Jesus The Balm In GileadJesus is the Balm of Gilead for wounded for transgressions. He fully understands battle scars wounds people go through. Physical wounds health wounds, assault wounds, suffering wounds, fear wounds trauma wound, rejection, abandonment wounds. Pride wounds powerful people in positions not listening by wisdom so in heaven satan humiliated is reduced to crawling serpent crushed under the feet of Jesus. Stop feeding anger, hatred, bitterness, unforgiveness wounds affect life and health. Self-pity is depressing as treachery wounds, vengeance wounds entrenched in mind, heart, body or soul wears out person. Damages worldview by constant urge on edge, hyper – alert and worrying. The mind needs break to rest. Christ Jesus the Healer requires all receive His Touch of love to be healed.20121230-124938In Revelation 12:7-9, a battle in heaven, threw out devil, insolent, insubordinate, proud, no room in heaven for him and his rebellious angels. Archangel Michael and angels forced the devil out down to earth. Landed in Garden of Eden caused emotional wound between Adam, Eve and God. Filled Cain with evil for fatal wounds to Able by envy jealousy. Since then emotional wounds caused by evil spirits behind strife divisions in families unaware of spiritual wickedness in high places. We fight not against flesh and blood so deal with the demons and cast them out in Jesus Name. Forgiveness is key to heal the whole family’s souls.d1b382693f2999c2a4a13a8375eec450Receive deliverance from effects of guilt shame, embarrassment, poverty death damage, generational curse hard-times on family. Finding solution to problems in Christ Jesus to supply all your needs. The love of money is root of all evil the family encountered, repent before it is too late to end in hell Christ Atonement Saving Blood at Calvary Cross defeated the devil. God’s Spirit of Life in Christ is to redeem and free us from laws of sin of death. Christ steps in saves children Sunday School so Christ paid the price to atone for all sin. Attacks physically to punish, disgrace by vengeance in Christ forgiven. Christ is made curse on Cross, Christ takes pain, shame, guilt, illness, weight of sin, death to give eternal life.images (32)handsandglobeLogo_BalmInGilead1God provides care to stop self-inflicted emotional wound, vengeance, malice, venom, anger, hatred and the character assassination erased by Mercy, Grace, Compassion of God in Blood of Christ to erase sin forever. Every handwriting of ordinances contrary to us removed out of our way is nailed to Cross of Christ so there is no more condemnation of God in Jesus Name. The stigmatized, labeled, person in Christ is perfectly forgiven by God. Children do not have cortex frontal brain not developed fully to understand sin consequences. Adults grapple sin so naivd children do not know better and Christ forgives all washed in His blood.Healing BalmBalm-of-Gilead-Collagethere_is_a_balm_in_gileadBreak curse of painful wound bitterness from childhood issues of a sexual abuse trauma in life haunting and damaging relationships. Trust God as an adult and FEEL SAFE LOVE IN CHRIST JESUS Who died for you. Put marriage intimacy and confidence, performance, school, family academic work, into God Hands. Stop all perpetual anger, hatred against world to seek God’s Face in Jesus Name. Make time for God to heal emotional wounds csused by people. Deal with the wounds affecting career, life or other areas that makes you miserable. Stop stressed life RECEIVE healing touch from God and persevere in life in Jesus Name.IMG-20200708-WA0007

large_6_Balm-of-Gilead-ppGod, Christ, Holy Spirit, grieved by any hatred of loved ones if holding on to secret pain, trauma seek help. Stop the worry it can lead to dementia. Fearful stagnated in life causing stunted growth by time devoted pain. Some numb pain, mask it live auto – pilot zombie function, split personality disorder. By relentless unprovoked anger spirit causing rage of destruction. Calms down, looking like a totally different person. Triggers from a long-term unresolved pain, anger and a disappointment of hurts. The solution to wound is Christ to emerge from trauma pain. Mary his mother recovered too to immerse lives totally in God’s Grace for strength to work for God raised Jesus.VictimBalmCov1Christ fully understands pain so fulfilled covenant to fulfil law to stop eye for an eye or a tooth for a tooth for mercy and grace. ln Texas, a man drove and killed friend’s child father forgave friend so refused to press charges. Turned whole town round also in mercy forgiveness. Instead of bitterness revenge gave love kindness, generosity extended to friend. It’s a miracle as a black man killed the white child accidentally so it the grace of God. The black man was so poor the white man raised funds to build house for him in Texas. In film on forgiveness and compassion in the midst of tragedy. Wounds are deeper in words expressed sink deeply in soul affecting outlook on life. Jesus forgives all remember forgive others to receive forgiveness from God.5568320-MGod said an eternal destination depends on HIS records in salvation book of life based also on forgiveness and mercy. Forgiveness heals wounds so do not act tough or prove macho to people. Look to Christ to rescue to heal your mind, soul, spirit, from the physical psychological wounds. Do not let wounds fester from bitterness, unforgiveness to end in hell from wounds caused by hurting pain. If abuser caused pain let Christ who died extend grace, mercy and forgiveness to to repent sin no more. Give your mind and heart to Christ to Restore and make you whole again by binding the wounds with the Balm of Gilead. Christ can heal emotional wounds in Jesus Name if you let Him into your heart, allow Him to heal your life and restore you whole.


  1. Balm of Healing =“Jesus Christ”! Luke 19:27.


    Jesus is indeed the healing balm of Gilead and brings inner healing in heart, mind, body, spirit and in the soul. Jesus brings physical healing to some and emotional healing in Jesus Name. To others Jesus delivers from evil spirit demons or helps unbelief as doubters and mockers repent in humility. Many atheists find Christ in search of wanting to discredit God’s Holy Name. Life is changing fast so eternal life and inner peace are the GREATEST MIRACLES of Jesus. Despite the lack of healing on some occasions today Jesus is still EMOTIONAL HEALER of minds, body and soul. Thank you for your comments, stay safe and God bless you in Jesus Name.

  2. Christ Jesus is the balm of Gilead to soothe our deep emotional hurts, sorrows, grief and pain. He is healer of the spirit, mind, body and soul. Christ was betrayed, wounded, suffered excruciating crucifixion, body whipped and tortured on Cross of Calvary, humiliated, spat on, taunted, although perfect and sinless. Yet prayed to God to forgive accusers and killers. When one reflects deeply in presence of God by meditating on blood sacrifice and ultimate priceless sacrifice to bear our sins, all other issues pale in comparison! Thank you and God bless you as you hold onto Christ Our Balm of Gilead by faith in Jesus Name.

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