Ever ready in Jesus Name is testimony motto of all steadfast Christians.This is central thought and pre-occupation of Christians on earth. Ever ready means we belong first as a Christian = Christ+ i+ a(all)+ (n) neighbour. So this sets us apart to dwell in God’s presence everyday. The believer is ever ready in here and now for God in Jesus Name.’ Without fixation on dates, year for rapture, believer must actively seek face of God for own life and loved ones plus community.


Jeremiah 33:3 says call upon God, He will answer you, and show you great and mighty things you do not know about. Rather than looking up to God and others for joy, satisfaction abuse self. So, connect directly to God Himself who Loves you. Low self-esteem, insecurity looks for affection in wrong places so brings misery not long-lasting pleasure. It is not too late to turn life to Christ for inner healing, peace, joy He gives. Focus on Christ, be human, compassionate and kind to others, love others no matter your station and situation in life.


Ever ready Christian motto is urgent message to Church to include all, and those in entertainment programming, fun activities, leisure and pleasure to remember God is real. To ask people in church meetings if believers are ready for Christ’s return. Inviting members to commit lives daily in readiness for trumpet call. Ever ready in Jesus Name for God’s chosen time.’ Ever ready fully prepared for rapture in God’s Time in Jesus Name.

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No matter where, what, when the trumpet sounds we are in by grace of God. We are in the world but not of this world as chosen and peculiar people of God by faith. Desensitization and busyness keeps world’s attention on physical aesthetics. It is great and a wonderful achievement to get all the highest accolades and titles of the world. It does not profit to gain world to lose souls. It is good whole generations long to live fully prepared for Christ.

They ensured daily objects were reminders and triggers to remember their eternal destiny. People fellowship daily in readiness for Christ return. Some still doors opened for return Christ and ability to rush out for rapture. A Christian’s life is peculiar elite soldier lifestyle ready and fully equipped for Master Jesus’ calling for duty at anytime. Jesus Name is to be daily lifted up above all names in all aspects of life by Christian believers.

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Church needs to teach ever ready messages as God wants people to understand true meaning of life. It is essential to live in a readiness for Christ because reality of Christ to save many from destruction. God patiently waits graciously, merciful but yet will not tolerate sin forever. As nobody knows exact time, date, hour, so be ready for Christ calls all souls to be hidden in Him in God’s safe dwelling place.

Gratification of flesh, if all a life is lived for or desired, as a preoccupation; it is necessary to remember flesh will be discarded like garment one day. Then the soul remains alive and returns to eternity of choice based on decisions and activities of a lifetime. So, to focus only on life in here and now, to party, drink, rave as if there is no tomorrow, is not God’s desired plan and purpose for life. Even if deprived from learning about God as a child, now one can do the right thing to live for God as adult. Now you know better because you will account of your life God. Christ loves you deeply and cares about your soul. God requires response to His Love for you show gratitude and appreciation.

Prepared to make decision ensuring your life is safely secured  in Christ in God. The enemy of souls does not want you to wise up to see clearly to make right choice for your life. God wants you not to be mislead to live in debauchery,  not serious. So, value most important precious life belonging to God. Life is meaningful, indispensable, pleasing Master Jesus Who demands an answer for lifestyle.

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The believer’s potential greatness is ever ready to accomplish impossible Greater works for God. It is not for personal glorification because all the Glory goes to God. Greatness is inbuilt by God, activated through Christ. All people are created in the Image of God’s Greatness in humans. The believer grows from glory to glory due to God’s Glory restored by Christ. People fall short of Glory of God by sin so Christ restores God’s Glory God through repentance forgiveness. So a believer in Christ in God has the Holy Spirit at work in and through them. Believers become conduit of God’s Greatness so source of  all Greatness is God. With God Greatest Truth at work in believer, God’s Greatness Naturally flows to make God’s believer great foe we serve a Great God in Jesus Name.

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