In Matthew 7:23, Christ warns religious ‘Christians’ to check own hearts for personal relationship with Him. Christ said, depart from me you workers of iniquity, I do not know you. Then they answered and said, ‘Jesus in Your Name, we healed the sick, in Your Name we raised the dead, in Your Name we did miracles.’ Miracles happened but they took God’s Name in vain. God’s Power worked through them but Christ did not approve of them. Their heart was not pure towards Christ Who Felt Angry Despicable. He did not like fake ‘Christians’ who use His Name in vain and so lack a deep intimate friendship with Christ. They are often busy doing all to gain the world but lose own soul. Christ feels disappointed as not Lifted Up by them personally. They do God’s work yet lack connection and deep personal friendship with Christ. Often very kind or generous to God yet do not feel a personal need of God. 

They feel no need for Saviour for they already have ‘good morals.’ Their flesh indulges in lasciviousness, vanity, takes highest moral ground of perfection in life. So think they do absolutely no wrong in their own eyes. They are just fine, life is at its best, makes merry, enjoys life so no thought for tomorrow. Christ deeply grieves in agony over their souls as they do so much but not soul to God. Such fake self-righteous ‘Christian’ leads others to Christ yet not saved themselves. Outwardly they go through motions to draw people to Christ to be saved. Those genuinely saved through them love God, Christ, Holy Spirit, live in Gratitude, Humility, Thanksgiving, Glorify God, Sanctified by Christ Blood Atonement Mercy, Forgiven in Compassion of God, but Christ feels let down by them because their motive was not right. Fake ‘Christians’ prefer beautiful aggrandizement ritual ceremonies, not Christ, no deep personal Friendship with God. Told once saved forever saved, compromise lifestyle, character, assured by those who wield power and control over them they are okay. dababcbbfac6147cb0d8fc3b458379a0

However, they know they do  not live right so certainly cannot let Christ see their actions. Often urged and told once consenting adult life, have choice to live any how. Such church people live promiscuous lives so sin against God with no difference to unbelievers. The non-churched seem have better morals than them. So Christ feels betrayed by them for rejecting Him. Yet Christ is willing to Forgive to Restore them. So Calling them to return to Him for He Loves them. They already assume once saved are guaranteed heaven. Yet Christ the Groom feels abandoned in this marriage relationship. He provides all needed but is taken for granted by them. His Spouse never sits down to talk, dine or intimacy yet supposed to be in union with His Bride in married relationship. Their miracles, material physical blessings are like ring on finger as genuine sign or proof of marriage not consummated. Christ feels exactly this way so not accepted inside His Heart. 8e9231933abde8552faf3851009b2fd4

As ‘actor performer Christians’ with outward trappings white – washed graves, decayed inside, Christ sees through them. Christ is not happy for He Has Deep Love for them not just to lead others to Christ but to Love Him. As His dedicated life-time service achievers of soul winning they help others to be saved so Please God but Christ Wants them saved too. So examine own conscience, search your heart today if in wicked way repent, humbly ask God’s forgiveness to be cleansed from sin and set free. Mockers ridiculing God, Christ Loves you so Grieves for your precious souls. Holy Spirit to fill you in Jesus Name. Repent and accept Christ before it is too late. Christ calling you today so receive his mercy and forgiveness. It is never too late to accept Christ because it better to be late than sorry in hell.

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