I am God’s own as I belong to God is the title of this article of today’s Akiane’s birthday. Her artpiece says it all she is God’s Own. She said she belongs to God and so credits her talents and abilities to God. This answer reflects on question to which church one attends or the religious denomination group one belongs to is the subject of conversation. Often we are told clear labels help to deal with all fairly and equally in a just manner to ensure in filling forms and documents, records properly included. We are told tags, labels, classified boxed for right category enable better services or treatment to be given. In addition, ensures catered appropriately for so needs taken care of according requirements.


Akiane boldly declared ‘God is too big to fit into one religion. It is good to know faith inclination to honour God. Labelling to know exact belief details to make provision fairly for various groups or interests represented seems a laudable act of generosity of heart. It can unfortunately condition and mould rigidly to become a tool of religious ideology to cause divisions in the community. In Galatians 3:28 it is stated there is neither Greek nor Gentiles, slaves or free because all are considered equal before God. In heaven there is no denomination or group labels. One always wonders why some labels does not include British Americans, viking whites, anglo saxon British. Yet seem to label ethnic group generational ancestral roots most have no clue about since dominant culture jumbled them up. Like Kunta Kinte lashed for retaining own name many had master’s name stamp harshly enforced them. So does this new subtle tags and sublime labels really improve services or are devices to discriminate against some. Does world really exclusively belong to some more than other’s? Endorsed labelling does not allow change for by those subjected to the short straw drawn for them. So does labelling ensure fair and just treatment as often reassured?


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