Jesus The Balm In Gilead Jesus is the Balm of Gilead Wounded for transgressions so fully understands battle scars wounds people go through. Physical wounds include: health wounds, assault wounds, suffering wounds, fear wounds, trauma wounds, rejection wounds, abandonment wounds. Pride wounded satan so cost him powerful position in heaven humiliated and reduced to crawling serpent crushed under the believers feet. Anger, hatred, bitterness, unforgiveness wounds affect life and health. Self-pity causes depression, treachery wounds, vengeance wounds entrenched in the mind, heart, body and soul wear out the carrier person. It damages the world view with constant urge to be on edge, hyper – alert and worrying. The mind is never given a break or rest so numbed with sleeping pills, energy pills, alcohol, drugs. Christ Jesus the Healer requires all to let Him Touch and all Heal wounds.









In Revelation 12:7-9, there was battle in heaven, devil became proud, insolent, insubordinate, so bad there was no more room found in heaven for him and the rebellious angels. So the Archangel Michael and his angels forced the devil out down to earth. Immediately he landed in garden of Eden and caused emotional wounds between Adam, Eve and God. He filled Cain with evil so caused fatal physical wounds to Able due to envy and jealousy. Since then, wounds are caused by the devil the spirit behind strife and divisions. A young hungry child who desperately needed food took money without permission and bought food at 7 years old. The owner of the money in anger cursed whoever took money. Within days child was attacked with machetes almost killed. Emotional trauma outweigh money taken as unforgiveness brought whole family under condemnation by one who placed spell entangled own soul.


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Effects include damage, shame, guilt, embarrassment, poverty generational curses hard-times upon the family. Spell seeker died mysteriously having sold own soul to devil than finding solution to problem. The love of money is root of all evil family encountered. So if a person did not repent before death it cost life to end in hell. The person placed spells by taking child to invoke curses. Yet did not cause death from ritual objects placed in food, clothes, water to disgrace child. The secret weapon is Christ Atonement Saving Blood at Calvary Cross defeated devil.Although blackmail vengeance was used to try to destroy child, the Spirit of Life in Christ redeemed and freed child law of sin and death. Christ stepped in, saved child in Sunday School unknown to spell seeker so Christ paid price so atoned for child. Though attacked physically, punished, disgraced by vengeance seeker, Christ forgave child as Christ was made curse on cross in child’s place. Christ took pain, shame, guilt, illness, weight of sin, death, restored child.


God provided missionaries to help care for the child. The self-inflicted wound of vengeance projected onto child by malice, venom, anger, hatred, character assassination was erased by Mercy, Grace, Compassion of God so the Blood of Christ erased sin forever. Every handwriting of ordinances contrary to child was removed out of child’s way, nailed to cross of Christ. So there is no condemnation for child from God in Jesus Name. Though child was stigmatized, labeled, Christ sees perfect forgiven child. Many children are scarred by childhood wounds by people who do not realize they hurt God by hurting children. No matter what child does cortex frontal brain is not developed fully to understand sin consequences. If adults grapple sin the child does not know better but Christ forgives all.

Healing BalmBalm-of-Gilead-Collage

The wounds of bitterness fester from child hood issues sexual abuse cause trauma in life haunt damaging relationships. It also affects trust of adults, not feeling safe, fear marriage intimacy. It affects self – confidence, performance, and school, academic work. It spills over into perpetual anger, hatred of the world. Makes a person highly suspicious of people. Undealt wounds fester, affecting career, life in all other areas. Aspects of stressed life require healing touch of God from pain, heartache, rage dread, uncontrolled anger, anxiety, fear of people, depression, mental illness which resurfaces as perversion abuse of others so repeating cycle. Domino effect affects whole families or people associated with them. These tend to last a life-time beyond years of childhood if not dealt with. Causes physical illness if buried deep in subconscious mind without letting go. Also a justified offence held onto becomes a stronghold idolised sin against God.



God, Christ, Holy Spirit, does not allow hatred for loved ones to take place. Holding onto secret pain, d trauma not shared for help due to pride or ambition can cause dementia. Fear wounds stagnate life, cause stunted growth as time is devoted to it. Some numb pain masking it so live auto – pilot. zombie function, split personality disorder. At times manifest relentless unprovoked anger is a spirit that comes upon person to cause rage and destruction. Suddenly calms down, looking like a totally different person. This is triggered by long-term unresolved pain, disappointment and hurts. The solution to wound is Christ Who emerged from own wound whole from trauma pain like Mary his mother recovered too. So both immersed lives totally in God’s Grace for strength to work for God while raising family as carpenter.







Christ fully understands so fulfilled and changed the letter of the law from an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth for mercy and grace. ln Texas, a man drove and killed friend’s child yet father forgave friend so refused to press charges. It turned whole town round in mercy forgiveness. Instead of bitterness revenge love kindness, generosity extended to friend. It was a black man who killed a white child but for grace of God it would have turned nasty. The black man was so poor the white man raised funds to build him one of most beautiful houses in Texas. This film is shown all over the world about forgiveness and compassion in the midst of tragedy. Wounds are deeper in words expressed sink deeply into soul affecting outlook on life. Jesus forgives so remember forgiving others earns forgiveness from God. Unforgiveness causes a wound stronghold of generational inherited enmity.

large_6_Balm-of-Gilead-ppGod said an eternal destination depends on records of salvation in the book of life based also on forgiveness and mercy. Forgiveness heals wounds so do not act tough or prove macho to people. Look up to Christ to rescue you, heal your mind, soul, spirit, from the physical psychological wounds. Do not let wounds fester from bitterness, unforgiveness to end in hell from wounds caused by hurting pain. If abuser causing damage thinking is ok Christ equally died for you so extends same grace, mercy and forgiveness to you so repent sin no more. Give your mind and heart to Christ to Restore and make you whole again by binding wounds with Balm of Gilead. Christ can heal emotional wounds in Jesus Name if you let Him into your heart, allow Him to heal your life and restore you.

2 thoughts on “JESUS BALM OF GILEAD

  1. Christ Jesus is the balm of Gilead to soothe our deep emotional hurts, sorrows, grief and pain. He is healer of the spirit, mind, body and soul. Christ was betrayed, wounded, suffered excruciating crucifixion, body whipped and tortured on Cross of Calvary, humiliated, spat on, taunted, although perfect and sinless. Yet prayed to God to forgive accusers and killers. When one reflects deeply in presence of God by meditating on blood sacrifice and ultimate priceless sacrifice to bear our sins, all other issues pale in comparison! Thank you and God bless you as you hold onto Christ Our Balm of Gilead by faith in Jesus Name.

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