Christian_images_005 During one of the darkest moments of my life, I faced choice to make decision to continue with studies or drop out of College. I felt emotionally low and was going through changes as adult in new place. I had to learn to look after myself from home and wake up on time without alert bells ringing to signify change of lessons. Although with new friends and fellow students, I still felt lonely missing my family and home buddies. I had to learn to manage finances to live within budget. In addition, I felt overwhelmed juggling many balls at same time. Handling subjects became intense as I was part of extended newly developed course.images (2) It all became a bit too much for me to do all these things. I contemplated quitting because I felt exhausted. Worst of all 3 classmates died in this year and a lecturer lost spouse. This affected 2 electives as bereaved grieving spouse taught me before demise. So could not focus to teach the course so replacement was difficult. The demised spouse taught me so that course was affected. It seemed everything went wrong that year. One fellow student for some reason could not cope and completely lost the mind. My peak performance level was not at its best. I booked appointment to talk to tutor to discuss if I should stop course. I had no plan B alternative available if I dropped out. Two things happened before meeting with tutor. First, home buddies had no idea of what I went through yet unexpectedly visited with homemade sumptuous foods I craved to  encourage me. quotes-for-best-friends-in-hard-times-2-300x225

We talked, laughed, worshipped and prayed together this cheered me up. However, I knew pretty soon they will go back so alone again doing what seemed at the time a mundane routine. I cried and felt sad though among new friends. I suppose part of me wanted to be with buddies. I had to be strong in Christ who strengthens me. Secondly, my Best Friend Christ Jesus showed up in my dream. He stood taller than tallest building with His Head Above skyline behind Him. Christ was walking on the water in front of buildings.images (1)

It was a magnificent place with a beautiful clear skyline and Christ stood in front of it. I gazed at the towering Majesty of Christ wondering how Christ towered so high above the buildings with scenic lovely views. Quickly view suddenly changed from peaceful still calm beautiful scenic view into rough water. I saw Christ move towards me walking on the water. Though the water became rough Christ continued walking towards me on rough water. While still watching Christ I started sinking within reach of my Saviour. Suddenly Christ stretched forth His Hands towards me, pulled me up and said, ‘I have rescued you.’ DSC07203-vi (1)The city behind Christ was familiar so I recognized in my dream. I was very happy and thankful Christ rescued me. My dream from God, accompanied by presence of Holy Spirit had deep sense of thanksgiving joy. At the same time scenic view changed suddenly. I had mixed feelings because scene became tragedy with planks floating on water. Christ held me in dream as I woke up shaking though comforted by Christ Who rescued me. I know Christ sees my dilemma so comes to rescue me. I feel deep sense of awe reverence for Christ plus inner joy yet felt in my spirit that Holy Spirit was grieving about scene.


I thought it was emotion felt was due to personal circumstances, struggles, trauma at the time. So my joy was tainted with deep sense of sadness I could not understand. I thanked God and Christ and asked Holy Spirit to give me wisdom and direction. I knew all will be well with me in Jesus Name from that day forward no matter what befell me. I now remembered the appointment with my tutor and went to discuss my options. A big smile on tutor’s face reassured me to continue College. I am glad I remained to complete course, hard to concentrate at times, determined, believed, standing on Christ’s Words encouragement, hoped for best. Christ continues to come through for me in most critical moments of life. He still rescues me from trauma, loss, stress, insecurities. I am forever grateful, thankful to God for Christ. Though spirit of heaviness associated with the dream of floating planks  remained nagging burden for years. I had never in real life seen such tragic devastation and had no idea what the vision dreams then meant.0 Years later, exact Christ vision dream of planks floating came to pass precisely. During due season before manifestation of that vision, I went through heavy burden crying always endlessly for days on end. Prayer intercessors experience it understand such agony, wrestling in supernatural realm until one feels burden lifted. Interestingly, the supertall Christ turned up again in new vision to remind me of rescue dream. Christ again appeared beautifully crowned by angels blowing trumpets. Then Christ reminded me of His Love and His personal interest in people’s salvation so still interceding for all. I thank God for His Mercy and Help through Christ.

my-heavenGod is revealing Himself through His word, visions and dreams to many believers and unbelievers to save all. If you believe in God by faith you will receive so eat the goodness of the land. Christ will help your unbelief if you humbly ask Him to help and forgive unbelief. Ask God for more gift of faith if unsure because all have been given measure of faith by God in the Bible. Ask Holy Spirit to stir up God’s gifts in you, live right, use abilities, skills and talents for God’s Glory in Jesus Name. God is able to heal, restore all losses like Job. Keep mind, eyes, heart fixed on God not momentary stuff. Your life is more precious to God Who Loves You.


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