Yahweh God is jealous for your heart to exclusively belong to HIM as your FIRST LOVE. God demands total loyalty from His people who love Him. God directs the life and path of His believers in the Bible and commandments. God wants full attention of all those who choose to follow Him. God does not want to share His GLORY or Worship by the Christian believers with any other gods.2511God is the Source of all life, nature, the Almighty God is Creator of universe so LORD and Master Above All. Sovereign God wants to be given HIS due Honour and Respect. Christian believers serve only the One True Living God so cannot share God with idol. God insists on total devotion dedication of who loves HIM._1328903383Its offence to God to cut a piece of God’s wood to form image of figure compared as piece of sculptor to the Living God. Its not Respectful of God to take HIS gold or silver, bronze, precious metal belonging to the Living God, melt and mould it to shape then say it is equal to the Living God Yahweh. Is insult for God’s wrath and anger not forgiven unless repents.images (14)God warns in Revelations 9:20 says idol worshipers of gold, silver, brass, stone, wood which cannot see or hear or walk or worship devils. If they do not repent will burn in hell fire of brimstone. And in Revelation 21:8 will burn in lake of fire and brimstone in hell forever. This is why creator God is angry for being rejected for man made idols. But God still LOVES and provides for all daily.love_letterGod’s stone and clay is used for pottery ceramics, building, roofing turned into the idol objects of worship is really not acceptable to God. Its God’s rivers, seas, caves, sacred spaces man makes entities phenomenon, grove shrines is ultimate insult to God. To decide to honour God’s animals and creatures as more sacred is offence to displease the Living God.jealousTo perform secret rituals, sacrifices, and magic initiation baths, sexual acts, burn candles, eat things sacrificed to idols is to separate man completely from God. This removes people from God’s Divine Protection Cover into strongholds of the devil. It takes Grace of God to receive spiritual Light of God to be translated from kingdom of darkness into God’s marvelous Glorious Gospel of Light. All religions are not approved by God as some say only Jehovah is Living GOD.maxresdefault-2.jpg slide_3Spiritual blindness keeps all in bondage for spiritual death and hell forever. God Loves all people so does not want you to live in sin, ignorance. Accept Christ the True Living Way for Christian believers. For Christ is the Only Saviour Who died rose again and to save you. A piece of dead wood, sculptored eyes that cannot see, mouth that cannot speak, legs that cannot walk and arms to hug or comfort you like Holy Spirit is just dead objects.IMG-20191209-WA0000.jpgworld-religions-comparative-religion-9313420-696-1113 (3)If you don’t worship True Living God you are a living human being serving piece of dead wood, silver etc. objects. You carry piece of metal gold, bronze, silver around without life. Jesus, God, Holy Spirit the Living God watches over your life, provides you food, sunshine, family, wealth and riches for you. Why defy and reject a Loving God and Christ Who Love you, watch over your soul to give you eternal life. God is jealous over you and doesn’t want to share you with idols pieces made and bought by man.


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