RAGE = Revenge +Anger+Grudge+Envy is common symptom, shows up unexpectedly in any moment. It flares up to make saints gullible in lowest times, susceptible to fear, anxiety, stress, greed, lack of sleep, distractions or no focus. Due to people acting their shoe size not their age decisions are irrationally made. Unforeseen circumstances like rush hour delay, heavy traffic, the weather, personal issues not dealt with beforehand, work commitment demands or the economy all play a part in the hurdles of life. Tackling new jobs with targets to meet and deadline pressure to perform within time adds up to cause stress, anger rage.


Demands by bosses who never worked way through various stages of  process of company development insist on impossible results to produce beyond capability. This causes resentment as one is not appreciated for excellent current performance. Projected sales charts factored in doctor computer generated glamorous statistics. So the pressure is on to go beyond the norm. Compounded by changing mortgage rates, taxation, business pressures to outperform and outdo others, uncertain family needs makes world seems angrier despite the material abundance. Impulsive compulsive reactions, vexation provoke a person to explode first and think later.20080229_anger

Such actions have damaging consequences due to spur of moment decision from uncontrolled anger. Prolonged targeted undermining affects until can take no more. Unrealistic expectation, delusions of grandeur, blame game, conspiracy theory victim mentality, no self-esteem. Illogical thinking, debt, behaviour pressure, bankruptcy, unemployment, shouting. Aggravated by unsympathetic annoying people. Trend is made worse by frustration trigger jealousy, guilt, lust and vanity, narcissism. Effects of diabolical racism, subtle prejudice has knock on reaction. Endured persecution syndrome causes challenges couples argue without resolving issues.anger (2)

The list goes on as everyone has a form of anger. This creates more tension, anger in fighting and factions. Extreme anger causes domino effect as some refuse to admit they are part of the problem. According to God, to be angry is alright according but not to let the sun set on anger. The major issue is what to do with angry feelings immediately. Even Jesus, God’s Perfect Righteous Son Christ demonstrated anger towards temple traders who exploited those who came to sacrifice to God. He turned the tables upside down, threw them out saying God’s House is for Prayer not pyramid schemes. God Expresses anger and wrath when offended but is full of Love.b21562tp81r

Anger within can fester from years of silent anger bottled within to implode and affect well-being. Years of stringing along various undealt with ofence causes pain, hurts,  hyper-sensitive reaction. Basically, rage is symptom and last straw that breaks the Carmel’s back. Innocent drivers or bystanders bear the brunt of rage for not crossing fast enough or not turning quickly so leads to vent explosive rage against them. An innocent person in wrong place at the wrong time is attacked for unprovoked anger. It can spill over into fights as each party insists they are right.road-rage2

Sadistic people mask pain, pretend to be strong and refuse help and talking through feelings to deal with root of problems. The longer in denial the worse it gets to resolve source of difficulty. The reality of life comes with natural pain. Fitness experts know painful muscle means the toning exercise is effective. Childbirth pain is not avoided by  mother or surrogate determined to procreate. So people interact in public places spaces.images (10)Road rage is volatile vitriol out of control feeling in confined vehicle space. One cannot go for walk to escape looming confrontation. Commuting long hours daily is stressful so people attack target with so much on mind. Such places become battle ground to let off steam. So whoever happens to drive by arrives for them to project the slightest thing done or perceived not done for attack.

bicycle-road-rageUnderlying issues of anger can be buried in the subconscious for years, causing seeping damage for unknown to the person. Many are affected by anger built up long-term so family adjust to walk on egg shells around person to avoid  arguments. So may be set in ways so not notice damage done. Victim mentality self- fulfilled prophecy people panic if approached by others they see as enemy.

2012_bsl_CommuteRoadRage_07The rat race rushing lifestyle puts people on edge so it is important to prepare before hitting road. Anger spills onto shopping malls, neighbourhood rages of feuding people. Solution to rage has intricate layers life-time habits formed over the years. It is a slow and painful process of letting go of drivers that become coping mechanisms and habits. Best to write most challenging rage, anger, trigger, cause effect, symptoms. Get help, advice for anger rage issues to bring positive change.


Remember help by professional team for support enables one to feel stronger to change. Take care when back from talking therapy treatment on your own. If regression takes place, though doing well mentors, life-coaches, trustworthy confidants can support and help. If disappointed for letting self down for not making progress remind self no one is perfect. Learn to express feelings in advance with peace words gently to prevent stormy rage.countries-anger

In life everyone is different so all people will not always agree with you or see eye to eye with you. What may seem important or best for you is not everyone’s cup of tea. Disagreement is normal so learn to agree to disagree. Do not have tantrums as 2-year-old if others say no to your ideas, choices, it does not mean you are rejected. It means others have own values. People do not need to approve or love you before you feel human. You are fearfully and wonderfully made in God’s IMAGE AND GOD LOVES YOU.  logo700

Realize all people do not read silent body language clues, so it is good to talk at the right time about your feelings. Do not let a stiff upper lip or silent treatment make you assume others already know how you feel. It is necessary not to hide feelings in secret, silent anger. Do permit yourself to be angry because hormone bile affect moods or blood flow. Do not be stoic to swallow vexation politely while seething in rage. Deal with anger, face and acknowledge it honestly, pray and ask God’s help.anger_dangerBe true to yourself take time to redress problem rather than blame others for your issues. Nobody can satisfy, bring lasting joy or happiness like God so be grounded and soundly rooted in Christ Jesus. Do not accuse people of not making you happy or place burden on others for own problems. Let off steam, play favourite music, keep off hot topic triggers, irritating fights. Be sensitive to feelings so do not block or bury head in sand. Allow negative thoughts to flow privately, clear head. Meditate on God’s words to build up good thoughts.

anger-enjoyA highly talented Dr. Ben Carson of Gifted Hands overcame anger to bless the whole world and his destiny would have been different if led on the wrong path in life. Anger affects destiny, moments of uncontrolled anger cuts short jobs, career, lives, freedom, loss of family. Do not overrate anger or underestimate its impact on your life or others.animal-rage-315g-orange_2127 The world desensitized rage and fuels anger in games and TV programmes. It is considered a sign of strength to be seen as an angry and vexed person. It is controversial but an explosive person often seem to get quick response and action than a soft polite and gentle person. Anger is advertised in the media as a sign of power and control.images (7)So much damage in supermarkets so that waiting patiently seems an affront to others. Although there is more than enough available items to buy and more than enough spaces, some fight. The slightest thing triggers unprovoked rage as reason so continues generation with too much anger. Constant fear causes selfishness, greed to remain sole exclusive one at the top means enraging and fighting others. Turf wars of monopoly tactics block or blackmail others with intimidation or underhand tactics so causes rage yet all silver and gold belong to God Who Provides for all.AN_14275012-(Read-Only)Rage and anger problem sometimes is institutional and wider targeting ordinary defenseless people. The constant treatment of discrimination and trauma can cause rage. Provocation can destroy or enable opponent strategies to rejoice over you. In Jesus loves you enough so have special love for yourself. Loving others are good but do not neglect yourself to burn out, lose yourself. Choose right foods and eat well, as good food calms the mind.Trolley-Preview

A hungry person is an angry person so feed well. Some junk foods cause chemicals to affect brain, cause stress, depression, medications affect personality so change behaviour. Rest well be kind to yourself. Be content with life so do not envy or manipulate others to promote yourself. Revenge belongs to God resist anger, forsake wrath, forgive.

angerIt is important to love yourself and care enough enough to love others. Be self- aware to focus on self first not to attack others for misfortunes. The world has more than enough resources for all on earth to be worth 11 billion dollars each so there is enough room for all. Rage is toxic feeling dumped on others without realizing the damage caused. Only God and Christ are Infallible so do not insist you are always right. Remember to live happy by RAGE = Respect + All +God+Enjoy in Jesus Name.


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