In 1 Samuel 3:1-19, Samuel a young child woke up, heard his name called by God. Samuel ran to Prophet Eli and said here I am but Eli did not call him it was God. Eli told Samuel to go to bed so Samuel heard God calling again 2 more times. Finally, Eli said to Samuel, you are hearing God’s Voice so answer God saying Here I am, Spreak LORD, your servant is listening. God gave messages to Samuel for whole nation due to the actions of Hophni Phinehas in the Temple against God. Prophet Eli was old retired and blind so his sons worked in Temple.19 They did not honour God and abused women. As a result God Spoke to a little boy to deliver message to whole nation so it happened. God was with Samuel as he grew up and so God let none of Samuel’s words fall to the ground all Samuel said came to pass exactly as God told him. 20 And all Israel, from Dan to Beersheba knew Samuel was a genuine man of God, attested prophet of the LORD. 21 The LORD God continued to appear at Shilo where HE revealed HIMSELF to Samuel through HIS WORD. Today one still clearly hears God’s Voice, recognize God’s VOICE as one knows the sound of various voices in family. God’s Voice is Poised, Soft, Gentle, Tender Loving, Handsome, Smiles  sometimes if Good News. Feelings of Joy is in Presence of God’s Holy Spirit, laughter, elation, deep inner peace accompanies the joyful moment encouraging a loving intimate happiness. Godly joy is calm mature joy composed heart deeply in love with God and Christ First LOVE. GOD’s gives great confidence and wonderful refreshing joy. In the Presence of God, revealed visions, and dreams are seen by knowing LORD God personally, enjoying genuine love, trust, hope in Christ. God’s Heavenly hosts, angels are with us with messages from God so listen to hear God’s VOICE.

God uses meaningful real dreams to Speak to people. In the last days people will dreams dreams speaking of real life events from God to the world through you. Dreams open way to receive God’s Grace into new realms of possibilities. Other dream destroy seeds of doubt and deception from enemies. In Genesis 37:9 Joseph dreams more dreams and told his family God showed him visions of family bowing to him. This came to pass in real life experiences after he dreamed many dreams. The Lord speaks through dreams to give instructions and gives Divine healing. In Numbers 12:6, as God said, Hear my words, if there a Prophet among you I the Lord God will make MYSELF known to him in vision, and speak to him in dreams. Pay serious attention to Hears GOD’S VOICE. The Spirit of the Lord reveals deep secrets of God but if the Holy Spirit is grieved God is silent. Yet uses another person like Samuel in the case of Eli and nation of Israel. God Visits for some assignments and God Feels Let down, Jesus Weeps, or Silent in Deep Thought if Disappointed. God changes HIS tone of Voice with deep sad impression revealing to prophets the sad secrets in advance. One may feel sorrowful, weeps intensely for days, shaking, spirit of heaviness interceding praying for days with prayers and supplications asking for GOD’S Mercy until feeling Holy Spirit uplifting by answered prayer for change. Others confirm messages you receive so noted down in writing or video diaries in line with God’s Messages to you. Word of God in Bible confirms God’s Voice, logos rhema word comes alive in a new light like never read verse before.

Above all, Praise, Sing and worship God privately to seek God’s Face sometimes with fasting prayer to ask Him to clarify messages. The human capacity does not immediately grasp full message ask God for further instructions. Ask God for sign of confirmation as Hezekiah told God to prove HIS WORD turning sun dial clock back in time by 40 degrees. Worship God write message down, date it, look out for more messages concerning first message when God manifests previous visions or messages comes to pass. Remember to thank God testify of God’s Goodness and Love as we defeat devil by our testimony. God’s Testimony in us by the Holy Spirit is through Christ God’s Lamb’s Blood in Jesus Name. Jesus speaks directly from heaven as He did to Saul / Paul on way to Damascus Syria to persecute  Christians. In the same way God speaks directly to people on earth as heard or seen during the baptism of Jesus by John the Baptist.

When Jesus was baptized by John the baptist God’s Voice descended as a dove to CONFIRM and APPROVE Jesus as the True Messiah and the Son of God. God’s Voice was heard and seen like a dove symbolizing the Holy Spirit. In Matthew 3: 16-17, after Jesus was baptized in river Jordan water the heavens opened and He saw the Spirit of God descending like a dove above Hin from heaven. Jesus saw the Spirit of God Our Heavenly Father and the Holy Ghost testified of Jesus by descending like a dove above Him. Then a voice from heaven, saying: This is my beloved Son, to Him I am well pleased, so hear and obey Him. John the Baptist told people repent of sins and be saved. “Jesus said His sheep hear His Voice.
Those who prefer ignoring GOD’S VOICE to only hear human voices cannot HEAR God. God REVEALS HIMSELF everyday one way or another to those who Know and HEAR HIS VOICE.  Those who doubt God can ask God to help their unbelief as God STILL SPEAKS today. Some refuse to hear GOD’S VOICE although HE Talks to them. The average Christian’s lifestyle is so busy not conducive to hearing God’s voice. God does not force, impose HIS WILL on people. Those who only prefer hearing human voices cannot hear God. Those who put their all their confidence and trust only in people cannot hear God. Those who doubt God can still speak today will never hear God even if He talks to them. For they shut their ears to God or they are too busy to call God directly or listen to God’s Voice. Those too busy on gadgets, computer, phone must switch it off to hear God.

Those with false humility reject God’s Voice but PREFER to HEAR only friends all day long. For instance typical answer to question, “How are you? responds with problems, illness, chaos. They cannot shut up long enough to be quiet in God’s Presence to hear God’s Voice. Some fear solitude as loneliness so miss out on practice of the Presence of God. Othets condemn humble dedicated God Lovers, disciplined enough to be silent for a few moments daily to hear God’s Voice as God fanatics. Such ridicule and mockery caused GOD’S WRATH to fall by rain and flood destroying some in days of Noah and fire of Sodom and Gomorrah. These actions prevent some people from hearing God’s Voice directly. Some say they are Moses hearing God’s Voice on other’s behalf. Also negative self- talk drives away God’s Presence. Reverence of God brings God’s Loving Presence. Some make lazy excuses with things of God but judge, criticize or jealous of those who fear God. God USES foolish things to confound the wise so miss God’s Voice misinterpreted as annoying, super-spiritual or fearful of God’s anger because of lifestyle choices. The humble Honour God and boldlly say, “God told me confidently knowing God performs His Word. Do not be molded, conditioned to be skeptical, critical and neagative falsely analytical or rebellious, challenging, doubtful never accepting God’s Truth. So seek traditions of men logical reasoning proof of God to their own hurt and destruction. God’s Words never returns void or change no matter how arrogant people feel above God Himself. God Surely Speaks to the humble who Listen, Love, Obey, Him.

Key to Hearing God’s voice

  • All people hear God’s Voice, including young children. People hear God’s Voice in different ways.  The issue is how many pay attention or take notice of God’s Voice. Some ignore Voice thinking its their own voice, thoughts or the devil speaking to them. It is important to write down thoughts, visions, dreams and check Bible examples.
  • Write Messages Down, Date, Pray about message. Listen for Follow up and manifestation of message.
  • The first key to hearing God’s voice is to go to a quiet place be still as own thoughts, emotions. affect hearing God Psalm 46:10 encourages us to be still, let go, cease striving, noise.
  • Start with Praising and worshiping God, By God’s Grace, worship talk to God with Psalms, Hymns.
  • Set time aside to talk, discuss God for where 2 or 3 are in God Presence, God is with them Speaks So Hear God. God Reveals Himself to those who welcome and celebrate God in Jesus Name.

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