God’s Contract Agreement:- God’s terms and conditions apply in God’s contract covenant agreement based on God’s Terms for solutions in life. The Christian believer must follow God, obey and fulfill God’s Will. God’s terms and conditions for believer to live according to God’s plans, purposes designed in exchange of contract agreement.

Pricing Costs:- 100% off so fully covered as Christ paid priceless cost with His precious blood in advance before you were born. You are freely chosen  as Christ’s Bride by Bridegroom Christ. In John 3:16 God so loved the world He gave his Only Begotten Son Christ to save all. God is Love So Loves You Absolutely. Have Strong faith to Believe in God for your heart is God’s Home. Seek the Lord and you’ll find He loves you.

Agree: you must agree to accept Christ and be bound by all these terms and conditions to remain in the Kingdom of God. Everyone has to read the Bible small print in God’s Contract Agreement. This is God’s Covenant with mankind to sustain, provide, protect and preserve the soul into eternity beyond life today.

Delivery Promise:- God delivers through Christ so you are God’s patented copyrighted child of God. God Owns Your Life so you belong to God. Keep God’s Word In Your Heart for God is the Center of your life.

Legal Advisor: Believer’s advocate Christ is win win justice purchased by Christ sole guarantor advocate given power of attorney by God to administer God’s terms and conditions. Compliant with God’s Regulations Christ is only way for Christian believers to reach God in Jesus Name. Legal fees paid for by blood of Jesus guaranteed legal aid.

Privacy Policy:- Totally unlimited Love for God Jealously guards you His Beloved so read God’s Love Letters to you. Submit to God’s will,“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.” Matthew 11:28.

Contacting Us: Jeremiah 33:3 Call God and He answers you so shows you, great and mighty things you do not know. Talk to God as intimate friend daily to get to know God better and Trust in God through Christ, God’s Master Card.

Secure Shopping Catalogue:- God’s Advertised Contract Agreement Document is Ten Commandments for a secure shopping checklist magazine, pamphlet, manual, guide, unlimited download on line, call, text mobile prayer line orders.

Supply of Goods: Great Provider like the Jehovah Jireh supply’s all your needs according to God’s riches in Glory by Christ Jesus like paradise. This principal truths and value guides your conscience in Jesus Name.

Awards: Loyalty cards with rewards point gifts, talents, crown of life, eternal life based on God’s competition terms and conditions. Nothing touches your soul hidden in Christ in God to win and triumph always in Jesus Name.

Feedback: Worship and Love God, do His Work in Unity and humility. Empowered by God Jesus passed His test for TESTIMONY so you pass for your testimony through blood and name of Name of Jesus. You must actively participate in appropriate Godly events and initiatives and do your part. Sponsor Gospel to save, read and study, share, word of God.

Returns Policy: Christ accepts returns including damaged goods. Christ Guarantees never to turn away no matter how low fallen for Christ forgives sinners who repent and restores sinners more than 70 x 7 times in Jesus Name.

Statutory Rights: Priceless brighter heaven’s mansions with lifetime guarantee homes for all souls in eternity.

Cookies:-  The Holy Spirit is profile tracker that trails and locates your footprints wherever you are. God eyes are upon you with His guardian angels protecting you in Jesus Name.

Options:- Available Unlimited choice depends on you to accept God’s terms & conditions in Christ or reject and perish.

Cancellation: Total rejection of God leads to final cancellation separation from God and eternal life in hell.


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