spells. and burn it forever after giving life to Christ. Serve the living God Alone, read the Bible and Worship the True Living God. Find a Holy Spirit filled church and become God’s worker helping serve God with talents, abilities and skills.


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