Interests_of_Others In Philippians 2:4 believers are to look after each other’s interest not just their own. One is often busy and so focused on own’s life and challenges there is hardly thoughts given to others around us. The pressures and stresses of responsibilities and other duties and commitments means at times one needs to function on auto-pilot. Yet God is telling believers to care enough about the well-being of others. Life is a give and take as events turn out. It is not deliberately set up whereby every time one gives automatically it means getting back from same person. God’s word says that a good measure pressed down shaken together flowing over people will give back prompted by God’s supply from His Riches in Heaven by Christ Jesus. This God system works by taking interest in matters dear to others.3848680626f9c7d9a351ba082fdd2370 In 1Timothy 5:8 God’s words further stipulates to do good to all especially those in the household of God. In addition one must provide for one’s own family or else one has denied the faith and worse than infidel. It is interesting how God requires all to show kindness to each other without any strings attached expecting a reward from the one helped. It does not mean taker feels right of entitlement to receive without any effort to acknowledge others by other means. Each one has a specific need only another seems to be able to give better than the one looking for help can do by themselves. It is almost an inbuilt requirement not to become totally reclusive like a hermit or to be forced by circumstances to become independent like Robinson Crusoe stranded alone on an island.0 (2) It can seem daunting and overwhelming to be given the responsibility to take extra needs of others when one barely makes it yourself. Looking after interest of others makes one feel joy fulfillment for helping, being of service to others. Giving in 1 Timothy 5:8 means one can start small with words of encouragement, a smile or provide guidance for someone to direct them to the right source of help. Looking after interest of others is not necessarily just about giving money. It can form part of it, first looking after own well-being ensure then help them. Especially those not able to look after themselves due to age, health issues or lack of time employ others to do so on their behalf.
This is an important and sensitive matter because it makes people feel they might intrude on others. So there is a level of uncertainty or reluctance to become involved in people’s business. Another issue is fear that looking after other’s interest may cause some loss. Therefore it is safer to provide first for self then leave or ignore others to fend for themselves. There is an assumption looking after other’s interest enriches them at own expense. So this aspect of Gospel is neglected if not really fully understand it is better to give than to receive. image_thumb[6]Jesus equips and helps to enable one to find the strength to look after own and other’s interests. Again, one may feel already burdened by looking after own family members so feels taxed already by draining finances. So think it is impossible to find time to take on more responsibilities. This is an instruction from God’s words so it is essential to ask Holy Spirit for guidance to help. Looking after other’s interest can lead to a supernatural miracle favour of God. Lots of people are successful as a result of looking after other’s interest.Bible-Verses-About-LoveA true story is told about two manufacturer’s who traveled on a business trip together to a country. On arrival they noticed their shoes sold, although perfectly made from the best quality leather and materials to the highest standards did not appeal to the natives. Instead the natives recycled rubber tyres to create own shoes. By expressing interest in the natives and enquiring further it turned they had a sacred reason not previously taken into consideration. Looking after interest of others does not mean sabotaging one’s own growth, development and progress. To spoon feed until incapable of interdependence so becomes co-dependent by remaining a baby for life. So looking after other’s interest means genuinely helping to look after themselves. It means supplying shoes by finding out sizes to design, retraining to provide age appropriate self-sufficiency resources suitable.603eebce2aa14580892d384bfcae280c The smart and matured manufacturer saw a great opportunity and potential for business growth. While the other wanted status quo to remain the same despite lack of growth which inhibited business profit. The wise manufacturer became interested and keen to rectify this problem. So took into account the harsh weather conditions of the country requiring a much simpler design more suitable for the people. The other manufacturer felt time wasted so asked to leave immediately. The other stayed behind, did research, humbly listened to exact needs of people so as feasibility studies was completed returned home. The company soon realized they wasted money advertising the right product best for them so assumed it is alright. Taking interest in buyer’s needs won life – time contract.trying_on_shoes1 The manufacturer is still in business to date so will carry on for generations to meet people’s needs. The people did not feel treated like statistics or consumers of competition expansion so accepted product co-created as cared for enough and helped. Their belief was taken into consideration using appropriate material best for weather. By looking after other’s interest God looked after their interest so blessed the work of their hands. Looking after other’s interest is a win win situation. Many goods of no use are wasted because thought was not put into consideration of receivers point of view or needs. Faith action looks after all to build up each other’s interest to provide as unto the Lord.


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