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Forgive more than 7 0 x 7 = 490 times daily beyond one million times to infinity and beyond into eternity. Jesus gave a minimum daily dosage number but forgiveness increases as required by  God. It is not an overdraft account that runs out so you pay penalty. Jesus says freely you receive forgiveness from God so you must freely give forgiveness to others. Jesus gave guideline because Peter thought it was 7 times. So Christ directed Peter to have minimum regular daily dose of 490 per day into eternity. This does not mean make a list to punish people. Jesus used this minimum to clarify to help to forgive others. Peter had to learn to turn the other cheek because he reacts first before thinking. Peter later cut off a soldiers ear as Jesus was captured in the garden of Gethsemane. Jesus healed soldier so taught Peter to forgive to let go many times without keeping score. Jesus said to continue forgiving beyond 490 times. To go extra mile above beyond call of duty to forgive enemies, love, do good to them, release them to God to get inner – peace plus God’s Rest.


You do not have to be best friends to prove your genuine forgiveness. Move on in life although it is painful to be hurt, mocked, ridiculed, betrayed or ostracized. Jesus sent Holy Spirit to turn around all heavily laden with sad heavy burdens. Give heart, mind to Christ to heal you. Express love to enemy though last person one wants to forgive. God has good reasons, forgiveness is not a CHOICE, it is conditional instruction from God to save your life into eternity. FORGIVE1 seventy-times-seven

God says if you forgive you will be forgiven by God, if you refuse to forgive God will not  forgive you. Pray and ask God to help you forgive hurts, pains for inner-healing, peace for God’s Rest. You do want not be next to those who hurt you in hell – fire. Forgive all like Jesus forgives in Jesus Name. Your higher calling seats you in heavenly places with God, Christ above all the principalities, powers, dominions enemies in Jesus Name. With God it is possible to forgive.



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