When the trumpet sounds by the angels accompanying Jesus God’s people start flying upwards into heaven. Those who believe in God prepare themselves by the grace of God will be rescued from evil on earth. So many wars, chaos so evil becomes too much to bear on earth. God has already made a plan to send Jesus to return from heaven to come collect God’s people from earth up into heaven.

Rapture & Left Behind

Life is changing so rapidly God will intervene soon to save His own from such pain into His safe place prepared for them. There has been so many dates, times set in past so many times people feel church cried wolf so do not bother anymore with rapture. So must not put people off to get ready as nobody knows exact time, date or season. It is better to ensure one is connected to God ready for trumpet sound at any time, day or night.

Do not worry or waste time on doctrines of who is right or wrong. Focus and concentrate on your personal salvation to have right relationship with God in Christ to ensure you are God’s chosen faithful few. Whether belonging to church have personal right attitude towards God. Your salvation depends on decision by Christ the Saviour Advocate. Too much time and energy and time is spent arguing about whose version of interpretation of the rapture is more accurate.The church is still engrossed is debates of who is correct, accurate on the precise timing of rapture.
Some wrongly set times, dates and take advantage of people forced to commit suicide based on asteroid prediction. The real truth in Bible about God’s plans about rapture is in Matthew 24 :40. 

No matter how big your leader or highly you esteem them search the scripture for yourself and ask the Holy Spirit to give you wisdom and guidance.

Courtesy Rapture Image John R. Houk © May 29, 2012


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