In 1 kings 21:1-25 in the Bible, king Ahab spoke to Naboth the Jezreelite who had a vineyard in Jezreel, next to palace of Ahab, king of Samaria. Ahab spoke to Naboth saying he wanted to buy Naboth’s vineyard, as King Ahab wanted to plant a vegetable garden outside his getaway palace in Jezreel. Naboth who owned the vineyard refused Ahab’s offer saying it was not for sale because it was family land inherited. 3  So Naboth replied, God forbid I should give you inheritance of my ancestors.” Naboth’s response was emphatic not for sale it belongs to family for generational inheritance. The king could get land anywhere so perhaps humble Naboth was an eyesore compared to glittering rich palace environment. Ahab wanting to expand his personal kingdom, material possessions, wealth. Ahab had no consideration for Naboth’s vineyard. Ahab forgot Naboth’s land, silver, gold, cattle on a thousand hills all belong to God. Earth is the Lord’s God’s fullness yet Ahab had tantrums, refused to eat.

Due to greed, envy, jealousy Ahab offended God but was upset Jezebel decided to covet vineyard to take control. God’s coveted vineyard land causes generational curses shown by God’s instant justice. Naboth emphasized he was steward of land so had no power authority to sell vineyard. Ahab’s accomplice wife Jezebel, queen of the northern kingdom of Israel, condoned Ahab’s greed. Ahab’s wife Jezebel schemed by writing letters to get others involved to gang up against Naboth’s vineyard to give to Ahab in I Kings 21:1-29. So organized a 3 day fast with false witnesses to frame Naboth to falsely accused him. Killed Naboth’s for a piece of property for vineyard plot. Jezebel selfishly used God’s name to allege Naboth blasphemed God. Jezebel caused others to sin using them to do her dirty work to acquire the land. Justified greed by absolute abuse of power of authority without consideration for others. Ahab’s self – righteous Jezebel Baal worshipper claims intervenes on behalf of God under disguise of taking Naboth’s land. So treated Naboth badly and took land by force not sparing Naboth’s life in process.

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Naboth’s life was destroyed so brought punishment on next generation by sin. Greed, avarice caused Ahab to rob, profit, deprive Naboth’s business. Jezebel caused Naboth  to lose his life. Ahab and Jezebel can lose eternal soul plus children’s. God’s Vineyard belongs to Naboth as a steward. A good leader is expected to set good example. To do exactly as God commands. But green eyed monster take over bid pounced on Naboth’s hardworking toil without reward receive and enjoyed at expense of others. As soon as others achieve good success, greedy grab from owners without recourse. God is watching in Revelation 19:15 for the day coming to account to God but some get instant judgment like Ahab. Those employed by God cannot lord over others like Ahab and Jezebel did. Due to pride, greed violate God’s Authority so feel superior above God’s law, forced others against will to take things by force. God challenged immediately, inconsiderate actions that destroyed Naboth by complex false accusations to exploit and subdue. Coerced accomplices joined greedy political expansion used religious blackmail blasphemy excuse to attack  and kill Naboth to usurp generational asset in family for years.


The Prophet Elijah confronts Ahab for his injustice to Naboth in killing him and taking his vineyard. Elijah embarks on mission to deliver God’s message of punishment to Ahab for killing Naboth and taking his vineyard. God sent a prophet to confront to change to give freedom to all held in bondage. Controlling man-made Ahab’s motive keep Naboth’s land permanently under his control rather lead as caring good loving genuine king with a heart of consideration for Naboth. God’s commandments are to cherish, honour, help all citizens created in God’s image. Economic upheaval in world teaches in Luke 12:15 since 1925 ones’ life does not constitute in abundance of possessions, money does not bring security or happiness in the world eternally.God genuinely cares about salvation and eternal life of all so does not want others to end up lost like Ahab despite status, wealth or conniving adulation of people for power. It will help to enjoy life as much as one wishes there is a limit for real joy comes from God. Such leaders do not humble themselves to accept correction by mortals like Naboth.

When rebuked by God’s words or Jesus they became offended, rebellious so plotted and against Jesus as wicked husbandmen did in Matthew 21:33-43. Ahab cried and repented so God forgave him but transferred the consequences of his sins to innocent descendants who did nothing wrong. The next generation was cocky, rude like son Rehoboam in 1 kings 12:1-24 did not obey God acted like Ahab. God is a Good God who provides for all but the greedy grab all. Absolute power of wicked years of domination and idolatry, Jezebel was thrown down, fell through a window, died and eaten by the dogs as prophesied. Delusion of grandeur, greed made Jezebel destroy God’s Kingdom. End result was God felt Jezebel controlled people, wrongly influenced nation’s faith trust in God. Jezebel’s actions of harassment went too far so damaged God’s work. In the end, a few years after Naboth’s vineyard, Jezebel’s vanity caused her to fall through the window as prophesied so died. Dogs completely chewed her beyond recognition for national state burial honour she would have loved to show off lavish wealth.

God’s watches over all from heaven so intervenes. God in His Own Time on behalf of all those who trust, depend on Him gives justice. Jezebel cannot meddle or destroy God’s work as God repays deprived, trodden upon. On the other hand, some think the law makes them above discipline to work so parents are held responsible for their misdemeanors. Ahab the king leader wielded absolute power, laws, traditions to abuse citizens. So took undue advantage action to coerce Naboth but God does not approve such behaviour. Society deals with God’s consequences of all treated badly by powerful positions of authority who seem to think they deserve God’s bigger lion share of world’s resources with accolades of self-righteous works than others. Ordinary people treated as scum of earth to fuel greed and avarice. So think people do not deserve God’s wealth equally on earth. Jesus’ Blood, shed once for all 6,000 years ago is God’s Mercy, Greater Love extends to fight on behalf of the fatherless and widows, those not considered by society to merit God’s blessings. Jesus is True Vine true believers obey, abide His branches hidden in Christ in God, watching, waiting for justice on Jesus Return.

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