Modern technology is fast influencing church so many traditional churches adapt to use gadgets. From installation to sermons some use equipment in church like a technocrat conference. I am sure Jesus will approve and use own laptop to blend in nicely with the IT crowd. It is wonderful to see the flow chart message sermons and congregation with ipads using gadgets simultaneously.


Apple Technology generation has given a whole new meaning to church as we know it. People are attached so strongly to phones and gadgets so now some churches are taking full advantage of it. A recent church visit to a local city based church was inspiring. The environment felt like launch of Apple iPad conference. The latest biggest screens graced stage. Installed brand new complete set of recording studio equipment for creating in – house music for downloading onto CDs, DVD’s, mp3, phones to store copies of services recorded.lighthouse-church-florida-at-church-stage-design-ideas

The stage spotlight lighting rig creates ambience of a calm refreshing and stimulating atmosphere when switched on. The side of stage a full band set like Glastonbury festival. In the centre of stage on podium stood modern styled charismatic engaging pastor with own tablet, trendy, blending perfectly with sophisticated congregation sitting across. The atmosphere full of people buzzing in constantly, streaming, joyful embracing, hugging, holy kissing smiling meeting, greeting, pleasantries blissful joy.IMG_3809

Sharing jokes with laughter created a good healthy unity from Holy Spirit. About an hour later almost all expected settled down so the pastor spoke and welcomed all. Then shared a few jokes as ice breaker started service with prayer and welcomed all. Soon the band played music in full swing with excitement, joy, worship and dancing. After about an hour of music celebrating God with praise and music preaching started. Pastor announced Bible texts soon displayed on the screen to read along.P1030584 fredsmc

Then the congregation pulled out iPads, notepads, tablets or smartphones  reading, writing message. It was amazing enthusiasm, joyful participation using modern technology to such an extent. People engaged fully in church by meaningfully method suitable to them. I am sure Jesus and disciples will gladly approve and join in with own iPads, tablets, notepads, smartphones. When TV was introduced in churches or music instruments played some left or felt church lost its way by becoming similar in technology. God created music technology, pleased and delighted with complete studio recording His live words or music shared globally to Glorify Him.TechnologyChurches_main_102

Yet other churches insist members of congregation switch off all phones, laptops, notebook so not to interfere with TV live recording of services. Each church adopts the best approach to fulfill purpose of calling. It was nice to see modern technology at its best in church. Maybe God will visit with Christ, and use tablet or whatever  fancied in the church.  I felt included, welcomed in all aspects so enjoyed every minute of invitation to serve worship there.photo-1

I noticed in the far corner, behind tinted glass was another beautiful business room with posh latest computers, modern resources, gadgets on tables. Modern contemporary sofas in waiting areas and comfortably designed chairs ready for daily use in church premises. This was used to retrain people learning skills updating knowledge. Next was shopping store-room, charity support help centre for members who lost jobs, fell on hard times. The Church of Christ incorporates modern technology, so dynamic, progressive to ensure not left behind.image.related.articleLeadwide.620x349.236ej

In addition, senior citizens were well looked after, fed at times in week. They had huge food hampers from food bank donated by members so give thousands of boxes of food to help people. The iPad church is truly urban in every sense of technology, leaders in field, careers, trendy designers, IT crowd, sophisticated genuinely love God. Yet humble, loving, caring with presence of people of nations, tribes, languages is impressive. I felt I attended a heaven on earth church, meeting all the requirements Christ expects in His church. All churches may not be traditional, orthodox, abbey, cathedral with pipe organs yet loves God.images (13)Hymn books, wooden numbers on wall, are past in this congregation. It is surprising how fast modern church has become. The joy of praise and worship is flexible enough to accommodate the fast concert urban Christian style faith in God. Modern people grow up with gadgets familiar in schools, college, universities wisely extend into urban churches.

Later we had a banquet at the end of service with all sorts of food and sumpteous meals provided. Various nationalities celebrated international day of Praise and Worship of God. The church of Christ is dynamic able to draw all people by a necessary approach suitable in each context. This may not sit well with the traditional worshippers however it works for those involved and is approved by God. God Himself is the source of the strongest lighting and pyrotechnics changing His Light as He Pleases, Praised, Worshipped with sophisticated trumpets.


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