I had a vision dream of Christ sitting at a cross-road in white garments. One way led upwards towards Him on the right side another way went downwards a bit like motorway junction. Jesus beckoned me upwards towards Him. He said to me, “I have saved, healed and delivered you from the way of death unto the way of life and the living.” Christ removed some seeds from my head and I clearly understood meaning. I wanted to invest in large-scale plantation bought actual seeds in life and was growing seedlings in a nursery. It was doing well and land already prepared for transplanting apple seedlings. However, Christ had better plans for me bigger than mine.sign The symbolic meaning of the dream was to stop the stressing and worrying about plantation costs. I was overwhelmed as a farmer understands and knows. Whether crops will be okay at harvest time eventually and yield profit. I did this in addition to two full times jobs. Christ literary took plantation project out of my head and gave me another totally unexpected assignment. Like Abraham, I was to pack up and go on a mission immediately asap. It was prophesied years earlier as confirmed but I did not know when and how so settled down minding my own business. I obeyed prepared and went to where God sent me. I must emphasize it was tough. God calls and equips yet not guarantees bed of roses on arrival at His Chosen Place for you.images-41This is because once you are friend of God, Christ and Holy Spirit you become enemy of devil which sifts you to try to see if you genuinely love God and will remain faithful. Every impediment obstacle is placed on way to try to distract, offend, vex and if possible try to stop God’s Call upon your life. Hold in faith like Job even if cost you everything. God is Able to Restore All the years locust, cankerworms and palmer worm ate or devoured. God is faithful so continues to speak to me in vision dreams and confirmed by His words in Bible. God Almighty became my Father and Jesus my Saviour Friend. Holy Spirit comforts me. I lost my earthly father as a child. As main source of income life was difficult and unbearable for my mother and siblings.girl-crossroads-450Jesus intervened by crossroad vision to help me decide to serve him fully. As a member of the full Gospel  fellowship we prayed regularly and held retreats tonfocus and meditate on God. Later, I realised as a child when we moved to  extended family life was okay. However, pretty guardian deaths drained main sources of caring family and emotional support. Petty jealousy envy rivalry was prevalent against us. It was bizarre grieving child trying to focus to learn without moral support input of late father could be subject of envy. Jesus revealed what killed father was trying to attack family. So Jesus saved, healed and delivered me.stock-photo-large-motorway-crossroads-perspective-view-illustration-132124103

It was after Jesus spoke to me I recalled events of my life. Although, father did well before death as a successful businessman we were reduced to nothing due to sudden unexpected trauma of heavy burden placed on us to foot funeral. As father’s beloved loved ones who enjoyed his life we bore brunt of costs bigger than wedding event. This disorganized and disoriented our lives. By the grace of God despite adversity we carried on in life doggedly and did fairly well in school. Christ revealed genuine help and two-face relations so-called well – meaning people.


I managed to graduate overcoming adversity and tragedies. Christ revealed to me how and why He preserved my life. So if it had not been God on my side? If God be for us who can be against us?  I ran multiple companies entrusted  to people to oversee on my behalf and pay themselves. I moved away from things charming me most, Christ Called me to His Service on His Way of Life. God is Good to me and faithful. Today when you hear His Voice do not harden your heart. Call by Faithful God Who Promised will Keep you to eternity in Jesus Name.



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