Whenever crops are harvested it is shaken, blown over, tossed in air and spread out until chaff and the dross are removed to keep the harvest clean in the most – perfect presentable state possible. The wind blows on it if traditional harvest method is used. Or centrifugal force is applied by the equipment and machinery in the factory. The process continues until all the biggest unwanted objects like broken bits, glass, stones, metal pieces, leaves etc mixed into harvest is removed. The process is repeated until smallest objects are sifted to ensure harvest is clean and safe to eat or use. In addition, unwanted object if not removed, contaminates harvest and poses a health hazard.sifting-table_crop_webHowever, some tares are so deep-rooted that attempts to remove and clear it can destroy the crop or buildings in its path. Some unwanted objects remain a thorn in the flesh, harassing, intimidating, and huffing and puffing like a lion with threats to try to scare the believer. This is when it important to also remember the righteous believer in the perfect will of God is being sifted. There is no sin or bitterness in such a believer’s life.  On the contrary, the very fact such a believer decides to live in complete holiness and total obedience to God, targets them by enemy accuser of brethren. It takes different forms and shapes.

afghanistan10a Intense inexplicable bizarre series of misfortunes to loss of income, businesses, friends etc. This is when accuser dares God to remove God’s hedge of protection and all blessings to see if believer will still remain true to God and stand. It is a challenge like Job to prove true God lovers and worshippers to see if they will be tempted to cave in to give up on God. This is the time to make God feel proud about His true believers.  To prove to preys, birds trying to nest, soil or grab harvest, like Gideon to become mighty with valour. At times rain, weather disturb process if exposed to natural elements. So safe protective cover is required to save harvest.images (31)

In the same way, believers go through attacks from enemies and religious people even in church. So the believer may feel under attack from all directions. Faith and trust may be severely tested as one confesses every known and unknown sin. One walks in love and forgiveness and done all humanely possible to please and help all. As a matter of fact the deeper the intimacy with God the severe the attacks become. The sifting is to test endurance so pray and forgive adversaries. Continue to hold on to God in faith in Jesus Name.


Well meaning friends may say hurtful things out of ignorance and naivety. The pain is so unbearable the person may prefer to die than go through another such day of turmoil. God cares deeply so believer will turn out fine as God permits skin for skin in Job 1.


Sifting is not a pleasant exercise so may feel pain. Yet result of enduring hardship and going through the mill with the murk means like the crop is well treated so presented in a much better form that before. As the unwanted objects were removed it may even cause bleeding on occasion and break down equipment. However, at last the harvest becomes a beautiful shiny glimmering product one is willing to enjoy. So in Christian life tested to prove if remains loyal to God. hibiscus sifting Others watch how you also conduct your life through your endurance test. So their faith increases in God so become convinced if you made through adversity so can make it too in Jesus Name. So continue in faith knowing God is on the throne and has not abandoned you. If a medical doctor never took a test, exam or practical skills would you want them as your GP or consultant. Such is Christian life for testimony. Jesus obeyed God, completed on mission on earth. So safely covered by the Blood of Christ win in the end as more than conqueror in Jesus Name.


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