Spooky: The Jesus-like figure can be seen on top of the cloud, with a crescent of light shrouding him

Christ is clearly present as figure blessing with His arms outstretched in this image bearing uncanny resemblance to Jesus. Jesus with arms outstretched, floats on a cloud, with a crescent of light acting as a halo Cloud formation. God is present and constantly interested in the affairs of the earth. Christ appears often in many place in dreams and visions all over the world. God and Christ manifest daily in different places to reassure people they care about the world and love people deeply. Revelation 1:9 says ‘all eyes shall shall Him’ one day in future when He returns with angels and trumpet to take saints to mansions in heaven. This is forerunner photograph to guide world to wake up to take God seriously. The world events begin to precede Jesus’ coming to get world’s attention to prepare, get ready for future rapture. Jesus appeals for all to be saved to avoid coming tribulation on earth. People need to appreciate Holy Presence of Christ to give thanks and Glory. Honour, Celebrate with Thanksgiving the compassion, mercy and grace of God for all people.

The photographer Luc Perrot looked up from his camera, was startled to see the figure apparently standing in the midst of the clouds. He said: ‘I was making a time-lapse video with movement of clouds above Cirque of Mafate. I began scanning the horizon for a good shot. ‘As I looked up I noticed a shadow floating on clouds surrounded by rainbow. ‘It took me by complete surprise. When I looked back at the footage, it gave me feeling of divine apparition so looks amazing unique.’ ‘When I saw footage I realized figure was surmounted by a white arc, which reminded me very much of a halo.’

The rainbow is God’s covenant sign of love for mankind for His mercy so shows up on special occasions as God pleases. The presence of Christ creates feelings flowing from His appearance to reach a person in His presence. So accompanying the presence of God is always the Holy Spirit some call awe, aura of God seen in visions and dream. The Holy Spirit  has a deep intense presence with sombre reverence, honour or joy depending on emotional response. A bubbly vibrant person jumps with joy, shouting, smiling laughing rushing towards the Saviour. A reserved conservative person taught  to control emotions may receive Christ in a cool calm collected manner. As some feel humbled the Saviour chooses to reveal Himself to them, so in awe of Him. They may kneel, pray, worship Him. Some may laugh with joy, exuberant, happy to see long  longed for and awaited Messiah. Others cry tears of joy so relieved that their toil and suffering in life was not in vain. Assured the Saviour cares after all, when in the most lowest moments they felt Christ took no notice of their faithfulness and dedicated service thought He had abandoned them. They are truly happy Christ recognizes them after all. Each person’s response to the presence of Christ is different.

The woman at the well rushed to bring the whole town of Samaria to see Jesus. At times, however, even the disciples could not recognize Jesus when he walked on water they thought He was a ghost, and Martha thought He was gardener after resurrection; When Jesus joined Peter and John on the walk to Emmaus they did not realize He was Christ their Master. Christ appears daily to many people who see Christ in visions healing them, delivering them or commissioning them into His ministry to win souls for God. They go to a local pastor to teach them from the Bible what their experience and calling means. Other people see Christ as a result of receiving the fruits of generational blessing prayers of faithful, loyal family members praying on their behalf. For years they pray and intercede for them to have a personal encounter with the Saviour. They prayed  Christ to visit them to stir their heart in faith in Christ to receive Christ to be saved, changed and have eternal life for the family circle to be complete in heaven. So it important to acknowledge, respect Christ and not mock or reject Christ. Those who reject Christ will judged by Him not as Saviour.

So Christ must be given the credit where credit is due as the Glorious Halo light shining emanates from Christ. Jesus is surrounded by a bigger halo circle seen in pictures depicting His Holiness. How can a man holding his camera, focused and looking at the scene he was filming, suddenly change into a white apparel with arms wide open circled by halo? Then be projected as a reflection of the image of Christ? Science tries to explain miracles of Christ and God’s supernatural events with logical human reasoning beyond explanation of mind capacity. Christ is obviously seen clearly in photo yet said probably to be due to result of a weather phenomenon known as the Brocken bow, fogbow or mountain spectre. It is apparently enormous and magnified shadow of an observer, cast upon the upper surfaces of clouds opposite sun. This misty mountainside or cloud bank, due to frequent fogs and low-altitude accessibility of Brocken, a peak in the Harz Mountains in Germany. A local legend from which the phenomenon draws its name Brocken spectre was observed and described by Johann Silberschlag in 1780, often recorded in literature about the region. The Cirque of Mafate is a remote and inaccessible volcanic crater – and is a favourite with hikers due to its unspoiled nature.


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