under-heavenGod scheduled a time for every purpose under heaven in all areas of our lives for a completely whole blessed lifestyle. In Ephesians 5:15-16, we are to always redeem the time. God provides opportunity to evaluate lives to see how life time-line is clocked. To take stock of life to check and examine if in line with Christ. So our times are in God’s Hands, to trust God with our time in God’s Hands in Psalm 31:14-15. Christ redeemed us from sin have lifetime in eternity, teachings us to live for God. As redeemed people of Christ reborn, recreated, restored, revived to fulfill God’s plans and purposes.

my-times-are-in-your-handsTime changes fast as life is dynamic. One must keep up God’s timing to synchronize with Christ God’s Role Model. Empower yourself take time to redeem the time. Trade your energy for more valuable treasures. Be wise and productive each hour because experience is a great teacher. Time does not have to be perfection obsessed  intense always stressed. Be alert and making the best use of time because the days are evil so be fully in control. Constant demand time attention to keep busyness nonstop as pre-occupation considered competence and efficiency and hardwork.Things produced, manufactured are expected to utilize human body.

8b6c80039df700656a113b25c2470536 Such abuse cost arms and legs before consumers feel worth money value.  Yet God Almighty rested and took time out to rest. Parents must be given choice to raise children properly to avoid precious innocent years wasted without adfult input side by side to train children. Many see own children as nuisance impediment hindering leisure, pleasure, money making. Children are not seen as economically viable in capitalist system though human life priceless. There is ongoing unresolved stress pressure on families created by greed and avarice of consumerism without consideration for Almighty God the source of all true wealth.

time-management-series-banner-copyAcquisition of material things  soon turning to clutter and junk are highly valued and preferred  more than quality time spent training children. Tendency psychologically to deliberately build obsolesce complicates time factor as more money must be spent replacing perfectly working things. The precious earth is filled with tons of billions of pounds of landfill rubbish. Time is ordained by God to fulfil His plans and purposes for mankind on earth. God said in Job 36:11, those who obey and serve God will enjoy prosperity and pleasures foreveremore.



Yet process is repeated again and again while sacrificing family values for bank balance of no use in heaven.  The consequences is time wasted to maintain, restore, recover deliberately set up quickly breaking damaged goods. A simplified straight forward item is not valued highly as good quality as time is not intensified in process. Delay slow time intensely repeated process is equated with enhanced high-caliber. Things become highly over rated above human quality of life and time devoted to God.Deliberately inbuilt obsolesce complicates wise use of time as God planned.


aae3836a0fe8adc0ebc632f2c3a2acacDetailed use of time. Insignificant things has consequence as hastily rushed overproduced stuff stored, recovered is dumped. Simplified straight forward item not valued highly as good quality as time is not intensified various stages total process. Deliberately inbuilt obsolesce complicates wise use of time as God planned. Detailed use of time insignificant things has consequence as hastily rushed overproduced stuff stored, recovered is dumped. Simplified straight forward item not valued highly as good quality time intensified in various stages of total process. Delayed slowed down time assumes high-caliber product intensified process ‘enhances’ quality.


So glossy data, expensive glamorous statistics, fixed to create illusion of perfection consume budget. Long hours of ungodly time input double paper work while real human beings suffer as cycle is repeated year in year out. God’s timings and seasons include inbuilt health, rest, family considerations for quality childcare. God is making His purpose clear to help mankind stop self destruction while blaming and accusing God for errors. Yet rapid changes of ozone layer, methane, toxic waste from computers and nuclear waste damage earth.


Time and energy is spent with meticulous details on instant disposable things readily discarded for next big thing to keep up trends. Yet the most precious priceless eternal aspect of long lasting human priceless life is overlooked. Taking time for talking, waiting, factoring God means one prepares to focus on God. To Respect, Honour, Value God as Loving Father Who Cares Deeply as part of daily routine in life. Physical exercise and emotional stretching help manage time to release tension for relief.The one whose mind dwells on God lives in perfect peace of God that passes all human understanding. What kind of life does your time constitute?


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