green-economy-2God investment is endless, safe, secure so cannot be destroyed, as Christ backs heaven’s dividends. God personally guarantees all investment growth in God’s Historic Life Changing Kingdom. So do transform your future with God’s extraordinary uncommon, bountiful supply, safely protected forever in Matthew 6:19. Build a reliable financial impenetrable hedge future. Financial advisors tells us to invest money in stock market, insurance policies, hedge funds, pensions, treasury bonds, precious metal, savings, high interest rates, Rough IRA, ISSA’s, 401K, monopolies, multi-national corporations, companies, other things, so research is done to find the best investment dividends.

Best-Way-To-Invest-MoneyGod’s investment is transparent, specific so people know their investment profits. Those with shares, stocks and bonds receive high yield. Those touched plan and invest to sow seeds towards spreading Gospel, building sound foundation on a solid Rock Christ Jesus. So fulfilling harvest of souls from long dormant seeds. Ecclesiastes 11:1 says give portion to 7 and 8 for you never know when evil comes upon earth. Bankruptcy, misfortune, lack, poverty, apparent storms, chaotic uncertain times might suddenly affect purpose driven overwhelming abundance. God keeps records of all investments. Gain, reap from investments by giving cheerfully for God Loves cheerful givers. God builds hedge of protection round all who provide for His business. God keeps souls eternally safe in win win profit.


Financial ruin often permeates all levels of society where money can vanish in moments like credit crunch. So cast your bread upon God’s waters to find it in many days. Be rich towards God for safe financial growth, harvest of souls priceless to God. Receive heavenly wealth, treasures, prosperity, riches in your house in Psalm 112:2-3. God’s foundation investment consists of giving to keep focused mind stayed on God in Christ despite storms of life. Promote God’s Sovereignty, Love to win souls. All Grace of God abounds toward you in 2 Corinthians 9:6-8 in Jesus Name. God’s cherished investment returns are free access to all heaven’s treasures, prosperity, crowns, riches and wealth. The greatest asset reward is Christ, priceless jewel souls, souls, souls, souls, souls, souls, souls, souls, souls, souls, souls, souls, souls, souls, souls, souls, souls, souls, souls and more souls pleases God. Think and reflect daily on Godly Image Value of your soul living beyond flesh and blood eternally.   A God Investor’s soul never dies so lives forever.


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