spotlight-battleofgodsGod Shines Bright Heavenly Spot Light in vision dream to reveal Himself on important urgent happenings in life. Many vision dreams have a symbolic meaning as a sign God really means serious business. So God does not like to be taken for granted or ignored. A few years earlier, God sent an angel to knock on my door and bring good news to go on a mission. On arrival at God’s Chosen destination for me, I begun work as directed. What surprised me most was conditions of place settled in, it was difficult in derelict state. When it rained containers collected water to stop carpet soaking. During heavy rainstorms, showers, floor flooded soaking wet. God reached out to minister to save souls. We endured challenges but remained faithful to God in tough times. It carried on for years until miracle happened.9062597-house-in-the-sunAfter enduring such untoward hardships one day God sent an angel to me who said a brand new home was ready for me. God surprised me my new home was next to actual motorway with crossroad exactly as Christ sat on top, in my previous vision dream! This motorway was incomplete so literary the right side rose upwards and left side touched the ground. I was amazed Christ built brand new home prepared for ministry. Faithfully settled in new place yet daunting. God brought Divine Connections and Divine Favour to help with ministry in Jesus Name. Everything was alright until the night I had God SpotLight vision dream from Heaven beamed on my home. Strong light rays shone like centre stage light in theatre. While waiting on God in vision dream, a delivery truck arrived next to my home and stopped by.

As I focused and paid attention to God’s Spot Light message for instruction, I saw a big, long, delivery vehicle transporter arrive in dream. I woke up and understood it meant I was to get ready to move on another next assignment. Next morning a letter arrived in post to get ready to move to new city to continue ministry. It was unexpected but God’s Will supercede my will so  informed friends, family, colleague, well – beloved people about move. I cleared my home however, with hindsight I realized I should have kept home in the city for future use of ministry during visits.

sun-cars_00247084 God provided another new home to continue the ministry. I remembered earlier at a conference I was asked where I saw myself in 5 years. I then mentioned this particular city to live in. I was asked, have you been there before I said no. Do you know anyone there, I said no. Why would like to live in this city? I answered my pastor trained there and gave such an excellent report about the place so I will like to be part of a place with such excellent reputation. That was 5 years earlier and I completely forgot my heart’s desire and ambition. I arrived in the city before it dawned on me God actually approved of my plan so prepared place in this beloved city and provided for me.show21 As a great Provider, Jehovah Jireh supplies all my needs according to His Riches in Glory by Christ Jesus. I give Him all Honour, Praise and  Adoration. By counting my blessings, mercy and favour of God, I remember God brought me to this city for a specific reason and purpose. God begun to reveal deep things to me deeper than in the past. He showed me many things so made sense why I was called to this city. I went to worship and praise God, prophecies, testimonies flowed, angels sent to minister, calling my name to centre to confirm exactly all God showed me in my vision dreams by prophet seers I never met before or spoke to. God is amazing, Loving, wants intimate Friendship, Worship, Praise from all.style-dance-desktop-stage-lighting-crowd-audience-hand-emotions-theme-mood-273110-1024x576 I thank God everyday for His mercy, compassion and grace. I started working with more anointed experienced and more matured faith leaders in ministry. I was given further training to grow in the Lord and in the power of His Might. I humbly appreciate God’s Loving Care for me so thank Jesus my Saviour for my life. Glory to God for Holy Spirit my comforter. I praise and worship God for His Faithfulness to me in Jesus Name as I depend on Him. God is in the Centre in the Spotlight as Director of our lives. God in in charge of our lives and our ministry as the Great Provider who equips His Work through Christ.InTheSpotlight.Chairs.PageBanner


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