For God so loves you His Beloved Priceless soul, He sent Jesus to come and save you so write your name here ………………………Jesus died for you to save you in John 3:16. In Matthew 24 Jesus said the elect win more souls and also cry and night to God as watchmen for God to shorten evil days on earth.  So make sure you belong to God Man made policies, conferences to discuss or reviews policies are a complete waste of time and resources. Despite information highway new laws, regular publications to educate, public it seems life rather creates more stress and pressure. The need to communicate knowledge everywhere abounds, bill boards, pamphlets, leaflets, booklets, literature handouts or complicated contradictory  to give awareness to society. All these is good and effective to some extent. However, it all adds up as information is soon discarded. Policy updates for changes in new regulations means a shift to use resources on glossy magazine documentation data more than day-to-day care of human life. Above all God the Creator hardly is included in human laws.


So Christ the King of Kings and Lord of lords is the Only one that can RESTORE TRUE PEACE on earth.The sooner the world wakes up to God’s Greatest Truth, mankind is incapable of ruling themselves without God. God granted permissive will to Adam and Eve who abandoned, rejected God to lean to own understanding deceived by devil. Since then mankind’s rebellious nature towards God got worse except the faithful few loyal to God. God set a time-table to allow people to recognize their error to repent and return to God in vain. So God sent Jesus to come directly to help influence and change people’s attitude towards God. Still it got worse for the Only Begotten Son of God was killed rather than accepted. God is angry so decided to give more chance to all people to change. God sent Holy Spirit to help in daily living as God is so Loving,s Kind, Forgiving for now. ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????He allows time to remove stony stubborn hearts to replace with heart of flesh to change bad ways. God is Merciful, Compassionate, Gracious now. But, when God feels Enough is Enough He will send Christ to come to rescue all who accept and love Christ. After rapture life, gets worse in tribulation with intensity of evil is worse than Noah’s flood, Sodom, Gomorrah combined. Christ said depth of evil has not been seen before and will never be seen again after tribulation.


It will be so evil people will beg God to die but will not but go through torture of pain and grief. So Christ is calling again to receive those not born again to repent. For backslider’s to return to God to change from worldly ways. To get ever ready for rapture and take advantage of  God’s Mercy. Christ will come back after rapture as a judge in the second coming. Christ will take a sword out if His mouth and start killing his enemies. Revelation 19:16 says the dead will piled high for beasts, birds to come to chew human flesh of kings, nobles, captains, poor people.  God’s patience is running out so Jesus warns in Matthew 10:34-39, He brought sword to divide good from evil.


The time has come to choose Christ above all names and all things. You must declare to Christ you belong to Him and cling to God. God’s Timing for sending Christ as Saviour is changing fast to Christ become a judge. Do not let Christ pass you by. Today when you hear His Voice accept Him to live for God in holiness righteousness in Jesus Name. Remember the worldly things will pass away so what will it profit to gain perishable disposable world to lose your eternal priceless  soul forever? Think about life’s choices made to see if Christ approves to join in with you. God values your priceless soul more than you know so ensure your decisions please God, for yourself and on behalf of others. God Loves you too much to lose you so do not let God down. Prove to God who are on His Side so He can Count on you as His Beloved Child and Friend.


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