Christ Jesus strengthens daily so we need to invite Christ to renew our strength in Him. The source of all strength and power is God Almighty. The image of perfectly sculptured people so wish we looked like them. Physical strength is equated often to bodily built and aesthetic appearance. Health and fitness centres have sprung up every where promising shapely anatomy and fuller life. So much is invested in physical exercise to be strong and fit. Gyms, sports and physical fitness centres have become the norm of the day. Billions of dollars are made, as it is big business. Is a toned and fit body in shape able to pass Christ fitness test of salvation and strong in the Lord and innthe power of His might. So the question is does physical fitness equal strength?


The Bible agrees fitness is important to the physical body but says that physical exercise does not profit the soul for salvation in 1 Timothy 4:8. Physical exercise benefits body tremendously. Often recommended to keep blood circulation flowing, mind stimulated, endorphins, serotonin, hormones released through metabolism. Yet does physical strength really give inner strength or confidence associated with a perfect body? True strength, help and empowerment comes from the Lord Almighty God the Maker of heaven and earth. This truth needs to be told and shared globally to dearly beloved sportsmen and women to bring awareness. In our hearts we are made to believe outward physical look is all it takes to succeed in some fields of work but is this so?

1362353241_jesus-loves-youimages (30)

God clarified in Bible in book of the Timothy show misconception of the tough looking macho man exterior is not equal to Godly inner strength inside. So a woman who focuses or dwells on body physique feels falsely empowered to use V plan advantage to manipulate is not good success. True strength comes from God though so put confidence in god not in material things, chariots and horses but the ultimate source of all strength is God Almighty. Like everybody requires food to sustain life and so delight in food ensures the right body nutrition. So the spirit needs soul food to be strong emotionally. Without daily dose of prayer for God strength the body becomes weak so cannot function properly.








A brand new perfect car, without fuel, petrol, diesel, electric, gas, oil, water, parts will not work efficiently. So the body needs nutrients, nourishment, vitamins, proteins, fibre, healthy cholesterol, healthy carbohydrates in right balanced amounts. Plus good healthy food, green vegetables, fruit juice and adequate water suitable for each person. The word of God is created and designed for each day to meet particular need. It takes strength and Godly character to study and dwell on God’s word. So trust in God, hold on in faith in Christ strength in the face of adversity. Build up strength in God in Christ to Strengthens you in Jesus Name

god-is-our-strengthGod is our strength and strong refuge so say this out loudly as often as possible to remind yourself of God’s strength in you. Without God’s Spirit in mankind, man dies and returns to dust. Thank and praise God daily, play and listen to Gospel music. Use key rings, arm bands verses on hand if possible to keep alert in tune with God. Above all, be rooted and grounded in Christ Strength as anchor. To rejuvenate body to keep in good shape one must eat well rest properly. Sleep soundly without any noise from phone call or game boy disturbing. The human body must be treasured and cared for more than material things and possessions which rust and decay. The body is God’s Temple and the dwelling place of Christ and the Holy Spirit.


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