The heart of God is bleeding for what mankind is doing to each other from generation to generation. The Lord God Almighty generously abundantly created a perfect theocratic world with Himself as Perfect Head and Leader. Ungrateful unthankful unappreciative mankind abandoned God in Eden.

imageSince Eden Garden for self-rule got kicked out of God’s Safe Protection. So chaos of epic proportions entered the world. Strategies to improve life seems to creates complicated complex stressful ways. So putting mankind under more pressure uptight and costing more than ever before to live a normal life. The cycle must be broken as it cannot be any more tolerated for pattern of life continue to deteriorate.d7a2a618281b4cbb34627eb18b2ed73c

The irony is those responsible for the imbalance of life cause so much pain and destruction to others in the process. Human life is enhanced in some aspects yet also devalued in other areas thereby creating contradictions. The worst part is none of this God’s fault although God gets unfairly blamed for the world’s problems. It is time to call upon God for forgiveness for rejecting Him to repair the damage caused by man for rejecting God.


God god wants us to look deeper inside in all areas of life choices to remember to keep Him alive in our hearts not just during  on some occasions daily in our business, family, international and domestic policies, because the earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof. It is impossible without God to go it alone without ensuring whatever is done falls in line with God’s  Will for mankind as a whole.


Mankind pays a heavy price for leaning to own understanding. Everything points to fact mankind is incapable of making it without God’s input. This is the reality check mankind must realise. We need God more than ever before! It amazes me what is done for selfish lust rewards yet things of God are dismissed as irrelevant or unencessary.  Whatever it takes is done to consume on flesh by greed yet a simple action to save souls eternally is ignored. Yet God demands the blood of unsaved from believers.



Recently we organised an event for young people. We invited people from all over the world to join us to make a clear statement on the position we stand with regard to morals. In the process we sent invitations to local schools and churches then made preliminary personal visits to speak and to clarify any issues of concern to them.right_way_wrong_way1_xlarge We got local centrally located venue easy to access and had appropriately trained and experienced staff in place. Many young people expressed their enthusiasm interest and adults were to accompany those within a certain age range. Mostly only some Christian schools were willing to participate.

16582167-illustration-depicting-a-roadsign-with-a-moral-high-ground-concept-evening-sky-backgroundOthers made excuses and bowed out. The theme of event was morals guidance for the young people to make wise choices for the future. We apply Bible morals source of authority to build foundation on. We know fully others understand, shared our views so expected full support or co-operation.


Yearly records showed moral decay on the rise as consequences of choices were often for life. We were horrified to learn the same society accuses, blames youth for loose moral actively encourages indulgence. Sending mixed messages trivializes it since young people lack frontal cortex brain many do not fully realise the deeper issues of moral life.????????????????????????????????????????

So needed guidance from a mentor to support and help them make good decisions in life. Young people and need good hobbies and habits to focus interests and passions. They need to concentrate on talents, abilities to bring joy to keep them preoccupied as the devil finds work for idle hands. Those being trained must be supervised to join others who made up mind to be pure based on accurate Biblical teachings.images (28)

Responsibilities connected to certain right choices and how it impacts life forever was clearly explained with prayer. It was worthwhile so this event takes place all over the world in various venues each year. Yet liberal views on intimacy condone strong urges must be indulged in at all cost. Without any self-control or respect for other people’s body as a Holy Temple of God, and a dwelling place of the Holy Spirit. Sex is trivialised as a sign of macho strength to get laid whenever one wants without any restraints.morals

Cartoons, videos, games, media, films all, highlight sex used to sell products. This desensitizes sex as mere casual porn commodity for indulgence with no thought of long – term effect or the damages to survivors. So many adults live with pain, grief, sorrow, nightmares reliving trauma of abuse with devastating effects on life, affecting love, focus, peace of mind. The damage is beyond explanation unless a person is a survivor.if-you-have-to-make-a-law-that-hurts-a-number-of-people-just-to-prove-your-morals-or-faith-then-you-have-to-true-morals-or-faith-to-speak-of

Sanctity of relationship and treatment of people is left to animal beastly instinct in such matters. Some take undue advantage of naive children grooming them with paedophilia gangs. Some network with each other to perpetrate abuse yet forget each human being is created in image of God. No matter circumstances or belief, God requires an account of how children, young people are treated by those in charge.unnamed (19)

Schools must give clear moral standards not just tell children, young people, a responsible use of condoms. The question is how can children know when to bother to get condoms while subjected to undignified treatment. The idea anytime intimacy is fun and entertainment through perverted abuse is really apalling savagery. As it destroys the life of survivors beyond expression of words.there-are-some-things-that-money-cannot-buy-like-manners-morals-and-intelligence-quote-1

Survivors live with damaging consequences while the perpetrator may not even remember them as human beings. Intimacy is a sacred act created, approved and endorsed by the Almighty God for legitimate use. It is not intended as a relief joke to indulge tension or lustful actions to abuse people. Many suffer hurt in silence and so compensations does not restore hurt deflowered virgin to original state. Neither does money wipe out grief and pain caused by such trauma retained for life.

Never-let-your-sense-of-moralsNever compromise self in any group with false sense of security to be involved to attack to cause pain and damage to others for fun. For no matter how dense a crowd, one cannot hide from the roaming eyes of God of Justice creator of priceless souls not valued or treated with dignity, respect and honour. God who sees in secret will fight for and vindicate survivors to thrive in Jesus Name to overcome trauma, reproach and despair. So teach children, young people to respect God’s creation.




Achieve dreams by using strategy to make dreams come true. Often delayed, deferred dream fizzle out due to lack of daily action toward attanment. Some dreams require intense preparation and als hard work. Other dreams are too big for dreamers alone to accomplish so need divine helpers. Trust and believe God to bring others on board to help a dream come to fruition in Jesus Name.images (27)

A person’s dream can be a major personal interest to achieve an own set life goal and desires. It can be a motivating factor to bless others to meet need. Having designed plan is necessary to move dream and vision out from the head and heart into reality believed for a life solid manifestation.unnamed (18)

The first most important step of achieving a dream is seek God’s face possibly through fasting, prayer and writing the vision down. After presenting it to the Lord God Almighty, ensure it is within the will of God, plans and purpose for your life. Seek God for genuine wisdom and direction.dreams_come_true-1680x1050

A dream can come unexpectedly from God for you to accomplish. God has higher plans and thoughts for your life so sometimes will choose you to do His will and bidding. It is important to stay small in own eyes to give all the Glory to God.

2556487_1511098_lz (1)

Other dreams are what you long to do to improve your life and help those around you. Dreams often influence other people by association. So impacts others close to you or in your range and vicinity. So if it a personal dream for self- improvement or personal development the onus is on you to focus in detail and step by step action daily.unnamed (11)

Develop bite size specific target strategy to achieve dream. Set simple goals to align with plan, passion to accomplish mission. Have daily chart, check list to measure progress of goals. Tick as each is done. Maintain consistent annual wall calendar to see the bigger picture. This helps monitor other roles and schedules to check availability and suitability.Bible-Quotes-Passages-Scriptures-and-Verses-about-Love-and-Gods-plans-for-us

Set routine time best for research, writing, talking, to take the relevant necessary action to attain set goals. One may change old habit of eating patterns if done at ungodly hours.  Leisure or pleasure time may change to accomodate dream short-term. May need to sleep and rest better for deeper thinking. kyle-courtney-harmon-dreams-come-true-redSpecific actions mean announcing to friends and family to support you. Be accountable to a mentor to guide and encourage you. Ensure environment is peaceful and quiet to concentrate. Sometimes all distractions, TV, phone, noise might be controlled or shut down in extreme cases to meet deadlines.


Relax in between and remember to add a reward point inbuilt for each stage to enjoy the process. A day out to rest sensibly and for a break to pamper yourself for success no matter if small celebrate your progress. Do not always wait for that special ultimate final day of fulfill dream to lift up spirit.unnamed (9)If any aspect of a dream is beyond personal input be willing to get help from experts. Do pass on the baton to the next generation like King David was asked by God to prepare the building material but Solomon was chosen to see to actual construction.


Keep accurate detailed records, notes, scrap paper any little item relevant in clearly labelled folders. Warn all not to dispose of anything seemingly out of sync. in the room, office, data, information for back up etc. Do not overwhelm frustrate yourself.

Collection of hundreds of Free Bible Verse from all over the world.

Do regular reviews against original dream and see how things evolve or change. Be flexible as some dreams may not match realistic expectation as you may soon find out. At least ticks box to know what works so guides to adapt transition to next phase.


There are good days when things run smoothly and one feels like walking on air. There are other days when one does not feel like getting out of bed to do anything. Whatever the case know your life value is priceless above all dreams. So do the best you can and let God help you achieve all dreams.


The JOY of the LORD is your Strength in God in Christ to encourage you daily to seek answers to questions to experience joy in Christian lives. Periods of sadness and depression enter life of most devout Christians even in the Bible. Job wished he was not born in Job 3:11. David prays to be taken to a place he would not deal with reality in Psalm 55:6-8. Elijah, after defeating 450 prophets of Baal with fire called from heaven in 1 Kings 18:16-46. JoyInJesus_Sq-450x450.pngElijah fled to desert so asks God to take his life in 1 Kings 19:3-5. So how can we overcome a period of joylessness? We see other people overcome their bouts of depression. Job said, if we pray count our blessings, God will restore us to joy and righteousness in Job 33:26. David wrote the study of God’s Word brings us joy of God in Psalm 19:8. David realized he needs to praise God in the midst of despair in Psalm 42:5.                 79db69_a90badb2087340acac07355b8dd191b7~mv2.jpg In Elijah’s case, God lets him rest for a time and sent a man, Elisha, to help him in 1 Kings 19:19-21. We need friends we share hurts, pains with in Ecclesiastes 4:9-12. Its helpful to share our feelings with fellow Christians not so surprised they struggled with same  things we go through. Its dwelling on ourselves, our problems, our hurts, and our pasts that never produce true spiritual joy.Joy is not found in materialism, and not in psychotherapy and is not found in an obsession with ourselves. Joy is found in in Christ by belonging to the Lord “glory and boast in Christ Jesus. Do not put any confidence in flesh says Philippians 3:3. To know Christ is to have a true sense of ourselves, true spiritual insight, making it impossible to glory in ourselves in our wisdom, strength, riches, goodness, but in Christ, wisdom, strength in His riches and goodness and in His person only.Joy in Christ is to immerse yourselves in His Word and seek to know Him more intimately your “joy will be full” in John 15:1-11. Remember through God’s Holy Spirit we find true joy in Psalm 51:11-12 and Galatians 5:22; 1 Thessalonian 1:6. We can do nothing apart from power of God in 2 Corinthians 12:10, 13:4. For the harder we try to be joyful by own effort the more miserable become. So rest in God’s arms in Matthew 11:28-30. Seek HIS face in prayer and read Scriptures.God is still on the throne and HE sees all the challrnges we face daily. God works behind the scenes to intervene on our behalf and we may not even know it. So let the God of hope fill you with joy and peace as you trust in HIM. Overflowing joy with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit fill your hearts and minds says Romans 15:13. Circumstances must not cause the loss of joy so choose Godly joy in Jesus Name. And tell the world God is good all the time and all the time God is GOOD in HIS PRESENCE IS eternal JOY.

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unnamed (16)God Spots is God’s Remote Control Point inbuilt in brain for contacting us. God’s wifi wireless antennae connect brain to uplink to heaven for receiving messages visions, information from God. Medical Scientists after numerous experiences documented over many years confirm mankind is directly in tune with God. These locations in brain scientifically revealed God Spots called, Controlled Remote Viewing (CRV) GodSpots specific spots created in brain linking us directly through God’s inbuilt thought processes in mind reminds us to retain God in our and remember to talk to God to receive answers from God. God wants constant uninterrupted Direct Line CONNECTION in Christ to heaven for quick attention. GodSpots maintain God’s Top Position in our hearts, minds for adoration, love, affection, worship, reverence and feel secure in love of God for us.05_Brains-greatest-Mystery_God Spots in brain helps communicate with God directly as the source of all wisdom and knowledge linking us to God. We experience Godly moments of consciously calling God or God reaching to us through Christ by His supernatural miracles. We are connected to God’s Top Spot regularly by instinct or gut feeling so make decisions looking up to God. We recognize extra courage, strength to achieve good success beyond normal abilities so say the Good Man upstairs watches over us constantly. God wants us consciously to know love Him The True Living Almighty God who Speaks to us. Brain scans registers and records changes in brain vivid joy, experiences taking place in the mind. Memories are recounted by people include children’s accounts agreeing with Bible truths.braingod-91197545cb9c89fc01996d6ccf9c5eda32ecdcaeThe medical team’s amazing wondrous miracles heard witnessed by numerous such encounters of people sharing their testimonies and experiences. All these true stories agreed on God’s power and love and life in heaven. Many see Christ angels, relatives who passed on with joy and smiles while passing. So recovered from comas with beautiful experiences of heaven. We cannot logically reason or explain how but know for sure Spirit of God through the Holy Spirit works in us. This process described is Controlled Remote Viewing (CRV) links to God from God Spots in brain. God Spots are used during prayer times, visions, Christian meditation, Godly messages received through people like seers and prophets.The Supernatural power God used to create universe is put into brain by God. So God’s Spirit backs us up we do things by God’s Mighty power for His Glory. God is source of wisdom, love so gives greater meaning to Christian believer’s life. God really manifests His knowledge in Bible. God is passionate about all His Children Loves to talk to communicate with us or vice versa. Scientific advance in medicine sees happening advance concept communicating with God scientific concept. And soon will become common place. An incredible spiritual events happening to confirm God Spots in brain. God impacts lives daily so those who take time to listen or write notes know that God talks to them. The creator of the brain knows best to connect mankind to Himself. It is important to  listen to Spirit of Living God for better understanding, knowledge of God being close to God. Missouri University neuropsychological basis for spirituality not just isolated to specific area of brain.” Brick Johnstone, Professor, School of Health Professions says, “Spirituality is dynamic so many parts of the brain play a role.” Certain parts of brain play more predominant roles work together facilitate spiritual experiences. God Spots link mind to God for the perfect peace beyond a human understanding. Juggling activities in life dealing with issues, easy to relegate God to back burner. God Protects His first in our heart Position in through God Spots brain connection to keep in touch with Jesus, Creation and Christian believers.God is truly amazing as more details of His Glorious Majesty is revealed by the sophisticated gadgets designed through talents and gifts inbuilt to magnify His Wonderful Creativity of brain scans. The universe  has long since shown God’s Power and now brain scan details show deeper insight of God’s creative expressions. So God is revealed through many different sources to confirm His Greatness and Omnipotence.god-is-happeningSo due Honour and Glory must be given to God as He Deserves in Jesus Name. God has so much interest in people  that He ensures we never lose touch with Him. God talks daily to us so we listen deeply to hear heaven’s music loud and clear as local radio station play records. NASA speaks to astronauts in space so Almighty God inbuilt in our brains His Own Controlled Remote Viewing (CRV) to stay in touch with beloved Creation daily on earth from heaven in Christ.


Godcast-Hearing-Gods-Voice-Thru-Worship-WIDEGodCasts podcasts through worship and Gospel Message to feed your mind, soul and Spirit. No matter how busy or what support you receive from family, loved ones or friends in life always remember to worship God. The greatest worship is during times of adversity, grief pain and sadness is to praise God. Confidence in God is testimony to Glorify God in Jesus Name.  Especially in the difficult lowest moments in life after rock bottom there is nowhere else to turn to. This is a best moment to sing to God, listen to Gospel music or write your own lyrics praising God. King David wrote, played Psalms in the praise to honour of God. God heard music of his worship and choose him as king over Israel. King David expressed a genuine love of God a personal devotion alone at times as a shepherd. The group worship in Church is wonderful but can sing to God or play musical instruments in privacy if your home or with friends.


God creates perfectly whole lives in God Image and likeness no matter if a tall or short person all belong to the LORD God for HIS GLORY in Christ Jesus. A height, stature, size, shape, race and colour of a person are man made categorisation. Be confident in God as Philippians 3:3 says God manifests HIS Name, Beauty, Glory in God’s creation in a whole life image. God’s Spirit is WHOLE in mankind in all shapes as related in God’s Truth. God is the creator of whole life in spectacular unique ways of billions of people’s life. The DNA of genetic retina, pupils, finger prints are each of a kind. So wholeness means each person is complete human being as God intends to Glorify Himself. downloadfile-47.jpg
God creates people in many forms as HE pleases extrordinary people are grateful and thankful for strength to cope daily in life. With gratitude and appreciation for daily tasks some take for granted. Its those recognise value of managing life in spite of adversity who know the real of overcoming daily. True value of those experiences some even complain about as not good enough for them. The desire for perfect designer baby gene selection means people choose the gender type of person to accept IVF background some prefer. Modern scientific modifications ensure human package desired provide test tubes accepted but the ones rejected destroyed after selection. The published article said parents rejected a twin not perfect in their eyes. Others sue hospital for scans misleading if child not perfect.20191111_215224.jpgMillions alive function as possible daily within capability of a whole life. God’s Spirit in mankind is perfectly whole so the physical body is just carrier of God’s whole life. A life does not depend on the shape of outer earthly body containing Spirit of God in man. This return to dust and the Spirit goes back to God. So these perfectly whole lives, accomplish even greater things than perhaps an average person. No matter outward self-image it is real God Image Spiritually Perfectly.photo-3One size life shape does not fit all in the creatures of God yet created perfectly. A Hitler Eugenism abused millions of the people deemed unfit for their purpose. He caused deaths of millions who had no choice or control over a God chosen destiny. So Nazis punished many people for experiments and cruelty some still suffer. Yet some whining and moaning daily need reality check to understand how other people live. What they do go through billions privileged unaware.images (41)The Bible says as man thinks he projects own insecurities on others he wanted to create a perfect society. Hitler destroyed families, others saved by Schindler’s list hiding the disabled people from Hitler and narcissistic hatred of bias prejudice by discriminating perfection obsession. Past Hitler threats means some disabled or ill people were hidden from a public life. Today, technology improves lives of disabled established by a strength to do all kinds of things in lives. Ably acquire job promotion get an insurance, people stops any discrimination.Image fetish outrageous vain prefer the superficial stereotypes body image not the real life Godly inner- beauty. A real whole life comes in all shapes and sizes. Yet constantly bombard the people not completely totally perfect, banged up a little, to want to get rid of whole life. In God’s Eyes everybody is beautiful so it is poor judgement to say people measure up to Hollywood air brushed perfection of treatment or less human. Such stress causes undue pressure for people to be performing to their false and unrealistic self-image imposed but is not real self.unnamed (14)Human adulation of the Hollywood idol is copied as role models for a size zero influenced world view of perfect body. Confidence depends on inner-strength high self-esteem real true – self in Christ not self-image. Hollywood must know to acknowledge Godly whole life talent for skills as gifts from God. So remember to value, celebrate, restore precious whole life God gives freely to all. The eugenism perfection is an ethnic cleansing racism disguised as protectionism. God created all people so Loves all sizes and shapes.cast-cares-on-himHitler descendant’s abuse by a capitalist performance expectations affects many imperfect whole lives, stretched beyond real- self capability. Consider real needs and support whole lives not maime and abandoned in time of need. The reality of life means Image comes from God not opinion of others. Man sees the outward parts but God looks at the inner- heart of perfectly whole lives in His Sight for all are good enough for God. Christians must stand up boldly to refute idolatry of body self-image worship glamorised. Christian believers have duty of care to set up various centres to rescue the lives abandoned by perfectionists who prefer certain shape, type, height, look, image, background. The Living God Almighty is watching, noting lives of all treated not good enough. Eugenism vanity affects society as too much emphasis is placed outward looks. The world needs to focus on giving special needs priority support. God is able to Glorify Himself in people.Know-God-Know-LoveGod’s whole life Spirit inside all lives on into their eternal glory in new spiritual garments given by God. The flesh passes away as dust no use whatsoever. Those who glory in the flesh abandon or reject others must remember flesh is outward garment. The Spirit of God is whole life within flesh so give God Glory for God is able to keep them all in perfect in Jesus Name. All things are made good by God and so remain good through repentance and forgiveness in Christ Jesus.images-2The inward whole life is more precious and priceless than the mere flesh and blood some prefer. Important to know God is Spirit eternally connected to us by Spirit to spirit. It is certain dwelling on yourselves, your problems, or hurts, and your pasts will never produce true spiritual joy. Joy is not found in physical shape, materialism and its not found in psychotherapy obsession of yourselves. We do not fully understand God but God is God. Nick Vujicic is a miracle of God’s amazing wonders and testimony knows and loves Christ in a true sense joy is a deep spiritual insight. Makes it possible to give GLORY to God not yourselves or your wisdom, strength, riches, goodness but its in Christ’s wisdom, strength, His riches, goodness, His person. So remain in Him, immerse ourselves in His Word, seek to know Him  intimately, our “joy will be full” John 15:1-11. Joy of the Lord does not depend on moods, feelings but in the confident assurance in Christ. slide18Hollywood fame takes on an unrealistic eugenic self- image concept but it must not totally abandon God. So the world needs to know God made the prototype patented people and each very beautiful as God chooses. The inner – man eternal so body is shed as soul’s outer clothing replaced God’s righteousness garment in heaven. The illusion of focus on bidy types and shapes preoccupied modern generations today. Their physical looks, appearance and clothes for perfection is creating superficial externally reference of outer body with inner content. So too much attention is given to physical look, styles, labels, clothing and shoe cost but not compassion and integrations of the people. In fact these classifications now becomes factors of who is good enough to keep company with by physical looks.

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