Bible says life is hidden in Christ in God in Colossians 3: 3. In Christ we live and move and have our being in Acts 17:28. The beauty of Jesus is seen and reflected in us. Believers become a living sermon to reveal Jesus to others. People looking for Christ feel Spirit of God and see thr Character of Christ in believets. In Antioch in Pisidia people recognised Christians by seeing the reflection of Jesus in them. Like couples become one flesh though 2 whole people similarly a deeper connection to God through Christ is like marriage to Christ Head of Church and Bridegroom. Christ Controls, Directs believer’s life as Boss in Charge. Christ Lives in hearts hidden in Christ in God.

Protects His believers in God’s Hiding Place eternally in God. Colossians 3:2, says believers are to set mind on things above concerning God, Christ, Heaven, angels, not only things on earth. No matter what goes on in a believer’s life secure in Christ. All who accept Christ Jesus live in God by faith in heavenly places, high above principalities, powers and dominions. The believer’s feet is firmly planted on higher ground on earth but the heart in Christ in God in heaven in Jesus Name. God’s born again children die to sin’s dominion, break power hold, subdue by Gods Grace, distinguish perfect God’s Glory lifting us believers in Christ from Glory to Glory.  christ-our-identity-62-638Christ embraces us means we are filled with Holy Spirit, so alive in Christ in God. Enjoying abundant life yet prefer God by desiring heavenly things. Christ is present in us and through us so we shall see Christ face to face because our life is safe Christ in God. Streams of living water flow into soul from influences of Holy Spirit by faith. Christ lives in the believer by his Spirit, and the believer lives in Christ so does what God wants. The Supernatural miracle power of God in the Holy Spirit inside believer heart in Christ. Christ engulfs us with Love  blessing daily in innermost parts. God wants access to all areas of our life.engulfed-in-god

Colossians_3_3-1920x1080The Glorious Majestic Sovereign God’s Position is Highest Above All Creation. God’s Mystery revealed Christ gives direct access to believer’s in hope of glory in Christ is in Colossians 1:27. God wants people to remember Him daily as they live for fellow human beings. God the Creator Loves all known who love Him. God Reveals Himself in  Bible laws, but of rules political correctness water down God’s Sovereign Powerful Absolute Truth Position dilute text to conform to man-made desired level playing field.

The believer is part of a heavenly Kingdom of heaven inside yet manifests outwardly through believers. This is because the Most High God Hides believers in His Secret Dwelling Place. Concept of uniquely crafted dolls perfectly hold each other as keep safe. Second coming of Christ is assembling of redeemed life hidden in Christ, appear with Him in glory. Look for happiness, in Christ set affection on things above. God fulfills in people who return to God in Christ restoration re-unity of Spiritual, physical, material healing  Sovereign Rule of Messiah Jesus, Sitting on Eternal Throne of God through father, David. CWhBfHjUYAAduqU.jpgJust like in Year of Jubilee, when all debts are forgiven so all Hebrew slaves set free the day is soon coming world and Israel will recognize Yeshua Jesus Messiah who forgives us and releases shemitah from slavery to sin. “So we know old who have accepted Jesus have self put to death on the execution-cross with Him, so entire body of sinful propensities destroyed. It means we are no longer slaves to sin so new creation in Christ. This generous offer saves mankind from sin bondage of as slaves changed into righteousness of God in Christ, which leads to being made holy, set apart for God in Romans 6:6, 19.Col.-3.1-4Holy Spirit is to help all to understand the relationship between God, Christ, people. The symbolic Russian nest doll family is used to explain the meaning to people. God and Jesus use everyday life tokens to tell parables and stories to make the message clearer and relevant to the people. So God is the biggest man in the universe. Christ is the next bigger man to God followed by humans. Those saved and baptised in Christ are now a new creation so old life of sin pass away. slide_4.jpgThe Holy Spirit sent on earth lives in believers 24/7. God and Jesus watch from heaven to ensure all is well. Russian doll family stores all inside safely so God Our Biggest Father Keeps believer’s souls in Christ in Him Safely protected. Those hidden in God’s Secret Dwelling are Protected by God in Psalm 91. Believers after years of talking to God and listening to Christ sound, look like Jesus in Holy Spirit. Christians are Christlike so recognized because Engulfed in’s Secret Hiding Place, fully covers us with Blood of Christ Jesus, the Best Friend. So God Deeply Loves people as families love own. God’s Love is so Deep beyond human intimate passionate family love. Solomon the greatest lover cannot compare with God’s Love in Christ. God wants people to confidently trust and love God. God reassures people He Loves us yours as we are His. God’s Secret Place is revealed as believers talk or take time to know God in Bible.


Pray ask God to reveal  to His People connect  Himself through Jesus and Holy Spirit. As you invest time in the romantic love intensely with passion, so God wants to Love you more deeply. God’s Love is Deeper, Wider, Higher, Lower so no matter how low one feels God is there for you. God’s Love is big for family love so Gigantic it includes love for loved ones. God’s Overflows reaches all fellow humans. God’s Love is bigger in romantic love God understands as HE created  Love. God’s Love flows through to believer and others in family of God. 00027473_hTherefore like Russian dolls illustrates and explaind life is hidden in God’s Love, so God keeps believers safely eternally hidden inside Christ. Your spirit, life and soul kept safe by God Biggest Protector of your soul. These various explanations show God’s Love is represented in life. God’s Love Capacity is Big includes all inside Christ in God’s Love. God’s Love is represents Shekinah Nurturing Love.raf,750x1000,075,t,dd2121-8219e99865.u2Biggest Outer Protective God Head in Christ from Heaven with Love Shielding all souls safely hidden inside Him. Many generations of souls of family beyond a 1000 years, up to infinity in eternity are safe with God. Jesus Christ Love Secures and connects us to the Bigger God Love so makes completely full in wholeness. Holy Spirit from Christ Jesus inside is everyday always helping to Comfort. All believers in Christ hidden in God to set their heart on things above in heaven..colossians-hidden.gifConsequently the believers life is hidden in Christ in God with all the family loved ones, friends, represented by you to illustrate God’s family. Representing personal angels assigned permanently to you by God as guardian angels according to Psalm 91 to protect, defend, keep safe from danger deliver from things not unknown. Symbol of love in church, and community is expressed to all others.The-Holy-Spirit-A-B-Simpson-Chapter-12-–-The-Holy-Spirit-in-the-Body-of-Christ-bThe Christian is not a hermit, Robinson Crusoe so lives involved by interacting in community on important issues, matters of life dealt with. Careers, jobs, finances, wealth, property all part of Christian life so keep that in mind. Treat whole family as belonging to God, pray for unsaved members, neighbours, friends love them though despise you. Do not limit love to only earthly father, mother, siblings so remember to include God, Christ, Holy Spirit, pray for generational blessings.Christ-in-you-A-Hidden-truthGod’s is a Strong Tower Secret Dwelling Place Hides spirit, mind, soul forever in Jesus Name. God uses symbol tokens to give messages to His people. Also Jesus taught using stories people understand Him better. Russian dolls were made to help children count better in C17th. Some felt Russian dolls originated from Japanese dolls modified but illustrated suits Russian and all other contexts. So the believer receives Christ in heart so in Christ Lives to Please God Almighty.b8b32da14ef58722d2ae0718d0b1df25

Absolutely be sure life is hidden in Christ in God Family dynamic interaction. The mind of Christ in God’s in believers told to believe like little children by faith. The Russian dolls help to explain, guide concept of relationship between God, Christ, Holy Spirit, people in general. Christian believers in particular builds up faith in God in Christ Jesus in fellowship of Holy Spirit. Godly believers Christ Protects in Blood secure eternally. Christ dwells in you the hope of Glory.full35507109 (1).jpg



Phenomenally Guaranteed Assured Faith means believer is set hearts on things above to become part of Kingdom of God in Christ. We are in the world but not of the spirit of error of the world. It means though physically visible yet invisible in Christ so lives through Jesus by doing His Will to please God. Changes to come involves clear position standing in the Presence of God. Choice, decision to follow God through salvation in Christ demands loyalty faithfulness to God.


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