14_nothing-can-separateGod’s love is so strong, eternal, so secure in God’s love. Things may be shaken around us and may cause us pain yet God is still on the throne. The chaos and confusion is caused by people against people, in rebellion against God’s way. God is not pleased at the carnage, destruction, starvation and battles raging all over the world. God wants all to live in peace, love and unity. The damage or loss affects all suffering. Often it is the women and the children who bear the brunt of it all. Storms, tornadoes, typhoons, tremors, whirlwinds, tsunamis, earthquakes and floods in life continue. Such events test faith to the limit to ask why God but truth is most are man-made consequences affecting innocent ones. It is time to draw close to God as true believers assured through Christ of personal salvation.

1362353241_jesus-loves-youIn traumatic moments it is important to continue obeying God’s words and commandments, doing the right thing pleases God. Keeping up in faith, looking up to Christ means nothing shall separate us from the love of God in Jesus Name. The Kingdom of God is here among us now so it is more urgent than ever before to share salvation message with all those interested and willing to humble themselves to be saved. The world is changing rapidly and people are making more plans for the future. The grace and mercy of God makes life possible in Jesus Name to daily ensure souls hear and receive the word of God. It is an imperative priority and calling to declare and share God’s word boldly. God loves all so much He wants all to be saved to love God to receive Godly understanding, wisdom knowledge of God to God’s Glory.

LOOK-JESUS-IS-COMINGFaith is reason why people face adversity yet hold on in Christ. Zealous ones lead many to God by approaching in love yet suffer for helping to save. Those busy doing own things with selfish motives try to sabotage power of God’s name so monopolize and tell others without them people cannot be saved. Christ is calling and giving chances to all to change so not to lead others to God then perish. God in His Mercy makes provision for all to be saved, for the lost to be found and brought back into God’s Fold. God’s loving arms are wide open to save. The pain of rejection, abandonment, grief affect some to blame God. So mock, ridicule, faith, belief in Christ, try to stop others from believing or receiving God. Try to influence or recruit others to rebel against God. Time wasters argue endlessly, looking for reasons not to not know God. The choice to love and remain in God’s Kingdom is powerful to overcome challenges. Some visible outward trappings of religion accomplish a lot in the name of God but persecute others.

imagesThey try to convince others why God is not worth believing so want to mislead others like Adam and Eve to disobey God. God gave them up on to continue in rebellion for they are already condemned. Psalm 37 perfectly describes God haters. Those doing the right thing must not fret because God haters flourish for a season. It is important to examine one’s own conscience to know which group one belongs to on a daily basis. Life goes on amidst many things in faith to encourage oneself and others in the faith. For it is written some will continue doing business as usual, counting profits, exploit God’s creation to acquire, celebrating size of bank balance, assets, stocks, shares until trumpet sounds. Some continue to marry, be given in marriage, busy showing off beautiful spouses, proud conquered partner. Instead of Glorifying God, brag, boast, stockpiling while planning expansion of barns yet poor workers lack caused by them.

thumbGod says believers must continue in strong faith of God to lead life as normal as possible while paying extra attention to God. The world offers more pleasure, leisure, entertainment than never before as distractions to keep off Godly narrow way. Its important not to be consumed with worldly preoccupation to fit in and blend in like Joneses. God says the very elect must watch out. At times you may seem the least person to people yet precious in God’s Eyes. So hold in faith trusting God to vindicate faith, trust, confidence in God. Helping to carry one another’s burdens in demonstrating our love for one another to fulfill the law of Messiah in Galatians 6:2. We are called to fulfill Godly loving of one another by helping bear each other’s burdens. This can be accomplished in practical ways by relieving those who are overloaded with responsibilities. It can also be accomplished through extending encouragement and comfort to those who carry heavy emotional burdens, although practical help should not be neglected. Jesus is an example to us in this respect always willing to bear our burdens, as a source of comfort if let down. God helps us in carrying more than our share of the load. Jesus said,“Come to Me, all you weary, heavy burdened and I will give you rest,”in Matthew 11:28.


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