Teach your child to read from home before they start school so it will help the child enjoy school better. Many excellent learning tools, gadgets are available and various learning theories out there. However, some books are cluttered with chaotic information not suitable to help the child focus. For a personalized book of the child’s progress, create an own words book from child’s first single words to keep for child to use as scrapbook. Use a variety of coloured paper, cut to shape of alphabets for child to see words formed from their mind transferred onto paper. Teaching children art and crafts can become fun for everyone.There exists many reading schemes with top of the range sophisticated gadgets with music played along to calm the child. Some have preset buttons and computers to press to entertain the child while making learning fun. Whatever method is chosen by the parent, it is important to ensure it is suitable for child’s needs. Keep learning box safe, full of materials. Make learning fun, enjoy the process using lots of colouring pencils and pens. Cut out trousers, shirts, bags, shoe shapes etc. to make learning creative and attach them on a string with coloured pegs. A young child must never be left alone on computer for too long due to radiation or use workbooks to tutor themselves on their own. Even if child is perfectly behaved and trustworthy they still must be supervised. The child’s foundation stage is essential to learn to read so must never be left to chance. Set time aside to work together from 15 minutes to an hour depending on child’s level of development and spurt growth. Use notebook to correct words not understood or spelt correctly to be redone so child gets it. Use both big and small alphabet and teach number song, phonetics, rhymes, mnemonics. Present child with both letters of alphabet on one page as shown below.

download (1)screen568x568

Next write each of the alphabets Aa to Zz in both big and small letters together with the numbers as above on A4 shown on page to teach child etymology of words. Sing alphabet songs many times until child can sing the song. Then point to each letter until the child masters various sounds of each alphabet. Point to each alphabet while singing the song again and again. This helps child identify each sound. Next boldly copy each single alphabet per A4 page e.g Aa on A4 page, then Bb per page page, Cc per page until last alphabet Zz per page at top centre of A4 paper. Go back to the original first page with Aa on A4 paper to continue to create dotted lines of each alphabet as shown here. 



Write alphabets Aa and in dots per A4 page for the child so child learns both big and small alphabet together.After the child practices the alphabets check to see if child can write without the dotted lines on their own. Ensure child’s hands follow each shape of alphabets. Continue on next pages under the first letter Aa on A4 page write extra large font size of first letter Aa, well spaced out on first line. Write only one Aa and only one Bb per A4 page all the way to last alphabet Zz per A4 page. Keep it simple with one big and small alphabet for more focus on the alphabet. Add pictures to alphabet so child recognizes each letter on its own better. This makes reading and writing easier with distinctive alphabet image early stage of learning process.


Write each alphabet, one at a time eg. Aa, Bb only per page of top page on A4 paper repeat alphabets of each letter. Proceed to hold the child’s hand with the pen/cil in hand together to trace and fill in dotted line alphabets written down. Only one written per page in small lower case letters beside bigger case letters. Lines are drawn under alphabet to write each alphabet many times. Sample dotted word is written on first line to help child grasp shape to write.


images (29)




Ensure motor skills are correct and child is taught direction motion of each shape of letter. The age to decide when to do both reading and writing depends on each child’s capability. Practice this writing skill until the child is ready to hold a pencil or pen to write. Hold the child’s hand with a pen/cil on paper and trace the alphabets. This helps child to better understand the flow and direction of writing depending on shape of letters from left to write on page or right to left depending on community.


Each alphabet or word must be carefully explained with sound familiar to child. Write each alphabet from Again from Bb to Zz per page on A4 paper until pages filled many  times per line. Let child copy each alphabet on page by child’s writing pace until they master and remember each word.Remember some children are right or left handed so work with natural motor skills do not force them to change. A brain and hand to eye coordination direction depends on each child’s writing whether left or hand right handed. So use an age appropriate technique for each child as each child is different.


images (31)


To help the child master reach alphabet, let child try writing free style each alphabet without dotted to try to see if child can write on their own.  Some get process faster than others so work at child’s pace and at their appropriate level of learning alphabet. In addition, to the left or right hand movement, the child holds a pen according to each stage of development.So look out for suitable pencils, pens for both types of writing. Ambidextrous, amboverts or ambidextrose  children manage to write fairly easily with both hands. Work with child to determine exact appropriate writing. Some children may not be ready to read, write but creative in building things, moulding, origami style creativity. Observe child to identify reading interest to not leave too late as some children are moulded by 7 years cannot undo damage if not helped early. With computer addictive video games it is hard to get child to stop playing to start learning alphabets or numbers. Ensure a child reads or write first before allowed gadgets. After child writes alphabets increase letters from simplest to complex sounds blended phonetically. Words progress from single to longer words to put alphabets together with sounds.

For example start with i=I, me=m+e, my=m+y, if=i+f, be=b+e, we=w+e, go=g=o, to= t+o, do=d+o, it=i+t, by= b+y, us=u+s, up=u+p, on=o+n, so=s+o, no=n+o, of=o+f, oh=o+h, he=h+e, is=i+s. Then increase the alphabet after the child can spell the two letter word by themselves. Start with simple 3 letter words like:- you, him, her, she, our, all=a+l+l, bee, yes, top, more, sure.  A4 paper is a good memory document for child’s progress of learning stages. This works well as they are not distracted by games, adverts or irrelevant pictures in pre-designed books bought. The adult must cut out paper, keep scissors safe out of reach of children. Hope child genius progresses to Mary Poppin’s supercalifragilisticexpialidocious or to world’s longest 3 hour 189,819 letter word and scientific name for titan.

images (21


Again repeat the process to copy each single number one only per page  from 1-100 on A4 page for early years stage. Repeat on A4 page top line 1 = one,  2 = two, 3= three, to 1oo = hundred. Write dotted number on each line to help child holding their hands for direction of flow of each number. Sing number songs to master number sound phonetics. Children are like sponges so absorb information. Adults must always supervise child to write or do activity safely. Create shapes from colour wheel colour clothes, cups, combs, paper cut to shape teach child it is easy to learn so item is pasted on A4 paper one alphabet per page or a number. Good success needs tons of affection, praise, reward, love, gentle correction, compassion, fun, remember once was child too!

eat_your_colors_crunch_a_color FDC0106F-0F05-4ED2-8838-99C760B1B585_mw1024_s_n









Create space for child’s personal learning materials. Take opportunity to train child to take out learning kits and tidy them neatly from 2+ years depending on ability. Work with child with soft books, hard book and graduate to writing skills. In a similar way the teach child various colours using edible fruits and fruit juice cups. Use a variety of teaching techniques suitable for child. Have a lot of patience, understanding, be firm, compassionate and endure sacrifice of taking time to invest in the child’s future. God will bless you for investment of teaching them. It is good to train a child in Godly way in the same manner pay close attention to the child’s learning to read. Be patient and tolerant to help the child learn one colour at a time.

What-is-Edible-Playdough.jpg safe edible mini water beads








If the child is able to learn faster than average as a gifted child do not slow them down either. Each child is different so work with the way the child learns. God says’ my people perish for lack of knowledge. So early learning truth a child knows sets them free. Take the foundation years of a child’s learning very seriously  as this has an impact on their life. Buy simple sound teaching fun music accompanying colours or create your own simple method using coloured paper. Teaching a child does not have to break the bank. Use healthy natural food colours available safely to make edible play dough recipes to eat. Use children’s books or own recipes to bake natural healthy recipes, make fruit juices, blend fruit shakes. Education is easy if you know how.



prism-spectrum-illustration-diagram-editable-keynotecombs for art











A child does not need too much information at a time. Bite size doses in a child’s scrap book. Some children grasp both colour and shape together. Never compare a child’s progress with another child in focus hoping to create competition enthusiasm. It creates sibling rivalry, bullying because it increases a child’s insecurity. It discourages child from doing well so feels in shadow of others. Each child is unique in own way so some are better calculators, readers or vice versa. For younger pre-school infants buy already made shape blocks to help the child’s understanding of shapes and sorting coordinating skills. Emphasis is on colour or shape first depending on child’s ability.


Depending on child’s need it can be used to teach 3D shapes, traced or printed onto play dough as shown here. Be actively involved in child’s progress by pointing out spelling errors in love to help child correct grammatical mistakes. This is not cheating because God corrects those He loves. To let a child grow uncorrected is not good. Look out everywhere during nature walks, outings, journeys, to explore words, road signs, numbers, colours, science through everyday experiences. Do not depend on only marks in books from school classroom. Ensure the child can read to you personally and spell basic simple words for their own good. Individual differences mean one teaching style does not fit all. So what is good for a genius child may not be best for another child. Explore the child’s abilities and level of understanding. sorting+colors+70An adult must always supervise the child to write down or draw each activity and redeem the times so not to waste time. Redeem the times and be instant in season as a good soldier of Christ. Be disciplined to help the child manage time well to stop wasting time. Enjoy ball pools colours to celebrate fun activities as part of colours learning in early years. An unread child feels like living among people speaking language not understood. So words and signs seem like one is on holiday in another country unable to join to speak or understand basic conversation. It causes a child who cannot read or write to be timid, shy, afraid to make mistake.




f3b519c4fdbd2a09b7422b93bacd2632 (1)

Frustrated, refuses to try as feels embarrassed so lacks confidence to interact in classroom. Traditional method keeps the child’s attention more on alphabets and numbers than influence child with ideas for shopping images in books at tender age. A child needs to fully comprehend numbers and alphabets on their own before attached to adverts. Ensure child’s eyes tested, if dyslexic use bright colours, big bold letters, paper cut outs or practical learning skills. Make sure child eats, rests and sleeps well. A parent is child’s first teacher so do not feel untrained, unequipped to teach. With God all things are possible.


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